In the link I've just given you, the top two Google responses based on relevance discuss the differences. And then in both articles we get a laundry list of activities that can be categorized as one or the other activity. As a sales and marketing veteran, my simple comparison between the two boils down to this: marketing is about awareness, selling is about value.
I recently signed up for LivingSocial and started getting fantastic local discount deals in my inbox. But then we'd have Clyde's Cafe who also makes a halfway decent bisque for half the price of Martin's.

Did that comment help Clyde's, or just establish Martin's Bistro as the standard by which all other local lobster bisque is measured? Try though I might to limit the geographic meta coding to the areas served by this business, it was overwhelmed with requests from all over the country for all sorts of portable buildings, including some substantial orders for multiple customized units.
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Before you know it, someone with 2600 Facebook friends posts on their wall, "The lobster bisque at Martin's is ORGASMIC. They have prefab units ready to be shipped to your location, or can customize a unit for your particular need. Back then, this type of business seldom had a well optimized website if they had one at all.

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