The technologies that changed the face of home healthcare software market are cloud computing, mobile health applications, telehealth, business analytical tools and integration of homecare software. Cloud computing mode of delivery of home healthcare software, robust adoption of smartphones, tablets, and PDA will elicit the demand of this software in coming years.
Geographic analysis reveals that North America is the largest contributor to the global home healthcare software market while Asia is expected to grow at the highest rate. The key players in the market are Agfa Healthcare (Belgium), Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. The study covers the revenue market of four major classes of global home healthcare software market - agency software, hospice solutions, clinical management systems, and telehealth solutions.
Home Healthcare software is IT solutions designed to provide care at home by homecare agency, hospice agency, private duty, and nursing centres among others. Home healthcare IT services definition includes the cost charged to the enterprises by the vendor for implementation, maintenance and post sales services, training and education, up gradation, integration, and interoperability services. The home healthcare software market is segmented based on products, applications, delivery modes, components, and end user.
The three most important delivery modes considered for the study are web-based, on-premises, and cloud computing. To understand the end-user perspective, the homecare software market is divided into homecare agency, hospice agency, private duty, and other including rehabilitation center. Above all, the market study also covers the usage mode used as platforms for installing the software. The major bottlenecks for the growth of the market are growing concerns over security, interoperability issues, integration challenges, poor IT skills among staff, and weak financial support from governments in certain regions of Europe, and Asia,.
Emerging markets like China, India, Brazil, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia represent a lucrative growth opportunity for investors.
The key players in home healthcare software market are Agfa Healthcare (Belgium), Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
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TechSci Research is a global market research and consulting company with offices in Canada, UK and India. The contents of this report are based on information generally available to the public from sources believed to be reliable. Informasi terbaru tentang detail spesifikasi, fitur dan harga dari Software Minimarket di Indonesia.
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The adoption of these technologies has resulted in the enhancement of quality care at home and lowered down the cost incurred in implementing homecare IT solutions. Asia (China, India, and South Korea), Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Qatar), and Latin America (Brazil) are also poised to grow at double-digit CAGRs in the coming years. The key role of homecare software is to manage the vast patient clinical data and fasten the process of administrative task. Notable exclusions from IT services include consulting services, outsourcing services, and infrastructure management services. Based on products, the home healthcare market is further segmented into agency software, clinical management system, hospice solution, and telehealth solution. The clinical segment comprises of homecare-EMR, medication management, electronic point-of-care documentation, and others including physicians portal.
Homecare agency accounted for the largest share and private duty center is likely to grow at the fastest rate in the coming years. A major factor that propels the growth of the market is the increasing demand for IT solutions that are capable of addressing numerous issues related to data storage, retrieval, and accessibility which in turn helps to reduce costs and improve the quality of care.

Major players in the market are Salesforce, Microsoft, Sage Software, SugarCRM, and Oracle.
However, rising incidences of data breach and loss of confidentiality, high maintenance and service expenses, and shortage of trained IT professionals are the factors that will hinder the market growth. Of all, clinical management solutions and telehomecare will be the fastest growing markets in the given forecast period. On the other hand, the non-clinical homecare software is segmented into billing and scheduling, homecare-CRM, accounting, payroll, and others.
Integrated homecare software products emerged as an effective tool to resolve the issue of medication errors, and to curtail the growing healthcare cost. Non-clinical applications accounted for the largest share of the global home healthcare software and services market in 2013 and clinical applications are estimated to grow at a higher CAGR from 2013 to 2018. Apart from this, factors such as government initiatives and various incentive plans for homecare providers, growing aging population, and high prevalence of chronic disorders across the globe will foster the adoption of homecare software.
The adoption of new technologies such as mobile health, telehealth, and cloud-based model offers huge potential opportunity for growth in the homecare software market. Further, the introduction of ICD-10 conversion system will increase the demand for new software development and testing, thereby offering huge opportunities to homecare IT vendors.
2018 ($Million) Figure 10 Opportunity Matrix: By Application, 2013 Figure 11 Global Market, By Delivery Mode, 2013 Vs. 2018 ($Million) Figure 12 Market Ecosystem Figure 13 Global Homecare Software Market Segmentation Figure 14 Market: Porter’s Five Force Analysis Figure 15 Geographic Reach Vs Product Portfolio, By Key Player (2013) Figure 16 Market, By Product, 2013 Vs.

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