Facebook is all set to give Google Drive some competition with it's new file sharing service.
To upload a file to a group, first navigate to the group, click the "Upload File" option and select a file to upload. After a file is uploaded, any member of the group can view and download the file from the "Files" section. Now there is another cool feature that makes Facebook's file sharing different: version control. There is no limit to the number of files you can upload, although individual files can't be bigger than 25Mb. Version control really makes it easy to maintain files especially when you need to upload periodically with updates. For most common file types like text, images, word documents etc, Facebook provides a preview option. Pinterest badge A pinterest social plugin for blogs to show latest pins and follower count.
Facebook's new upload feature allows you to upload and share files within Facebook groups. By default, the official Facebook app for iOS works its compression magic on photos and videos before they’re uploaded to be viewed by people on the social network. Now, every time you upload a photo or video using your iOS device, you can rest assured that your content would end up in HD on the social network.
In this tutorial I will show you that how to search on Facebook using open graph API in PHP.
On demand of my readers I have written this tutorial on how can you upload an Image on Facebook using Graph API. We all have Facebook pages for brands, Public Profile etc, and most of us add our Facebook page widget in website's sidebar which is traditional like box and simple count of likes.
Facebook is world's number one social media platform and gives you many widgets for your websites. We have published one article on How to publish status on Facebook with Graph API which post status on user's wall when user write , now I am going to show how to post status on pages to post status on Facebook page we use Facebook Graph API in PHP to perform this task.

Few days ago I have started working on status publishing on Facebook using PHP and faced few problems to do that so, today I have decided to write an article on it how to publish status on Facebook using graph API with source code download and a demo so you never face any issue next time to make something like that. Anybody who is a member of the group can upload and share files within the group (except if posting permission is admin only).
That means you can upload multiple versions of the same file and maintain a version history.
This will bring up the entire version history of the file having download option for each version. That means if you want to completely remove a file from a group, you will have to delete all versions.
Previews of images and simple text are rendered in popup boxes while word documents are previewed using Microsoft's online office application. Download and install the Facebook for iOS app from the App Store if you haven’t already. It would’ve been much better if the Facebook app asked the user on their very first photo or video upload whether or not they want to post every single photo or video in HD or SD here on in.
Keeping in light that very same notion, users are requested to go through the above steps to enable HD photo and video uploads. Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. Using Open Graph search you can access all public data very easily by typing your required word like "PHP" you will get all the information shared publicly on facebook contain word PHP.
This tutorial is a simple and easy to integrate on your website, we have already covers many features of Facebook Graph API like status of user or Page oAuth Login etc. In this tutorial I will give you a very small code of PHP using that code you can get any Facebook page likes in text format with name and you can show your fan count in a nice layout to your users according to your theme. Today I am going to give you a very nice and simple tutorial on how to create Facebook badge on your websites using jQuery and CSS looks like your Facebook page header, with like count, Like button, Display picture and Cover image.
The visibility of an uploaded file also depends on the group privacy policy which can be either public or members only.
If you want to inform all your Facebook friends about the file you just uploaded, make sure you share the upload post.

Although not a fun-killer, it would have been better if there was a "Delete all versions" option too. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. Its very simple and easy to integrate and you can access your required data on a single page. The Power BI Designer provides rich data transformation and visual analytics in a unified, seamless experience.
The Power BI Designer enables you to create impactful reports with state-of-the-art interactive charts, maps, graphs and data transformations. Upload your reports to the Power BI preview and empower others with timely critical insights on any device, anywhere. Power BI designer is a new standalone Windows Desktop application for creating Power BI that can be downloaded from the official Power BI site. The Power BI Designer helps its customers to build Power BI elements in an offline fashion that combines the power of Power Query, Power Pivot data model, Power View and Power Map into a seamless experience. Enter CSharpCorner into the TextBox and select Posts from the Connection drop down list and click on OK. Change the Data Type of the Hour column from Decimal Number to Whole Number from the Transform ribbon tab. Change the Data Type of the shares column from Any to Whole Number from the Transform ribbon tab.
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