When viewing photos, you do have the option to denote that image as a Favorite by selecting the heart icon in the upper right hand corner. Thank you very much for your honest, upfront insight about Apple and their new Photos application. On my iMac Retina, I would very much like to be able to just drop files into iCloud Drive, in a folder or sub-folder organization of my choosing, and then have them show up in Photos on my i-devices, say, to edit on the ipad with bigger screen.
Without rambling on too much further in a monologue here, do you think this mylio service will be beneficial for what I want to accomplish in movement of data?
Apple recently updated the iCloud Photos application with support for uploading photos right to your account from the Web. You can start using the new feature right from your Web browser now — but keep in mind that it’s still a beta. Todd Haselton has been writing professionally since 2006 during his undergraduate days at Lehigh University. This will automatically upload and store your entire library in iCloud to access photos and videos from all of your devices. Unlike other competing services that allow you to upload photos to specific locations, Apple only lets you upload directly from your computer right into your iCloud Photo stream — you can’t choose an album or a different location to put photos into.
If you previously have photos synced from iTunes they will be removed; there will be a prompt alerting you of this. If you choose the second option Download and Keep Originals, this will keep the full resolution version of the picture in iCloud and locally on the device.

I was never all that disappointed in Apertures lack of image editing tools since I do very little to my images. This is particularly annoying if you have, say, 1,000 photos from a vacation that you want to put in one spot. If you have several iOS devices that you want to use with iCloud Photo Library, you will need to do this on all of the devices.
I definitely don’t want my 600,000+ images on all my devices not to mention the monthly iCloud costs such a huge library would require.
Apple seems to have forgotten the immense benefit of Mac exclusive software for creating more buyers and adopters of their hardware products? It does virtually the same things a Apple’s new Photos which syncs across all your iOS devices as well as desktops and laptops and it works across all platforms. I definitely don’t want my nearly 1 million images on all my devices not to mention the monthly iCloud costs such a huge library would require. Currently this feature is in a public beta and this how-to article will discuss how to get a head start and upload your pictures to iCloud Photo Library before Photos becomes available for the Mac to the public. When the photos are uploaded into iCloud, this will only occur while connected to WiFi to avoid high data usage. I was a Microsoft user for decades UNTIL I wanted the power of an amazing photo app called Aperture. I’m still planning to use Aperture myself for the time being but I see the writing on the wall.

Mylio in its current state is most definitely not going to fill Apertures shoes but it looks very promising. Capture One also imports directly from Aperture, preserving metadata, ratings and most editing.
One program nobody is really considering that I’m starting to get really excited about is this new program called Mylio. I had no reason or desire to switch to Apple until Aperture was released and we now have 7 Apple desktops and laptops in our office.
It doesn’t have much for editing tools, they are very basic, but it works really well with Photoshop and integrates seamlessly with Lightroom. Our office has spent tens of thousands of dollars with Apple due to one program and one program only.
Mylio is definitely worth a look and I’m most likely going to be going the Mylio route.

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