Most online sellers do connect and share their store on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but they spend less time engaging with their audience.
Updating your social media account moderately is as essential as interacting with audience. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr to get the latest update and awesome products by our online business owners! Generally I don’t read article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very pressured me to check out and do so!
I had the pleasure of meeting up with RockIt Lab’s founder Alex Wall last week over a beer to talk about neuromarketing, what it is about and her thoughts on a few questions.
Women & Leadership - 5 Steps on a Learning Path In continuation of an earlier blog I wrote about the lack of women leaders sharing lessons learned, advice and other topics I’ve been on a journey of looking for information and inspiration. When I first heard Matt Cutts in a G+ hangout say that Google is reconsider the link value for infographics I admit, I was appalled. Pinterest has debuted advertising in the form of "Promoted Pins,"A which we believe will be extremely effective for a range of e-commerce companies, retailers and brands.
Pinterest also offers an extremely attractive demographic: Women are 84% of Pinterest users in the United States, and most of them are on tablets. Pinterest users already love sharing images of products, and unlike Facebook a€” where photo-sharing revolves around family, friends, or funny pics a€” pinners already tend to share brand images and shopping ideas.
Retailers and brands are already a well-known and accepted part of the Pinterest landscape, and many host popular pinboards. Most importantly, Pinterest is a proven sales driver:A Pinterest already is a top referrer to e-commerce sites and drives high-value orders. So, is Pinterest right for your brand?A Design-forward and women-focused large brands, as well as major apparel brands and retailers, should have a Pinterest presence. You could build this on a live page, but with the secret board option you can take your time and create the perfect page before flipping the switch to make it public.
Pinterest secret boards won’t change the way you do business, but they are a handy, creative tool that could help you Pin better and work smarter.

Nearly 1 in 4 people in the world now use social media and 50% of worldwide active internet users are from Facebook. If they are interested in your sharing, they will check your content and indirectly discover your online store! See the basic strategy to optimizing your digital profile and managing your online reputation.
I'm not sharing them to be teachy or preachy, but to acknowledge them as a part of my personal evolution and to share. Pinterest brand pages in general are also more effective than other social media in driving sales volume and value. For smaller brands in these same niches, Pinterest might also be a good place to focus their efforts. It’s perfect for pre-loading upcoming content such as your new spring line or holiday items. Since so many images on the web have Pinterest links, it’s an easy way for your staff to curate product or design ideas. Although Facebook contributes most active users, Pinterest and Tumblr are the fastest growing social network globally in 2013. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr are dominating the world wide web, what we can do with these social networking sites? Share contents, reply to messages in a timely manner and don’t forget to thank them for checking your store.
Make use of group boards by inviting people to pin and request to pin in their group boards. Share appropriate and relevant content with people in the group to get Repins. I had spent a good deal of my time looking for someone to explain this subject clearly and you’re the only one that ever did that. It’s not even a huge story but the more I thought about the news, the more I thought about how useful it could be for online marketers.
You can lock them so only you can see them or you can choose to share them with a select group of people on Pinterest. Also note, they don’t even have a single logo or product image on the top half of the page.

Instead of sifting through email after email of potential graphics, a secret board lets you see everyone’s offerings a at glance.
When you start sliding the pieces around you may find certain groupings create a natural flow or have more impact when placed near each other. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest are examples of social media that’s available nowadays.
You have to be selective and moderate in your sharing to avoid spamming and annoying your audience. Interactions will nurture trust and this will increase people’s awareness towards your online activities. High number of Repins will increase the chance of your product to be discovered by Pinterest users.
Previously, businesses had access to a limited number of these boards but Pinterest took the cap off last week. Instead, they filled the entire page with inspiring images that project how their coffee makes you feel.
It’s a secret you can use to get ahead on Pinterest and in your online business in general. For Instagram and Tumblr, the usage of hashtag is crucial because it is the main criteria for enabling your posting to appear in the search list. Description in Pinterest should not be overlooked because it will help users to search your pin.

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