The free blog post headline analyzer will score your overall headline quality and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value. That’s the usual response I’d get when people would ask what my college degree was in (it was art and art history). I don’t know if that prolonged moment of silence was in honor of the memory of what they thought was now-gone employability. I can promise you that as I got older and there was more distance from my college graduation, I fretted less. Getting your art degree, it turns out, doesn’t only make you a prime candidate for being a professional artist, but it also spawns the ability to defend your work in front of a room of critics. As a content marketer, you’re holding onto skill sets that go beyond “simply” being a content marketer. So, the next time someone asks you what you do as a content marketer, rest assured you have some solid answers.
In the past five years, the ability to write—which also includes vocabulary, grammar, and analysis—has noticeably declined among college students. It’s easy to think writing great copy is just about stringing together the right words, but there is a huge analysis factor. And, of course, good writing is done in a way where you inform people while making every reader, no matter their skill and knowledge level, feel welcome.
The fact that content marketers, out of necessity, are constantly writing means they are always in a state of practice. In a content marketing career, you’re frequently at the mercy of the winds of trends, breaking news, and ever-changing technology. You have the ability to hit the ground running and think on your feet—with or without a team at any given moment.
As a content marketer, you know how to handle both criticism or critique, whether that means knowing how or when to respond, or if you should respond at all. And all of this often happens in full public view… of your customers and competitors. You have the ability to be graceful, honest, and real under pressure in full view of everyone. Convincing someone that they ought to consider the idea you’re presenting, much less getting them to act on the idea, is tough.
As a content marketer, you read and research what motivates people emotionally and psychologically. You learn about the sales process, the sales funnel, and how to identify (and respond to) someone in different stages of the sales process. You have the ability to understand when someone is ready to buy, and what to do if they aren’t.
The year I was a school teacher, I was repeatedly told by other teachers that the education sector built incredible organizational skills and I was lucky to be picking them up (though I saw a few teachers desks that suggested otherwise).
If ever there were organized people (or people who at least were actively focused on getting organized), it’s you as a content marketer. You have to know what is happening in your niche, and which trends are increasing or fading.
Content marketers are also known for using technology to gather data and for being creative in how they use that data to impact their next decisions. This means you’ve learned to listen to your audience (heck, you’ve actually found the audience that works best for you).
You have the ability to inspire customer loyalty because you understand the importance of caring about real people. You have the ability to take complicated information and make it simple to understand, especially visually. You ask questions of beta test groups, data, customers, social followers, and of your team members. You have the ability to zero in on what’s before you and ask questions in order to understand better. Content marketers struggle with the idea of showing a return on investment (ROI) because they sometimes seem to think their work doesn’t have one. The work you do has real ROI, and you know both the need to prove it and the method for doing so. After all, great content marketers aren’t going to keep doing what isn’t working, so they are always looking for the return. With an eye on saving time and money (your two most limited resources) great content marketers know how to reuse content in a way that makes it fresh again. So if anyone ever says to you, after you’ve told them that you’re a content marketer, “what in the world will you ever do with that?”…now you know.
By the time it’s all said and done, content marketing has helped you acquire a great skill set worthy of its own content marketing degree (sorta).
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Your marketing closet might look like an overstuffed pantry because there’s just too many things in it! Your company store is organized by category, like “Tradeshows,” “Golf,” “Training,” “Company Retreats,” etc. With a company store, you don’t have to keep all of your marketing materials on-hand, which makes organizing your everyday necessities that much easier.
Members of my Network Marketing Coaching Programs can ask me for help or advice every week. Today’s Coaching Question comes from Advanced Diamond Mastermind Coaching member, Lynette from Montezuma, Georgia. Every successful network marketer including myself rely on coaches and mentors to become successful. But do you have a mentor and coach that pushes you to take your network marketing business to the next level? Due to numerous requests, I have finally started my Coaching Program to help motivated network marketers overcome the obstacles in MLM and achieve the success they deserve. About simonwchanSimon Chan is a MLM coach, trainer, speaker and writer who helps distributors find better prospects, sponsor more people and create duplication. So I have come up with a few ways to alleviate my anxiety and to take the torture out of tax preparation.
Make a master list of the documents you needed to find AFTER you file your taxes this year. I found myself taking more time to make the system work than to actually organize. This is a BIG problem with organizing in general.
Tax time has been a breeze the past few years because I have kept up with my business records each month. Having been in business for myself for over 20 years, I know how hard it is to keep everything organized. This year, I had my graphic designer make my pages into adorable printables and they are available in my ETSY Shop, both as a digital download for $9 or printed with divider tabs in a DUO Binder. As I worked through keeping my income and expenses documented and organized last year, I found that having my organizational sheets already printed out in a binder helped.
I have printed out all the sheets I need to fill out for the year and divided them out by month. You can label your accordion files however you want based on your biggest categories per month.
This giveaway ends at 11:59 EST, Thursday, February 4, 2016 and is open to US residents, 18 years or older. I am hoping to be starting a home business this year and would like to have a way to stay on top of all the tax and financial info that goes along with that. My husband and I are truck drivers this looks perfect to keep our LPPCtax info together throughout the year.
I’m starting a non-profit organization this year and could use all the help I can get.
This system would be perfect to help me organize taxes for my scrapbook business and medical expenses for my son! I would love to use this system for tracking the unseen expenses for my classroom and the tax related expenses for my online curriculum business.
I love tracking revenue and expenses from my organizing and house cleaning business using pen and paper.
