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A recentĀ  invitation from The Moms to preview the movie Frozen (Disney’s newest animated film) was highly anticipated by both Lucia and Adrian. The kiddos enjoyed the movie and I believe that all attendees were smitten with Idina Menzel’s powerful presence. I can’t wait to surprise Lucia with a bit of homemade love – possibly when we enter Walt Disney World! Is there anyway you could make this beautiful dress for my daughter for her birthday party?
I love this dress and I have purchased all of the materials to make this for my 3 year old. Hi Anna Maria – my daughter LOVES the costume and has worn it on 2 plane rides, Christmas, her birthday and nearly every single day. Hi Pam, the blue sequined material is from JoAnne – it has tiny sparkly rectangular chips on it.

Hi Corrie, I didn’t use elastic thread like my friends over at Hungie Gungie did in their tutorial. Hi Sonia – all of the material (including the snowflake material) was purchased at JoAnne Fabric in November. But, I would love for you to send me a picture of the back of the corset where you laced up the ribbon so that I have a clear understanding (and clear visual0 of this part before I begin. I purchased a sequin material and im wondering if i will be able to sew it on to the leotard. I would definitley use the elastic thread if you can, because it will give this dress more stretch when putting it on and off. If your machine is a lower end machine bought at a big box store you probably don’t want to attempt sewing anything really thick, especially sequins.
I’m trying to understand how, when the leotard top stretches out, the sequined top will go with it.
So I carefully lifted up each piece of sequence (starting at the top row of the bodice) to sew underneath to secure the top of the bodice.

All the parts are just fastened onto the plastic shell and after a while they get out of sync and are not worth having repaired.
An older machine with all metal parts or a new, good quality machine works best for sewing sequins and such. I just hate to see people, new to sewing, buy machines that will probably turn them off to sewing, but that’s not what this post is about. I have been sewing for about 45 yrs so have learned a few things and it excites me to see so many in the younger generation getting back to crafts like sewing, but I do tend to ramble.

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