The Good: Embedding video within Moodle helps reduce distractions and maintains continuity of your content in Moodle. The Bad: The disadvantage to embedding is that ultimate control of the video is left to someone else. Embed a video to introduce a new topic or to relate an important concept to popular culture. Embed a video as an assignment in Moodle and have students write a short reflection about the video directly into Moodle. Embed a YouTube playlist that contains several videos on a similar theme for students who want to learn more. Dan Reis is an Instructional Technologist with Elon University’s Teaching and Learning Technologies. This entry was posted in Instructional Technologies, Moodle, Moodle Musings, Productivity, Teaching and Learning and tagged Moodle, video, YouTube.

Nice post and I think its valuable to know the steps you outlined for using other media as well.
Can anyone tell me how to paste in a Youtube URL and NOT have it show the video in the post? Among all the giggling babies and flying sloths there is great content you could use in your course.
It also avoids some of the copyright concerns with digital videos because the video is hosted on someone else’s server.
If the person who uploaded the video to YouTube decides to remove it or it is removed for copyright reasons, the video will disappear and no longer work in your Moodle course. If you have text you want to include in the web page, you can enter it in the “Compose a web page” box. Creating a hyperlink to a YouTube video from Moodle works fine but once students are on YouTube they can get lost or distracted by the less academic videos.

For example, if you recorded a video with your iPhone or Flip video camera, you can upload it. Just look for an icon or text that says “embed” or “share.” However, how you paste it into Moodle will be a little different. If the video does not appear in the page, it is because the link is not an active link (active links are blue and underlined). Embedding video so it appears inside your Moodle course page alongside other text and images is an easy way for you to seamlessly include video without the all the distractions.
Otherwise, finding a video on YouTube and embedding it into your Moodle course is a great way to bring video into your class.

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