In case you didn’t already know, there are many different places to market your music online. Others are less obvious, mostly because musicians may not think of them as being viable marketing channels. For lack of a better way of saying it, it’s not about what you use so much as how you use it.
These are sites where you can submit (unique) articles and backlink to your own website or blog.
Although the best place to have a blog is your own website, if you have a lot of extra time on your hands to write, you could also take advantage of one or all of these platforms to pull new visitors to your site. Your ability to market your music through musician-specific classifieds sites is a little suspect, but from the perspective that everything you do to promote your music is marketing, it isn’t too much of a stretch. Moreover, it’s entirely possible that some event planners or venue owners might visit one of these sites to scope out eligible acts. Music (and artist) collaboration sites are a unique breed, and they tend to come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. It should also be noted that you generally have to go through a distributor to get your music up on most online retailers and streaming sites that are on this list (like Spotify, Rhapsody, eMusic, and others). By the way, although most email marketing platforms allow you to collect emails and send out campaigns for free, there will likely come a time when you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan to take advantage of additional features.
There are a lot of musicians (like Daria Musk) that have made successful use of live streaming to promote their music and build their careers.
There are some musicians out there that are using podcasts to market themselves, but I would argue that there are still relatively few.
Anyway, there are a lot of sites and tools out there that you can submit your podcast to and get more exposure for it. Earlier, I advised against spamming and gaming the system with blogs and article submission sites. If you want to take advantage of these sites, write unique, value-adding articles that add to the communities.
On this list, you’ll find social networks, social bookmarking sites, as well as places you can go to submit your blog content. Would you have thought of all of these sites as potential marketing channels for your music? David Andrew Wiebe has built an extensive career in songwriting, live performance, recording, session playing, production work, investing, and music instruction. If you're a little confused about the download process, simply follow the steps outlined in this tutorial. I recently spoke to Debra Russell about online marketing for music – Debra is an entertainment coach in the Arts & Entertainment industry. It’s incredibly important that you find a group of people that you wish to relate your music to. The more narrowly you define the group of people you are hoping to attract, the more effective your online marketing will be. So, they’re going to land on your blog and say, “Oh great recipe I’m going to try that. And all of this happens very organically and almost unconsciously in the mind of the perspective fan. The key focus to standing out as a musician while using the social media networks as a marketing tool, is to be real -be genuinely who you are.
Debra Russell is a business coach for the Arts and Entertainment Industry.? As an Artist’s Success Coach and workshop leader, Debra works with creative individuals to help shape their success in their chosen field.
Everyone knows about MySpace, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook as great ways to promote your music to the masses online, but dig a little deeper and there are some truly great tools available for those looking to get their music out there – and ahead of the competition.
Research by Neilsen in 2010 found that 30% of consumers listen to music via their mobile phone, and 20% of those surveyed have downloaded music apps to their mobile. A lot of musicians create a fan page on Facebook and a profile on Twitter because it’s expected. Many people create a brand around their business or music, and immediately proceed to… hide behind it. You can hold up your brand new CDs in front of your camera, pre-release, and let your fans know that you have them in stock.
In like manner, you can hold up your brand new T-shirts, baseball caps, stickers, buttons, and other branded merch to show fans and prospects what you have in your inventory. It’s a good idea to take selfies with your product in hand, but if you really want to take it to a viral level, you have to encourage your fans to do the same.
For instance, you could encourage your fans to snap a few photos at your merch booth whenever they buy something. Most of the guides on this site are by Shaun Letang - the founder of Music Industry How To.
Now, it may sound counter-intuitive, but both negative and positive illusions are harmful when it comes to promoting your music. Most of us, if we’re being honest with ourselves, focus more on what should be than what is.
An artist who, say, complains about the decline of the CD, is most often not advertising on streaming networks, heavily promoting their streaming network profiles to their audiences, encourage playlist adds and exploiting every opportunity available in this new format. Music promotion and the music industry is constantly changing, so why do we often have static images in our minds when thinking of it?
They are, nevertheless, being used by marketers in a variety of different niches, and could still prove useful to musicians and industry people. If you have expertise in specific areas, or if you just like to write a lot, these sites and communities could provide opportunities for exposure.
I think most of us can agree that building a mailing list is crucial, and in order to do that legally and efficiently, you’re going to want to use one of the following list-building and campaign management tools. Suffice it to say, there are many forums you can join, interact with other musicians, or even join up with forums where people are discussing topics you know your fans generally like.
These are somewhat similar to blogs and article submission sites, with the difference being that you can earn some money from your articles, and in the case of RedGage, you can submit other forms of content like photos too. From music videos and acoustic performances to vlogs and rig rundowns, there are a variety of different ways to engage with your fans using video. If you build your online strategy around your website, you will have an easier time keeping your marketing efforts in-line with your overall goals. In addition to helping musicians unlock their full potential, he also continues to maintain a touring schedule with multiple bands.
