February 5, 2015 By Lisa Jacobs 2 Comments Here are 10 fresh ideas you can do to market your online business without spending a fortune.
Each month, I perform a monthly review and compare it to the results I created the previous month. For better results, get the customer’s permission to use their photo and screen clip that bad boy! For even better results, offer a daily deal (aka discounted price) on the item when you share the testimonial! If this is the creative business that you were meant to run, you’re probably eating, sleeping, and living your brand. Aside from wearing and using your own products, what are some creative ways you could start spreading your logo and getting it in front of more people? As an example of some collaborations you might try out, one Etsy seller I know emailed her customer list the handmade gifts she was giving to her friends and family. As another example, a friend of mine reaches out to yoga apparel companies and offers to send free product (she also makes energy jewelry) in case they’d like to include it in their photos. If you blog or sell to a specific industry, you can also chip in on one expensive tool or gift card that your readers will benefit from. Join thousands of creative entrepreneurs and learn how to build your passion into the career of your dreams!
Any B2B professional who ignores LinkedIn doesn’t deserve to be called a professional, in my opinion! It’s clear that many users haven’t invested the time to properly understand this B2B social platform. Learning to become a proficient, efficient and smart LinkedIn user is no longer about choice, it’s a must! The following interview is a stunning example of how smart business people can leverage Linkedin. Frank Hannigan (one of the best users of Linkedin I know!) describes how he used the platform to raise over 200 thousand dollars in less than 2 weeks.
The online content game is a very competitive environment and many B2B content creators struggle to make their content work for them. Where as, the B2B content opportunity was really, in producing higher quality and more focused content from the very start.
The Ahain group are an independent, ideas-led social business consultancy and start up business, where I am a founder. We needed to develop a business and content strategy that would position us within the marketplace and open client doors. So we started to produce high value content aimed at the sectors where opportunities exist for us. So far, the Ahain group has produced two separate social business reports  and the response has proven that this strategy is working for us. Tell me of a better way to find out about someone and their business, offer them value and position yourself as a good guy or girl?
Our new TweakYourBiz Editor, Sian Phillips has used interviews effectively to develop new relationships and grow her businesses. This interview resulted in Nellie and Sian forming a business relationship, with Sian now writing business content and articles for Nellie’s popular business blog. I suppose my overall point would be, that unless you are prepared to invest the time to learn the skills required, the results will always remain limited.
Digital expert, top 10% influencer with over 10 years’ senior management experience - including managing projects and teams, and growing companies in the Irish, international and online marketplaces. Have consulted and worked with both corporate and SME clients on leveraging digital to drive business KPIs. Specialities include: Entrepreneurship Business Development, Start-ups, Business Planning, Management, Training, Leadership, Sales Management, Sales, Sales Process, Coaching, Online Advertising, Blogging, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media Strategist, Digital Strategy, Social Media ROI, User Generated Content, Social Customer Care.
Thanks Anton, for me, the opportunity is in not just doing content but doing it really well. One of the things about writing B2B content that I find challenging is the balance between providing valuable content and the need to present that in the context of what you do.
On the other hand, there is nothing worse than reading a post that has been written solely for the purpose of being self promotional, and contains no real value for the reader. Anyone who is prepared to publish an article that they only spent 15 mins on, really shouldn’t do content marketing. Yes Niall, you know me well ?? I am not customer driven when writing, but I do think of who I am writing for.
On the other hand, I should keep a narrow focus, so that I don’t send out a confusing message about what I do.
Going green is so relevant in this day and age but I’m still certain not everyone realises the importance of it. Given below are five tactics that you can use to market your small business website without the use of a credit card.
Whether you want to attract visitors to your business website on a regular basis or create a social buzz around your brand, you’ll always need fresh content.

