Last week I wrote a post all about my favourite Clarins skincare products and promised a make-up edition was to follow. Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch – This is essentially a primer but it’s no ordinary primer!
Instant Light Brush-On Perfector – Being a mother to two young girls means I always seem to have dark circles under my eyes. True to my word, here are the make-up products I’ll be missing the most following my departure from Clarins towers.

This mineral powder foundation comes with its own brush and leaves my skin looking natural and flawless.
Again, I want to mention that I no longer work for the brand, so am not getting paid for these reviews – I just wanted to give you my personal recommendations as someone who has used these products a lot over the past 10 years! Addressing venture capitalists could be a significant concern that is fraught having risk and no benefit! Request icons, headers,banners and backgrounds of your favourite superstars divas make.Thank you guys.

They condition, plump, taste sweet (but not sickly) and leave my lips looking shiny and feeling soft.

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