If you're looking for some of the best music marketing tips I've ever crammed into a single guide, that's what 11 Free Music Marketing Tips for Musicians is all about. We call this a “niche” – a small clearly defined group of people who have something major in common, it’s about your audience. When you’re talking on social media, you’re also going to talk about sharing recipes etc, and as a result through keywords, those people who are likely to like those things are going to find you through organic search.
You don’t have to blog everyday, if you put three to four good blogs up a month, you’re doing great. But if they listen to your music and they love it, their engagement with you is going to be much deeper because they already feel connected to you.
Dimitra makes a full time living from her music and she coaches artists on how to make a living and money from their music.
Creating an app could be a great way to get noticed, but they can be expensive, so do your research thoroughly. You can ‘pin’ your band photos and photographs that you like and share them with your followers.
If you want to get ahead of the competition you may want to think about doing some additional search engine optimisation. This does not in any way, shape or form mean that you should spam the inboxes of festival owners with delusional begging and ‘offering’ your band out for the main stage!Rather on a more practical level, it’s a time to take advantage of the situation and increase your fan base and network. You can share them across a variety of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and others, which is easy to do with Instagram, a mobile social app that’s practically synonymous with the selfie. In the long run, however, people will feel like they know you, and this is an intangible that you can’t fabricate in any other way.

You could even turn it into a contest, and send a few bonuses to the winner (make sure to educate yourself around running contests on social media; it can be tricky business). Remember though, none of what you've learned will matter if you don't know how to get your music out there and make people WANT to hear it.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Whether you have self published it or have a publisher, there are many strategies that you can and should do to encourage sales of your book.
Make sure it is available from the major sellers of music books: Music Books Plus, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and so on.
Then like us (opens in new window) to see daily music business guides & discussion that'll help you move your music career forward. This is another bad habit that saps our vital energy, leaving us with very little to work with when it comes to taking action. How can you complain about not making money when all you’re pushing is a dead format?
In the past few years alone we’ve seen the rise of streaming networks, crowdfunding companies, social media advertising breakthroughs, online distribution advances, and now, innovative companies such as Patreon, where determined artists can take things into their own hands and help their fans support them.
Just so you know, I would strongly advise against gaming the system and spamming, because it will ultimately hurt you.
As with article submission sites, I would strongly advise against gaming the system and spamming, because it will ultimately hurt you.
Consider CD Baby, which is both an online store as well as a distributor, or Apple, which has the iTunes app as well as the Apple Music streaming platform. However, since most people tend to access podcasts through iTunes, it could very well be a gateway drug to more sales. These are great places to share your latest news and get it seen by media people might choose to cover your story. Please leave a note in the comments letting me know what I missed; it will help everyone that finds this list! Once you have a website you can use a number of search engine optimisation tactics to generate some ‘buzz’ and links to your website. Well, eBooks are read on devices such as iPads, Amazon Kindles and the Barnes and Noble Nook; they all come with internet connection, which means a reader can click from something you’ve written and listen to your music. Whilst the temptation can be strong to get wasted with a bunch of your closest pals and a few random strangers thrown in for good measure, it’s one you should resist (for the most part) After all, where better to meet your potential new fans than at an entire venue or site filled with people who love music?!Stand OutWhether you organize a flash mob, co-ordinate some ridiculous outfits, or hire some models to wear your merch, going out to a festival doesn’t just have to be treated as a social call. Or, better still, get them to take a photo of themselves buying a CD or enjoying your show.
Many of these will be useful for any type of book marketing, but some are specific to method books and other music-related products. If there are physical bookstores that might be interested, such as a college bookstore where it might be used as a textbook, give the store a free copy, and ask them to stock it. Chances are, if your answer is definitive in any way, then the answer itself is your own illusion; an assumption that leaves no room for exploration.
Could you imagine waiting for that knock on the door when the party invitations were never sent out?
Whether you wish that more people bought physical product or that musicians earned more money from streaming services, you are focusing on how you think things should be.
With Apple not making ipods anymore, most people don’t even have enough room on their phones to buy your mp3’s if they wanted to! Many of these outlets give us an opportunity to take our power back, earn money through direct-to-fan offers and be at the center of our own marketing efforts. The exact process for writing press releases won’t be covered here, but it is something worth learning.
It might be worth extending your reach to other video sites using a convenient tool like OneLoad. For example, if you are a punk band Google+ – Google’s social network may not be as popular as Facebook or Twitter, but with a search engine behemoth behind it is only likely to grow in the future. For example if you regularly gig in one particular city, you might find that there is a lot of search traffic around terms like ‘Indie gigs London’ or ‘drum and bass shows Bristol’.