Before you consider how you’re going to spend money on marketing, you need to decide which percentage of your revenue you can sustainably spend. In order to understand where you should spend money on marketing, you must first define who your audience is.
By its very definition, the inbound marketing process doesn’t aim to immediately convert every single person who hears about your company into a customer.
Social media: With so many people using social media, it has become a marketing powerhouse that can drastically extend your company’s reach.
Content marketing: Investing in relevant content that is meaningful to your audience will grow your brand’s authority. Advertising: Both online and print advertising are effective in creating a lasting impression upon your audience.
Design: From your website to your logo, the visual appeal of your brand speaks volumes about your company.
Once you know the benefits of each inbound marketing method, you can determine which ones you want to invest in. Don’t ever undersell yourself as a content marketer, because your ability to write is paramount.
I assume everyone is writing constantly and am shocked when I come across someone struggling with their writing.
The sheer amount of times you put pen to paper (or word to screen) means that you are exercising your writing muscles and brain cells.
You are constantly reading the research from other marketers and are always developing a strong understanding of how people react in specific situations. With so many things to keep tabs on like engagement, social media, blogging, email, and ebooks, it seems to be, either you organize or die. Content marketers are definitely not “set it and forget it” people, known for constantly testing everything from button placement on a page to the headline of a blog post in order to find the better performer. As a content marketer, you’ve learned to write well, interpret data, and use psychology. This kind of approach is valuable; you’re not always reinventing the wheel and throwing more (new) money at a problem.

The next time you see a list of skill sets in a job ad, stop scanning to see if “content marketer” is listed, and instead see if any of the above skills are listed.
Clarity is sort of a forgotten element, replaced with clever or flashy (both visual and verbal). We live and work here all year round, it's our backyard, and business support and providing client hospitality in Istanbul - Turkey is what we specialise in. We also can help you and rent you out computers for shortperiod and provide you with any communication facilities. See Istanbul through the eyes of the artists and historians of Les Arts Turcs, innovators in off-the-beaten-path walking tours.
In all those areas in Turkey you can find different variations of tour programmes from walking tour to Full package tours according to our all budget guests. While you could settle for the permanent-marker scrawl of several employees on brown boxes, that can be hard to read and difficult to distinguish from one another. For your marketing collateral and branded products, we provide a professional, affordable, and highly organized way for you to know what you have and get what you need. I think it is because the information you need comes to you in a trickle through the mail, your email inbox, and your own receipts. The first time I really did this it took days and I was able to get rid of 80% of what I had. I already had colored hanging files (which I LOVE!!) and I assigned each category in my filing cabinet a color.
However, if you are purging LOTS of files, this system is SUPER helpful because the colored files let you know what has already been organized and what you have left to do. I actually started to look forward to it because I had created a checklist and form to fill out each month so I didn’t miss any expenses. However, when it comes to marketing, it’s difficult to decide how much money to spend and where to spend it. Creating buyer personas allows you to segment your audience and target your marketing efforts. While you don’t have to include all of them in your budget, you should at least be aware of how they can help your business. While it doesn’t pay off immediately, effective analysis can help you see what’s working and what’s not. While you’re spending money, make sure you’ve got an organized marketing budget template so you don’t overspend.
Perhaps this is why I am surprised by the lack of writing skills I come across in others: They simply do not write every day. There’s no letting up, no break—because your audience is just one yawn away from leaving you (or so you think).
You know how to participate in amicable disagreement, or you knowing when to avoid it entirely. Content marketers are the ultimate repackagers, digging up complicated studies and turning them into palatable infographics. She has been blogging since 2002 at her Lone Prairie blog, and works as a freelance writer and visual artist.
Each of these intimate half-day and full-day tours will immerse you in a unique aspect of Turkish history and culture.Get expert help choosing the best hotels for yor needs and budget for your stay in A°stanbul and Turkey. Let us help you simplify your organization with 5 quick and easy methods for organizing your marketing closet.
With a company store, you’re able to keep less inventory since anything you need, from pens to complete swag-bags, can be ordered with same-day or next-day shipping. Whichever categories your company uses most should have their own designated and labeled spaces on your storage room shelves. I know I must prospect with the intent of creating value and relationship and then presenting… it is a process over a period of time and I am looking for a good way to track it all. And last year, I bought and used the Freedom File System for my clients, but it was a little too structured for me.
By creating a detailed marketing budget, you can keep track of your expenses and be better prepared for future expenditures.
If you’re new to marketing, it’s recommended that you allocate as much money as you comfortably can to your marketing budget so you can experiment and determine what works well. This way, you can stop spending money on unproductive marketing techniques and start spending it on procedures that pay off. I’m not interested in correcting grammar or making people feel embarrassed (many bizarre words and typo errors can be blamed on type assist on mobile devices), but I am genuinely surprised. You never know who will say what to you on social media, and you have to figure out a response in the moment that is both appropriate and genuine. Worst case scenario: You forgot those five-year-old half-filled boxes even existed and have been over-ordering pens and promotional t-shirts ever since! Affordable and easy, the Marketing Closet comes with full reporting, inventory management, purchase options like coupon codes, points-based, purchase orders, and credit cards, and – of course – a user-friendly web interface for ordering materials and tracking shipping. If your target audience consists of young people, dedicating a bit more money to Twitter advertising may be effective. Clearly outlining the goals of your marketing strategy will help you determine how much money to spend and where to spend it.

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