Most of the image may never be seen as I’m not sure how many people look at YouTube Channels on their televisions. Simply enter your email address and the download link will be sent directly to your Inbox (we can only send you the download link if you enter a valid email address). Michael Currey is an experienced web designer, front-end developer and social media manager with 15 years of experience and an education from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.
I took screenshots from both my mobile device and my desktop browser, and my screen is 1920×1080. Thanks for the template, I spent too much time configuring the image to fit on a deskop on a second monitor, the template saves so much time when you have to upgrade the artwork for multiple sites. September 9, 2013 by Sanjeev Mohindra This post is part of the step-by-step guide to successful youtube channel series. If you are starting on YouTube Video creation, you might be looking on what accessories you would need to create good-looking video.
For a good YouTube recording setup, you would need some devices like microphone, camera, video editing software etc. Inbuilt computer microphones are always low quality and do not have good noise cancellation techniques. This microphone has different voice options, where you can set it up to Cardioid, Omni, and Figure-8 Pickup Patterns.
They also have a -10db setting, which can help you to reduce noise in your recordings, though you need to be closer to the microphone while specking. If you buy this microphone and having trouble in setup, you can ping me and I can let you know the settings to use. YouTube provide HD videos to the user so you should prefer a video camera, which can record HD videos. Before deciding on the camera, you should be checking the YouTube Preferred encoding schemes. I use Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 for my recordings, as this provides support for 1080p recording at a good frame rate. Best thing with this camera is its almost can stick to any corner and has a tripod ready base for placement. Though it comes with front facing microphone, but I still recommend using Samson C03U USB Condenser microphone for better audio quality.
If you would like to record your laptop screen, than you need recording software. There are some online sites that can provide you this service on a subscription basis or you can buy software for your laptop.
You can edit the videos for annotations, adding pointers and animations, zoom in and zoom out effects from the video editor.
There are some online sites that provide a facility to create videos with monthly subscription but I do not use them.

This is the software, which comes preloaded on Mac, and good software to start editing videos. It provides all the basic tools like trimming, audio sync, adding animation or applying themes etc.
The only issue I have found is that it forecloses sometimes but you will not loose your work. It can create good effects in your videos to make sure prominent sections are highlighted and it can even show the typed keystrokes on the screen so your viewers does not miss anything. You need to create those custom thumbnails and upload those and you need a photo-editing app for that. I like to use Keynote for creating those thumbnails (though it is not a photo editing app). You should try to pick one template and use it for all your videos, which can be a good way for branding. Another good app is Pixelmator, you can easily create a template for that and start creating thumbnails for your video. While you can create videos and upload it to youtube, there is no restriction of the specific intro.
There are a little costly, but if a person is in Video Marketing then he would easily recover the cost and earn lot with HQ videos.
Not only video marketers, even anyone can earn with this investment by creating intro videos for fiverr clients. Making money online with YouTube can be possible by adopting any of these methods, all of the methods are explained below.
YouTube is a video sharing website where people share videos and through YouTube partner program they earn from their videos. Cost per mile means cost per 1000 views here is what Wikipedia definition of cost per mile.
Social blade is likewise top in case you want to poke around in different channel records and take a look at their very anticipated income.
Before you get too excited although, understand that creators only get paid if their views are monetized. You should be able to just sign into YouTube with your Google account once it’s created, but if not, then go ahead and set up a YouTube accountper the information they request. While you’re waiting for the card Google sends to verify your address, this is a good time to upload a video or two so you can start building a history with the site.
Once you get all set up and you’re ready to take things to the next level, make sure you revisit this post! Google now offers a PSD file but still no guides… So I took what they gave me and created my own template.

What I am mostly concerned with is how the image looks in the newsfeed, that’s where most people will see them. I’m not exactly following… would you like to get on a Google Hangout so I can see what’s going on?
Beats me why they didn’t give three options to load the artwork for desktop, mobile and whoever uses TV. You should be using an external microphone, which has good noise cancellation and voice simulations.
It comes with computer software, which can provide you some additional options (I only use the buttons on the microphone, have not installed the software on my Mac and it is still doing fine). This is only required if you are planning to record live videos, if you are planning to record computer screen then you need screen capturing software. If someone is trying to make a youtube channel then he should started from the above mentioned tips and tricks, which will enable him to get a successful channel. They really makes the video creation easy and video markers will surely earn it back with their videos. YouTube takes 45% of advertising revenue, although CPM (Cost per mile) which advertiser charged varies. Be conscious that your area and the sort of content material that you publish could have a concerning how an awful lot you can potentially earn.
A latest Reddit thread attracted contributions from all around the world with stories of CPM margins ranging from $0.10 to $6.
Make no mistake that Google is paying you whatever you make from ads, so they need to send you tax information on your earnings each year, etc.
There are plenty of ideas herein that you can revisit to come up with new ideas for content, videos, etc.
This blog will provide help and tutorials for creating your web space, Wordpress tutorials, social media management, video marketing or SEO tips.
If you are interested in learning the process of making money with YouTube you are on right place. I wrote about how to do this in photoshop but you might want to explore how to do this for those who don’t have the means ($) to use Photoshop.
Anyway, once you have monetization enabled, all you’ll need to do is link your AdSense account and that’s it!

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