Uploading visuals to your website is a pretty simple process, so simple that it can sometimes overshadow the importance of image optimization.
Its seems to e very impressive.thanks for sharing this and images are really worth for any website. Promote your business, showcase your art, set up an online shop or just test out new ideas. Talking about it reminds me of conversations with my old insurance man, or a Tax Inspector.
The tone is over-serious, packed with jargon, and somehow my simple brain can’t take it all in.
A:     Good SEO gets your site noticed and ranked by the essential search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.
The result is disappointment, the feeling that it’s all been a waste of time, money down the drain, and somehow that the people who do make cash, are in league with the Devil!
If you provide a quality answer for that simple question, then Google will put you on the first page of that big list of suggestions it always churns out.
When you put the right stuff that people need to know exactly where Google looks for it, you win. Google regularly publishes a guide to all the bits and bobs that it considers most important.
Once you’ve installed them, the plugins have created a maze of options and boxes on the editor section of the home page.  Did you look at them and sink even deeper into confusion. From knowing nothing, I’ve found that following YOAST’s lead, my lowly sites are now climbing the ladder. As I confessed in the beginning, I’m a real duffer when I try other SEO methods, but not with YOAST.
Once you get to grips with getting your green lights glowing, you can explore the deeper functions to jet propel your website even further.
I’m always amazed at WordPress and the galaxy of free resources, YOAST is another shining star. Optimizing a RapidWeaver website for search engines can be challenging, but can also be fairly easy when you know what to do, how to do it, and where it can be done. Whether you are a beginner to RapidWeaver, or you’ve been using it for a long time, search engine optimization (SEO) can be a brand new subject to many webmasters.
Your title tag is not only important for search engine optimization, but it is also very important for getting users to click on your website in the search results? The page description, much like the title tag, can be a very important factor for getting visitors to click on your website in the search results.
To change your page description in RapidWeaver, highlight the page that you wish to update, and click on the Page Info button.
The text we use to link to other pages on our website (or to external sites) can play an important role for search engine optimization. While many people are aware that meta keywords are not important to Google, there still may be some search engines that do take this attribute into consideration.
In search engine optimization, text within an H1 tag lets search engines know that the webmaster considers that text to be important.
On the General tab, the Title is where our H1 tag goes, and the Slogan is where our H2 tag goes. There are ways around this header situation, however, they are beyond the scope of this tutorial.
Hi, As a RW new user your advice and tips on SEO for RW are very much greatly appreciated, thank you for the informative and clear advice you have provided. You touched on the subject of header tags and ended the header tags issue with the following comment “There are ways around this header situation, however, they are beyond the scope of this tutorial. I guess I must have a different version of RW than the one you were referring to for this RW SEO tutorial. I think this RW tutorial just nail all the major on-page SEO elements that a website should have. Smart phone users are more likely to purchase goods or services from a mobile-optimized website, according to the Google Mobile Ads. Most major brand names have made mobile-optimized web a part of their widespread marketing campaigns, along with apps and more traditional forms of media. Effective mobile sites capture users’ attention and raise their likelihood of engagement. Stephen Dale is both an evangelist and practitioner in the use of Web 2.0 technologies and Social Media applications to support personal development and knowledge sharing.