Once your press release has been published, you can send them to niche media outlets that might be interested in what your business is about. If you sell a product or service, and plan to beat out the competition quickly, one of the best ideas is to create videos.
When it comes to marketing a small business website, you should never forget about the basics. An avid blogger, Sundeep Pardal leads the team of creative people at WebStartToday, which is a free website builder. If you haven't taken the time to build your networks and develop relationships ahead of time, Vernon suggests figuring out which social platform is best to reach your target market.
While LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are the most receptive social platforms for business, Vernon says that no platform is off limits so long as you adapt your content to that platform. How to Market Your Jewelry Business on Facebook by Yariv Gai is an insider’s guide to getting started with Facebook marketing for jewelry business owners.
While you may already be familiar with using Facebook for your personal life, and most likely already have a profile which you check and maintain, marketing your business on Facebook is a very different process – especially to do well.
So it’s not surprising that jewelry business owners may be cautious about getting started on Facebook, as they may not know how to do so in a time and cost-efficient manner.
Gai has outlined in plain English the mechanics of getting started and build your audience on Facebook in an entertaining and easy-to-follow manner. Topics in the book include; how to create a Facebook Business Page, how to make your Page look professional, How to Attract a Fans, and members to Facebook Groups, and what the different methods are for free social media promotion, versus paid Facebook Ads. Gai also gives useful advice on whether or not to use Facebook instead of or in addition to your own website, and provides a number of recommendations on where to find service providers to help with the visual elements of your Facebook page and online marketing campaigns.
While this book is not intended to be a substitute for hiring an expert like Gai to help with your online marketing efforts, it will give you strong foundation on which to build your knowledge on, as well as giving you the necessary inspiration to get started with promoting and building your business on Facebook. As the book is limited to discussion of Facebook only, for information on marketing using other social networks, and channels, you will need to consult the other books in the series Sell Jewelry Online and Selling Your Jewelry Using Pinterest. Gai welcomes your feedback on any of his books on Amazon, and looks forward to connecting with his readers online via his website, or on social media.
Tracking my marketing and goal-progress as I go is one of the most valuable tasks I complete each month. There’s no social proof more powerful than a good review next to an image of the person who wrote it. It’s time to share that with the world, and the conversational-style outlet a blog offers is often the best way to do it.
For example, if he wanted to recruit new employees for his business, he’d buy his current workers a beer in exchange for them wearing their t-shirts to the local pub that weekend. For example, if you contact nine other makers (ideally, you’ll each have a blog), group  your products and offer the giveaway to all of your followers, you’ll expand your reach x 10! For example, if you combine efforts and campaign as ten bloggers for one Canon DSLR giveaway, you can offer a huge gift (gaining tons of traffic and subscribers in the process) with an investment of only $50 each. I explained how I make graphics like this on the cheap in my article titled, Graphics, Typography, Font, Oh My! They offer templates that allow you to upload several pictures into an email, and you could provide gift suggestions in the text below each of those pictures. A customer appreciation sale works like this: When I reach a landmark goal, say 100 sales, I celebrate by creating a deal in which I don’t lose, but the customer clearly wins. I am Lisa Jacobs, and I'll show you how to get more website traffic, sales and professional recognition for your creative business.
It requires a subtler set of strategies and often a more creative approach. In this post, I will give you examples of  activities I have used to get to results and new clients. Also, if I’m honest, my experience of how the average business person uses Linkedin wouldn’t inspire me. There is a huge amount of (free) information and support available to anyone who is prepared to go and find out. Speaker at industry events, have authored several industry reports on the Digital Economy and appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Business Insider and other leading online and offline business publications. As you rightly point out in the beginning of your post – it’s all about being authentic!
Hiring a candidate that has the right personality and fits your company culture will ensure that he will want to stay with your company for long-term and work well with others.
When the next generation is centering much of their lives around gaming, any way we can use that passion to drive innovation, we all win.
Apart from those that charge you a fee for each press release published, there are many other sites that do it for free. Create a how-to guide or a tutorial that tell your target audience how to use the products you sell.
An organized structure, accessibility, appearance and the use of top quality images are essential components of a business website. But the idea that engagement is easy, free, and quick is false, according to Amy Vernon, social marketing consultant and cofounder and CMO of Predictable.ly.

She suggests starting out by looking for journalists and bloggers who write about your business topic. Then she says you should study those platforms and, when possible, take your targeted advertising to those platforms. Figuring out where to find your target market on social media does take time, and involves searching for people who are talking about topics that are important to you.
The book includes a thorough overview of Facebook Business Pages, Groups, and advertising, and is therefore essential reading for any jewelry business owner entering the world of ecommerce, or looking to expand their online marketing skills. Indeed, promoting your business on Facebook, while not difficult, does have its own set of features and functionality that you will need to get up to speed on, and like anything will take some time to master.
This was why Gai was motivated to write the book as he kept getting requests for help from his community – the Jewelry Network. The book is aimed at both beginners and more seasoned online advertisers who may not have used Facebook before, and is designed to get you thinking about how to be creative on Facebook in order to gain maximum benefit from your efforts.
For other information about starting and running a jewelry business, including titles like Where to Buy Wholesale Jewelry in Thailand, please visit Gai’s online book store. We creatives have a terrible habit of flying by the seat of our pants and scrambling through our promotional efforts. Share a quote from one of your customers who loved their product with a link to that item for sale. It’s an excellent source of traffic referrals, and it also boosts customer relations.
Now imagine if you collected a handful of your favorite sellers and introduced them to your current customers. You could make a gift guide graphic for your products using a regular word processor; no fancy software is required. Pinterest has become my biggest traffic referrer of all time, boosting search engine traffic in the process, and it has greatly reduced my marketing and advertising costs. And oftentimes, the first announcement is only the beginning of the campaign – especially when you’re selling a quality product at a higher price.
If you are only carrying out these tactics to generate customers – business people will see through you!
That’s why it usually a great idea to include your network, your customers, your heroes etc. Often people would see writing an article as a 15 minute job, but to get the value they should be spending more like 3 hours!
I’ve always been asked to do this rather than pro-actively sought it as a main income stream. When you write a piece of content – do you first identify which customer type you are targeting? I’ve encountered enough people who think that spending 10 minutes a day on Facebook, LinkedIn or whatever, is enough to really make a difference. New platforms like Google+ and Pinterest are proving to be exciting options for marketing a small business. You can do it by starting a blog (attached to your company website) as quickly as possible. He likes to experiment with websites, track their performances and share his insights with readers. Or you can join an ongoing conversation about a topic by using popular hashtags on any platform. Large brands spend millions of dollars per year marketing on Facebook, and event they do not always get it right. I’ve linked to my complete strategy on increasing traffic with Pinterest at the end of this article. In order to keep your small business growing, you should continue to attract customers to your website.
No matter what niche you cater to, you should not make any more delay in joining these new social media platforms. With a blog, you can quickly update your readers or audience about anything that’s important for their needs.
Make a few notes that span the next few months in your calendar to gently remind your customers that your new creation exists. With adequate time investment, you can really make a difference and take your business website to the next level. In any case, don’t forget to conduct some research to find out how other small size companies are using these social media sites.
He had no idea that I was an accountant – one who just happens to be up front about the tactics that I use, and who shares it with my colleagues.

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