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Besides is often used when we list different reasons; more common in speech than in writing.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. There are those moments when your mind isn’t just cooperating and you can’t get focused, regardless of how much work you still have to be done. The solution may be just leave the place where you are and seek for an alternative where you can get on track again.
A camper or RV is a great way to travel on the open road, but you may not need it all the time.

7 year old wire haired dachshund, 11 year old golden retriever, 3 outdoor kitties, a horse and a bunch of hens (although most of those listed dont live in the house lol).
Two ducks but I don't really count them as pets because they will be in our freezer next week.
I have a built Yamaha Banshee (love the 2 strokes!) with a Cheetah Cub motor and too many goodies to list. At the moment I have a 2009 Outlaw 690, 2009 Sportsman 850, 2008 Outlaw IRS, and 2007 Predator along with the 525XC. Bored and stroked to 500cc complete with cams, high compression piston, porting, carb, my own custom air box with 400ex air boot, and LRD exhaust.

She unfortunately was diagnosed with Insulinoma a few months ago, but she is doing well with medical management.

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