Define image quality: Almost all photo editors today allow you to save images to your desktop at different levels of quality (and you can always use free online tools like Pixlr if you need more options).
Utilize titles and descriptions: When you upload an image to your website, you can add a title and a few words to describe what the image stands for.
Think about the dimensions: Choosing how much space your image takes up can be just as important as the picture itself.
Wix is a website builder thathas everything you need to build a fully-personalized, high-quality free website.
The conversation is full of words and phrases like amortization, straight-line depreciation, capital assets,   algorithms, and similar secret code to baffle mere mortals. They belong to some secret fraternity, and they hold back the real secrets from you and me. We’ve all downloaded plugins, read manuals, had conversations with geeks, listened to webinars, and bought bright shiny SEO products. On the right- hand side is a little button that says “check”, and beside that is a little traffic light bulb. The tutorial will walk you through the entire process for optimizing your RapidWeaver website.
This article is meant to push you in the right direction for making your RapidWeaver website more search engine friendly. Simply highlight the page that you wish to update, and click on the Page Info button in the top right corner of RapidWeaver.
The title tag also appears as the clickable link in the search results, making it an important factor for encouraging visitors to go to your site. A large majority of the snippets you see beneath the title tag in the search results come from the page description.  Because of this, it is very important for us to create exceptional page descriptions that are keyword rich and are convincing to people who are viewing them in the search results.
While it may be difficult for search engines to understand what a picture is about, there are ways that we can help. Because of this, it is always a good idea to add some keywords to every page of our website. Instead, we are able to add one H1 tag, and one H2 tag that is constant across all pages on our website. For the time being, place any keywords you feel are appropriate for a header consistent throughout your entire site. This is evidence that mobile-optimized pages are more important than ever, even for small businesses.
According to a market-research report, smart phone usage in the United States reached more than 100 million units in 2011 and will reach nearly 154 million units by 2015.
Used-car dealer DriveTime has a three-button mobile-landing page that entices users to explore its services, which include shopping for vehicles, online approvals and a location finder.
An ineffective site will drive consumers away, even the ones that would have used the traditional page on their phones. A simple navigation will attract smart phone users longer and increase the chance of interaction.
He has a deep understanding of how systems and technology can be used to support learning and facilitate smarter working, where connections and conversations are the key to self-development and creativity within the organisation. Contrary to what some people think, saving an image with the highest quality isn’t always your best bet. This text is the meta information that search engines read about your images, and it helps them understand your site better, which in turn helps with your SEO ranking.
The recommended height and width of your website images largely depends on the layout that you chose, the emphasis you wish to place on the visual content of your site, and how your site will look on mobile devices. The tutorial will be a huge time saver as it will teach you about the SEO methods, while also showing you how to accomplish them very quickly.
An uninteresting title tag will certainly turn away potential visitors, while an attractive, and relevant title tag will surely increase your traffic. Keywords are bolded in the search engine snippet when they match up with the users search query, so make sure to use good keywords in your description. According to an SMB DigitalScape study, 98 percent of small and medium-sized businesses do not have mobile-optimized sites. Put it all together and we’ve got a mobile population searching locally and following results to non-mobile pages, which turn them off — something is missing.
As network speeds continue to increase, consumers will do more searching and shopping on mobile devices. A short description of its business and clickable phone number make this optimized page about as user friendly as can be.

Once you design a mobile layout, automatic tools translate designs into code and guide you on how to integrate your mobile website. You should have a sense of urgency to create a mobile page, but don’t rush through the design. Try limiting the amount of pictures and videos on your mobile site, they may look impressive, but performance is the ultimate benchmark. What you may not know yet is that different file formats behave differently and determine the way an image will load and look. Large images like backgrounds, and pictures that don’t need high definition, can be saved at a slightly above-average quality in order to reduce the file size and improve your site’s loading speed. More than an just easy way to keep track of your photos, your file name is used to categorized your pictures on image search engine results.
Choosing the right dimension for your images will not only improve the overall look of your website, but it will also help your website achieve a more professional and put-together look. The benefit of this optimization is two-fold: Gaining more traffic from image searches, and being useful to users who are using browsers that do not support images. The same study said that half of mobile users would use a business less often if its website wasn’t mobile friendly.
Web designers decide on an image’s ideal file format by factoring in aspects like colors, size, density of information and more. The idea image text is a perfect balance between your website’s keywords and a truthful description of the image content. You can start improving your images today by reading this great article about  the three main image formats. A lot of webmasters have nearly forgotten Bing, while there’s a fat chance of Bing getting more popularity in the months to come.
It has to be noted that Yahoo search is powered by Bing and so the two combined have 25% of the organic searches done. Moreover, Bing is becoming smarter every day and so it’s becoming necessary for webmasters to optimize their site to rank well in Bing.Though the number of Bing users is comparatively small now, there is a big chance of Bing getting increasingly popular in the near future. Another reason why optimizing websites for Bing is being ignored is there’s lack of effective strategies.
It’s because Google has been the giant dominating the field all these years that Bing has almost been hidden behind Google’s popularity.
While it is important to monitor the quality of the content on your website, you must also look at the quality of the content you are linking to.
However, it is also important not to overdo this as this will only make you end up with a bunch of links and a poor ranking from Bing and also Google because your site will be rated by Google, too.Meta Tags:Feel like you haven’t heard this word for ages? Though you have meta tags for your pages, Google doesn’t underestimate the value of your site.
Therefore, if you have removed them, it’s time to welcome them back to your code and if you’ve never had them, you had better insert them.
If you have a main header on a page, use your keywords there once and somewhere in the content also. It’s because you will rank poorly in Google if you do it and Google must be your prime focus for optimization. Your primary focus should be on Google optimization and optimizing your website for Bing is only a preparation for what is yet to come. Therefore, do not overuse these strategies so that your website ranks well in both search engines.Bing doesn’t have sophisticated filters and tools like Google’s and therefore, it is easy to increase the PageRank of your website in Bing. However, Bing is also getting smarter at identifying spam and so spamming doesn’t work for either search engines. Change your strategies from time to time and keep what works best for you.Kathryn Smith is a tech and entertainment blogger who works for a reputed online publication.
She also identifies various distance learning programs in order to help the younger generation fulfill their career goals and dreams. Kathryn SmithKathryn Smith is a tech and entertainment blogger who works for a reputed online publication.

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