If possible choose tattoo designs with a white background, as it will be less noticable and let the person’s natural skin color show better.
Google the person or celebrity you want to edit, try and find a picture that has skin showing, and is in good quality. Resize your image until its the size you want it to be, dont worry you can always make it smaller or larger later. Next go to the layer box and click Toggle Layer Settings, go to Mode and scroll down to Multiply and select it. Make sure in the layers box Layer 2 is selected, then go to the tools bar on the left and select the eraser.
Once selected go to the top menu and click Brush, a pop down menu will appear, select a soft brush to start with, keep in mind the smaller the brush the sharper the effect is. Go to the Navigation box on the right next to Layers and drag the button and zoom in, then click and hold on the red square and drag to the area of the tattoo, then, making sure you have the eraser selected, carefully erase around the clothing or skin edge.

Once done, zoom back out, and use the opacity in the Layers section to adjust the color balance of the tattoo image. Go back up to the upper menu and click Edit, then Free transform, move it to the lip or eyebrow and make sure its in the right position, don’t worry if it looks blurry close-up, it will look fine once done.
Go to your layers box, scroll down and select Layer 0 copy, then using your tools bar on the left, select the Lasso tool (L) and draw a rough shape around the persons hair, make sure it goes all the way around and connects to where you started. Once the hair area is selected go to your upper menu and select Adjustment, then click on Hue and Saturation. Then go up to your upper menu and click Edit, then go down to Deselect all, click it and the line around your hair image will dissapear. Next select the Eraser tool (E) on your tool bar on the left, like with the tattoo choose a soft brush and carefully erase around the edges where the color is overlapping, do this all the way around. Making sure Layer 0 copy is still selected and you have selected the Move tool (M) , go up to File on your upper menu and select Open image.

DONE :D you are now done your image, zoom back out and click File on the upper menu, scroll down to Save. Click and hold on the eyelash you drew around , drag it to your other picture and drop it there, dont worry if its too big.
Find your transparent piercing image (If you don’t have one, i will add one at the end of this tutorial) and drag it too the area you want pierced, zoom in using the navigation box and drag the piercing to the lip or the eyebrow.

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