Personalized learning begins with individual interests, enabling each student to become engaged in learning.
In addition, as students pursue increasingly independent pathways, parents and teachers become true guides and mentors in the learning experience. Education today requires a new and better approach to learning, teaching and community engagement. We live in a time that requires our students to think both critically and creatively, to evaluate massive amounts of information, to solve complex problems and to communicate well. SCSD has historically embraced the work developed by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, and this work continues to provide focus as we ensure excellence for all.
As a district, we are committed to the children and families of SCSD, and we are focused on ensuring the development of students who are emotionally and physically healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged. As a professional learning community, we will define what a successful learner is and how we measure success.

A focus on the Whole Child promotes the development of students who are socially, emotionally and physically healthy. To that end, we intend to intentionally integrate Social, Emotional, and Physical Wellness into the curriculum through Self-awareness, Self-management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Skills.
Global citizenship continues to be a fundamental belief of SCSD, and as educators, we believe that we play a vital role in helping students understand their contributions and responsibilities to the global community. Infusing the global dimension in our curriculum means that links must be made among personal, local, and global issues. Aperte le iscrizioni al primo Corso Base di Meteorologia organizzato dalla Lega Navale Italiana Sezione di Milano in collaborazione con il Centro Epson Meteo che si terra sabato 7 maggio 2016 presso la sede operativa Produzioni TV e Media del Centro Epson Meteo, in Via Marconi 27 a Segrate (Mi). Anche il 2016, per la Lega Navale Italiana Sezione di Milano, sara un anno ricco di eventi e manifestazioni per la promozione della cultura del mare e degli sport acquatici, aperti a tutti. Aperte le iscrizioni al corso pratico di Gestione Emergenze e Avaria Motore, realizzato dalla Lega Navale Italiana Sezione di Milano in collaborazione con la Societa NTS e rivolto a tutti gli Istruttori e Soci LNI Milano che intendano acquisire la manualita e la sicurezza operativa essenziale per poter tranquillamente intervenire in situazioni di emergenza e avaria del motore Diesel entrobordo.

Students learn to set goals and measure success for themselves against common standards, and adults within the school model and benefit from stronger professional and student relationships.
We will put students first, align resources to students’ needs, and advocate for a more balanced approach – a Whole Child approach. In addition, students should be engaged in and aware of the activities needed to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle (both physically and emotionally). In addition, education equips us all with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to make informed decisions and take responsible actions. And as students explore real options for their futures in the community, community members also become involved in the schools in meaningful ways.

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