I very recently had to quit my job working in the door-to-door sales division of a major company, due to no longer being able to work full-time hours. During the induction process for my job, the company gave us a number of public speaking tests to measure our competence and suitability for the job, including a short impromptu speech about oneself and a number of mock sales pitches of random bizarre items to be presented to the group on the spot. The managers had weeded out those they felt were not confident enough to sell to other people. One day during our training week, my boss took my group for the day and ran through the key concepts of sales.
Since sales and gaming women were used so interchangebly, I began to realize how many tactics and concepts could be applied to both.
The concept of momentum is equally important in game, but is achieved in a much different way. Speaking of alcohol, in the specific type of sales I did, at least  everybody would chug energy drinks like no tomorrow for the job. Just like in game there is a direct correlation between the amount of effort you put in and your results. With girls it is ideal to flip the script, so to speak, and get her to sell herself to you and work for your approval. Although the male salesmen were above average in terms of alphaness, I don’t believe their experience could easily translate into cold approaching if you threw them into the deep end.
While many of the concepts of sales and game can be applied to one another, the visceral experience of selling and gaming are very different from each other. Before the days of display ads, PPC and social media – SEO was the only hope for businesses to be found online. Here are 3 tips and examples of how some of the larger eCommerce brands are incorporating content into their strategy to sell products online.
There are numerous tips available online on how to write ballistic headlines but among those, we found a few worth mentioning.
First thing first, incorporate some power words that convey feelings as well as appeal to the readers in your headlines. However, you need to maintain the right balance otherwise the piece of content may look spammy to both search engines and readers.
A compelling headline piques your curiosity just enough to make you click a link and read further to bridge the gap between your pain points and the solution offered by the content creator.
Yes, we are asking you to be the ‘round pegs in square holes,’ to breakdown conventional thinking. If you really want people to read your articles, share them and talk about them – stop being conventional. While the head of Google’s web spam team was probably talking about the death of low quality guest blogging for link building purposes, the discipline is still very effective, if done right.

Reach out to high traffic blogs related to your niche and publish a certain number of guest posts at regular intervals to expand your market reach and improve your brand. True that the average attention span of people in 2015 is just around 8.25 seconds, but since you have read this far, you know better.
Search engines also love long-form copy; the top pages displayed on Google’s SERP results for almost any keyword usually have an average of 2000 words each. Chipotle, for instance, leverages storytelling and gamification to take its branding efforts to the next level with Scarecrow. Irrespective of the strategy you follow, remember that the main goal of your content is to inspire existing customers and potential audiences alike. There are so many eCommerce brands leveraging the power of content to inspire audiences, boost their search results, and build their brands.
It’s an age old problem — with all the marketing message clutter out there, what are the marketing words that sell? From the first day of training to the day I quit I began to notice that game and sales have a great deal in common, something that has been noted by a number of men in the manosphere. While explaining each of them he continuously referred to one example: chatting up a girl in a bar. I personally never saw the appeal of it when I wasn’t sleep deprived, but my teams reliance on Red Bull and Mother reminded me of guys using alcohol as a crutch to approach.
We recommend you use it when communicating with fellow "thought criminals." You'll receive no more than one message a day concerning relevant news and articles.
It is your headline that is displayed in search results and therefore they have a massive impact on your ranking as well as on grabbing the attention of your target audience. You should therefore create intrigue without giving away too much information in the headline.
Try to see things differently, say what others least expect, let people disagree with you, and challenge the status quo. It’s about internet users having short attention spans, especially when it comes to lengthy posts. People will read your post no matter how long it is, if you write about things they want to read and provide proper insights. What they do is create sleek and well-presented content such as interviews with eminent personalities like Jose Mourinho, Noah Baumbach, the Goldston twins of Athletic Propulsion Labs etc. You need to gamify your content using parallax scrolling, advanced video and rich media technologies, allowing your viewers to interact with it in various ways. A social media enthusiast, she is well-versed in content marketing and other internet marketing niches. As our potential customers are increasingly bombarded with messages — from emails to native advertising to blog posts and other content – we need to make sure each word shines to grab their attention, and then, even more importantly, to hold it.

After having spent a little bit of time in door to door sales, I have come to conclude that while there is a great deal of overlap between them in terms of concepts, there are a few key differences. He even briefly mentioned the term Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), something that I’d never heard outside of a game context before.
I only got my momentum through my successes and not the process itself, unlike game where momentum is achieved through both.
My team would have one large energy drink at the beginning of the sales day and another halfway through, spacing their intake out like most pick up guys do with alcohol while approaching at night.
A certain percentage of people you talk to will be the “yes customers” who want just what you’re offering and don’t even really need to be persuaded very much to sell them. 90% of what we’d say to each potential customer is the same as what we had said to the one before. As I started considering which words would be most successful, I came across a list attributed to the psychology department at Yale University, showing that some words in the English language are more powerful than others. There is an extremely strong correlation between confidence and success with both women and sales. This is basically the game equivalent of approaching till you find a girl that needs dick that night. As I searched for the original study (since I always like to go to the source for research), I found out that Yale University never actually did research such a list, even though it has been supposedly circulating since the 1960s!
I have taken their suggestions and with some additional research, compiled a list of the words that I and others have found to be among the most powerful to cut through the clutter and inspire action from your audience. Out of those, I wanted to highlight the ones most likely to inspire action on the part of your customer.
Investment: Again, spending that money but for a return that will pay dividends for years to come.
It will depend on the context, but these words can be very powerful; for example, they can be useful whether you are a health and wellness expert or even a financial advisor. Many, many services can be put into the context of these words, which give a positive spin to negative, feared consequences. But combining this word with a phrase about your expertise can help your audience see that you know something they don’t.

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