How can I force YouTube to not use HTML5 player because it is not working on the latest version of Firefox and now I can't see any video? I tried what was suggested by the accepted answer in this question, but it didn't work, even after restarting Firefox.
Also I would like to note that YouTube works fine in Chrome (HTML5 player) and Internet Explorer (flash player).
I am not sure, I never made a check since I was thinking that I was using flash all the time. Found this after I had uploaded a video to YouTube and there was "&nohtml5=False" automatically added by any reason.
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This HTML5 Video Player software also offers basic video editor features, you can preview, trim, rotate, flip and resize your video source files.
The HTML5 video tool will create a lightweight flash player, so those on an old browser will fallback to play the HTML5 video with the Flash Player. To put your video online is so easy with HTML 5 Video Player software with the built-in video player themes. The HTML5 version of YouTube’s video player has been seeing steady improvements lately and is rapidly approaching feature parity with the Flash version, according to a post by Google Operating System. YouTube has offered users the option to opt into an HTML5 beta for over a year now, which allows you to dispense with Flash when watching videos on the website. Furthermore, right-clicking on the HTML5 player now gives you the option to copy the video URL, copy it with the current time bookmarked or copy the embed code, among other options. Unfortunately, YouTube still forces you to watch videos using its Flash-based player when it has ads in it, so you’ll often end up doing so despite being a member of the HTML5 beta, forcing you to resort to other, browser-based methods to get access to the HTML5 version of the video. However, the fact that YouTube is silently working on improving its HTML5 player signals good things for the technology, which scored a significant victory over Flash when Adobe announced that it was canning the mobile Flash plugin earlier this month.
With the large mobile and tablet market free of the already diminished influence of Flash, and with sites like YouTube and Vimeo going the Flash-free route, it’s a good bet that HTML5 will overtake the resource-heavy plugin on the desktop eventually, despite its current dominance.
Yesterday everything was working fine, now I wake up only to realize that all the videos on YouTube are using the HTML5 player. Still kind of makes me wonder what went wrong with this HTML5 player,but I will accept your answer. You do not have to install any browser plugin or video player, like Flash Player, SilverLight, QuickTime, etc.

It can convert almost all video formats and encode them to HTML5 video formats, include MP4, WebM, OGG video(.ogv), that are compatible with all popular browsers. You just need to drap and drop your source video files to the HTML5 Video Converter and Player, it will convert them to the HTML5 video format on your Mac or Windows quickly. All video player templates are customizable, you can change the size according to your needs. The HTML5 player now supports closed captioning and annotations for videos which have them and there’s native fullscreen support for users of Firefox’s nightly builds and Chrome’s dev channel.
The folks at Google Operating System say that they have even seen the HTML5 player pop up when watching videos on the website with the HTML5 beta disabled, which may suggest that Google is getting ready to take the feature out of beta soon.
When not writing, he enjoys spending his time bungling about on Twitter or Google+, and answering email. I am not sure if this can be the reason however, since even after disabling this plugin the problem does not go away. While most browsers properly interpret the file's MIME types, IE (and some older browsers) do not.
For old version browsers that do not support HTML5, HTML5 Video Player software will fallback to Flash to play your videos which ensures your videos playable on almost all web browsers.

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