Although the above ideas are a little extreme (and potentially outdated, in the case of flash mobs!) there are a few far more simple things you can try to get your name out there! The more proactive you are in this process, the better your book’s sales will be.If you have a publisher, try to find out what their marketing approach is, and then help complement their efforts. It’s backwards to provide potential fans with such a tiny funnel to support you through. Think about what your band is about and where you are based; perhaps you could create a short ‘gig guide’ to your local area and promote on the Kindle store and iTunes. If so you may want to try and add these keywords to your website so that when people search for these phrases you are more likely to appear higher up the search rankings.
Or for an in-depth fool proof guide on how to get people to listen to your music, get our online music business course here.
For example, it would be confusing for a reviewer to receive requests to review the book both from an author and from a publisher’s PR person. It’s just one other way to reach out; all you need is an idea, a laptop and a home broadband connection. Setting up a page is easy and you can share your music and videos with ease: remember that Google owns YouTube and is the world’s biggest search engine, so setting up an account and feeding in content regularly is a good idea. A little campfire acoustic set never hurt anyone, and you’ll be bound to impress!Hand Things OutWhen you’ve got people hooked, it’s important that you do something to retain their attention. So, be careful you are not working at cross-purposes with other marketing activities.Here are some ways to help you sell your book about music. Flyering can help, but don’t be too disheartened if you see your own face staring up at you numerous times from puddles. People are drunk, people already have limited space, and your flyer ends up chucked anywhere and everywhere. It’s great to have your book adopted by a teacher because they make their students buy copies, and then the students grow up to be teachers and then they make their own students buy copies. Things like sweets go down well, but if you’re looking for something branded to make you stand out, you have a few options! Extra copies on your shelf don’t do any good, so send them around, particularly to people who might lead to additional sales.
If you want people to hear your music, shouting a Facebook URL at them might not be so memorable.
USB Makers, on the other hand, allow you to put your music in one place for them to take home and hear when they’ve recovered from their crazy weekend.
So, create a YouTube video lesson related to your book’s content, or even a series of lessons, if you can do it easily. Handing these out to people who want to feel important could mean you’ve really hit the jackpot – they look too expensive to break, like with a big, inconvenient CD, so there’s more chance they’ll actually keep it. Keep the videos useful and practical—good in their own right, and appealing to a wide audience, and feeling more like a lesson than an ad.
You can replicate this wherever you are though, as people will definitely appreciate the personal touch. Be smart – pick the best tracks for this, and choose times that work, not just for you, but for the people you want to hear you. Announce your book’s release to all your colleagues, students and friends, via all social media outlets you have currently or can create for the purpose: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, email lists, blogs, newsletters, physical bulletin board, email signature, physical bulletin board, or whatever. Just because you don’t care about the band on the main stage at 3pm, doesn’t mean people who may have travelled to see only them will appreciate you interrupting to hear your band’s tracks.
You can use your book cover for your Facebook profile image, tape a hard copy of it on your office door, hold it in your holiday card photo—whatever level of shameless self-promotion you can stand! Whilst it’s not a good idea in the slightest to make a fool of yourself and get drunk, making friends with like-minded individuals will win you a few fans – on a band level, too.
Coordinate this with your publisher; they likely have a comprehensive list, but you might turn up some interesting ideas that they hadn’t considered. While bookstore signings tend not to be effective in our sector, you might host a concert, workshop, master class, teacher training session, open mic, or other event in its honor, to attract like-minded potential readers.

Bookstores are often helpful in supporting these events, setting up a table to sell books, perhaps at a discount. From clothing lines like Big Deal Clothing and Fatal Clothing, to girls claiming that they’re dating someone who writes for Kerrang!, if someone has a connection to someone who can have an influence on your music career, there’s definitely no shame in trying to benefit from that.Have MannersNo matter what method you choose in approaching people, remember to always have manners. Send a copy of your book to everyone who wrote a quote for the back cover, with a thank-you note. The old saying ‘any publicity is good publicity’ might not be so true in an industry where people are increasingly having to work harder to be noticed. If it’s appropriate, tell them that their mentioning your book’s release to their fans would be greatly appreciated. His love of music has been with him throughout his life, and isn't going anywhere, no matter how old he gets! They need to know how many copies to stock, and they have formal procedures for making sure that textbooks arrive in time for the semester or event. If someone else tracks the syllabus for your class, make sure that they know, so that they can add it to any documentation or advertising related to the class.
Consider where your bio appears: a faculty page, LinkedIn, your own website, Twitter, your blog, Amazon Author Page, Facebook, your band’s website, etc. Just when we think we've got it all there's another full run of many brand new press clips from top notch media at that. Noting that you’re an author of a book lends additional credibility to your bio, so you should include it for your own sake, beyond just hawking products. We surely wouldn't have such a diverse audience at this point if it wasn't for your due diligence week in and week out. Encourage students, friends, and anyone who seems positively inclined towards your book to write a positive Amazon review.
