Les Contamines Ski Cross World Cup I haven’t sent out an update for some time, mainly because I was having some equipment issues and didn’t feel the need to complain about it until we had figured out a better solution.
After finding out my equipment was my set back in the first 4 World Cups, we spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to fix the issue over the Christmas brake.
I rocked up for the official training day to find the course had been sprayed down with water to ice up like an ice skating rink (something the Ski Cross course guidelines advice against!).
That’s what I thought until I woke up on the morning of qualifications to find 40cm of fresh snow had fallen on the course so quails got postponed until today before finals kicked off.

I nailed the top section in qualis, got a little twisted off a jump half way down and unfortunately crash. No injuries, a few bruises and bumps but nothing I wont recover quick from with some TLC from the team physio! Sami Kennedy- Sim made it through to finals but lost her ski in a turn, crashing out in the first round, ended up 14th. We found some solutions which I was nervous about testing here in Les Contamines, France, at World Cup number 5!

Having a course like this also means the work done on my equipment over Christmas, meant absolutely nothing!!

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