Rosie and the other 14 engines of her class were built in Iowa and Pennsylvania and shipped to Britain in 1942. Rosie rescued Thomas when his fire went out after playing a game of "splish, splash, splosh".
On Sodor Surprise Day, Thomas bumped some coal trucks to surprise Gordon, but ended up surprising her instead. A large scale model of Rosie was built for her introduction in Thomas and the Birthday Mail. Season 17 - Steamie Stafford (cameo), Henry's Hero (cameo), The Thomas Way (cameo), Percy's Lucky Day (cameo), Bill or Ben? Rosie is painted lavender with grey tank panels, gold boiler bands, and red detailing on her wheels and metalwork.

Rosie's whistle is positioned behind her rear dome whilst her prototype has its whistle positioned on the right side of the middle dome. Rosie's connecting rods are attached to her middle driving wheels whereas her prototype has its connecting rods attached to the rear driving wheels. She gained a permanent headlamp in the same design as Ferdinand's mounted in front of her funnel. After the D-Day landings, the engines were sent to mainland Europe to assist with the war effort. Wanting to take the train herself and, thinking she was doing Emily a favour, Rosie succeeded only in creating confusion and delay on a grand scale, but eventually set things right. She is later seen being cleaned up with Whiff at the washdown, and joins Gordon and Thomas at Callan Castle to see Harold decked out in bright lights to make Gordon laugh.

Ironically, fifteen of these engines were sold to the Southern Railway where they were used as dockyard shunters, replacing the LB&SCR E2, Thomas' brothers. Rosie has her whistle and connecting rods in different positions compared to her prototype.

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