Consider any blogs or other publications that might be interested in interviewing you about your work.
From weekly updates to making sure that all my information is correct and sent to relevant sites and organizations, they were everything I could have hoped for.
James and Matt are friendly, efficient, affordable and have heaps of connections that allowed an indie artist like me to give my music the chance it deserves. If you are performing, teaching, or otherwise appearing somewhere where there’s a merch table, either offer books for sale there or have a “one sheet” flyer with information about the book and where to buy it.Particularly for new releases (past year or so), presenting workshops at trade shows such as NAMM and AES can be a good way to get the word out.
Provide a copy of your book as a prize for events, competitions, charitable donations, and so on. If you know any reporters, radio personalities, or others in the media, see if they have ideas about how to create press activity. Fill out “Author Pages.” A number of booksellers and reader-oriented sites let authors fill out bio pages for themselves.
In truth, I don’t know if these actually are known to convert to sales, but it is worth a try. While publicity is an inexact science, this does tend to increase sales and visibility dramatically, though the increased income rarely covers the cost of the publicist. It might still be worth it, though, as part of the larger context of your career.Make a checklist of all these items, and plug away at them. Always consider opportunities for spreading the word about your book, to any captive audience.Hey, speaking of which, have you read my book “Project Management for Musicians”?
It’s a fun read, and it will help you a lot with your career in music.  Positive Amazon reviews are appreciated. We have done multiple campaigns with them for Album releases, Remix releases, and Music Video releases and must say that they have consistently delivered press for us that far exceeded our expectations. James is extremely professional, organized, and if you are lucky enough for him to accept your project, he is genuinely an advocate for your project on a level that is unheard of for a PR company in our experience.
If I could give one piece of advice to anyone that is interested in elevating their career in the music industry, it would be to really invest in yourself and your future by working with the best PR company in the game. James Moore knows what he is doing and wants to give light to all the great musicians breaking their back for the good of song. He can help to make sense of our fast-paced world, while the musicians can focus on creating their best work.
It's no fun trying to juggle creativity with business and no one gets that more than Moore.
James has done a fantastic job of promotion and putting my music out there into the ethers of the internet.
They work hard to write and record, gig, and market themselves effectively, but labels and potential fans have no idea who they are.
A great publicist is NOT easy for indie bands to come by in this industry, and a great AFFORDABLE one is almost unheard of. When Larusso hired James, we were skeptical; we'd never used a professional publicist before and in all honesty the affordable rates at which he works made me wonder if IMP was going to be even close to on par with the publicists in this industry that charge upwards of $10,000 for a few weeks of outreach. After working with James on the critical mass campaign, we won't think twice about using any other company again. Not only did we receive insane amounts of press in some of our favorite publications, the connections we made as a result of James' outreach branched out into new networking and promotional opportunities for our band. You can't take the next step in your music career without a presence in the entertainment media, so give IMP a shout!
The amount of music promotion and press coverage we got for our album was beyond anything that we could have imagined. After many long years of bad choices and wasted money, we finally stumbled across a service that delivered far beyond our expectations. Not only did they provide ample material for us to grow our marketing efforts, they also conveyed wonderful criticism that will ultimately help us improve as a band.
Another tremendous positive about Independent Music Promotions is the level of communication they provided.
Not once through the process did we feel out of touch or worried about how our money was being spent.
The only regret I have is not including more in our project budget to get a bigger media package. By tapping his extensive network of media relations, he allows the artist access to a much broader scope of press opportunity.
I will also say that I was happy to see a few (slightly) less than positive reviews pop up online, which assuaged my ethical worries of "buying" good press. James delivers exposure to his handpicked artists, but the press is real and sinks or swims based on the quality of the music.
He knows the landscape of the media and blogs and understands what it’s like to be an independent artist in todays music biz.
His work gave my album the chance I felt it deserved, to be heard, and built a foundation upon which I can now grow as an artist. Independent Music Promotions carefully crafts the resources desired by independent artists who are looking for press or media placement in blogs, magazines, websites, and major publications. I would absolutely recommend the services of James Moore and Independent Music Promotions to any musician or artist looking to take the next step in their career. It didn’t take long at all–we got results that we couldn’t get anywhere else: album reviews, interviews, and new fans all around the world. We decided to use the services of James Moore and Independent Music Promotions to get some more publicity. In a couple of weeks time James had generated more press and reviews for us than we had managed our selves in several months.
We are musicians who have no inclination to take on the role of promoters…or advisors, managers and or A&R personal which James has been to us.
Once I delegated all of that hard work to James Moore, I was getting more results and attention faster than I had anticipated.

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