It also allows you to create a Cross-platform HTML5 Music Desktop App with powerful capabilities.
Smart Cover: Getting the Embedded ID3 album artwork using ID3 tags reader, and retrieving the album artwork using Spotify API as a fallback. HTML5 Storage: The last played song and your starred music are stored in the Web Storage, and It will retrieve them on load.
As professional web designers, we want to create a video player that looks consistent across browsers. All media elements in HTML5 support the media elements API, which we can access using JavaScript and use to easily wire up functions such as play, pause, etc. We've used classes instead of IDs for all elements, to be able to use the same code for multiple video players on the same page. Next, we'll have to target each of the elements in the controls, in order to be able to add listeners.
Most browsers provide a secondary set of controls for the video in the right-click (ctrl-click on a Mac) context menu. We're also adding and removing classes from our button to change the look of it, depending on the state of the video (Playing or Paused). For the volume controls, we'll also use the jQuery UI slider and a custom function on the volume button for muting and un-muting the video. Now that we have our plugin all done, we can call it on any video element we want, like so. We've floated it left, to prevent it from expanding to the full width of the player, instead keeping it restrained to the width of the actual video element.
Currently the volume slider is also visible at all times, positioned next to the volume button. We're hiding the volume slider by default, and giving the volume container a small fixed height that just fits the width of the volume button.
As you probably noticed, when creating the jQuery plugin, we've defined a set of default options.
NOTE: FullScreen feature will not work properly with websites which have elements with z-index. On the preview the videos are stored in the cloud on a S3 bucket and the configuration is not set ok for IE9 . Please send me an email on [email protected] with some test links for putlocker, videobb, novamov, shockshare etc. Please send me on [email protected] the link where you have the player so I could take a look.
I’m sorry but this is the maximum usage for Iphone because the QuickTime player takes over.
Please send me on [email protected] the link where you have the video player so I could take a look. I just purcheased this to get my site rolling for videos, and i love it But how on earth do i change the MP4 videos?
StonesKickers: In regard to my previous comment, the usersystem and videos would be managed via sql so the name would be grabbed directly, so how would i go about just using .mp4 videos?? StonesKickers: Its annoying how i cannot delete my comments, basically i just thought of the breakdown, i want to always use mp4’s but cannot figure out how to change the file, how would i do this properlly? And im trying to set up a media website, so users can upload their own videos and they automatically show using a php script, which is why i wanted the format to be mp4.
For the moment, FullScreen is not supported correctly on all browsers, so the current approach is the safest one.
Is there anyway that the player can be modified so a user can scrub through the timeline and see the video updates as you drag the mouse?
In the first one is a page that follow the instructions and the 2nd site is all your own original files. On the download package you’ll find a .htaccess file which corrects a misconfigured server, but it will only work on Apache servers. The company that I work for purchased this on my recommendation, as it looks to be a pretty good solution. Too bad re: the Fallback, that would make this the perfect solution IMO , it’s really a very nice player.
Because full screen feature was not supported correctly on all browsers, we’ve adopted this type of full screen to assure cross-browser support. Really love your skin but I’m having difficulty using it in my website because of (I think) a jquery conflict.
There was also a problem with my Practice Page (which I should have realised) in that the Div’s containing the Video tags needed to be surrounded by other Div’s for the Page to behave correctly. I’ve now created a more complete Practice Page and Page and Skins now appear to work properly.
However, if you go to this page and click the “Videos &Downloadable Versions” Tab you will see my next problem. I’ve applied the skin to the first 3 videos on this page but controls such as pause and play etc are all controlling the third video. How should I apply the skin to multiple videos on the same page to ensure controls only work on the individual video? To insert multiple instances in the same page, you need to use UNIQUE IDs (as you already did), but you also need to initialize each instance.
Yes, I thought It probably would require an individual <script> for each Video, which I was trying to avoid as my coding for this page is already enormous! However, if I’m needing individual scripts anyway, then I may as well investigate the use of your info option instead of the “Reveal Extra Information” buttons I’m using at the moment so it may end up no worse. However, once exited from fullscreen and back to the original ‘normal width’ the info box now operates as expected and is the full width of the video so again text can be read. Not a major problem but most people would probably use the info button while the video is in its smaller ‘preview’ size to help decide whether to bother watching the fullscreen version.
Your preview version works perfectly, but on my web page the normal mode was opening with an info box so narrow that you could only see the first two letters of each word and each word was on a new line. I managed a ‘clumsy’ fix by setting min-width:240px (trial and error) which will work for the videos on this page but …. My videos are maybe much smaller than you’d allowed for – though I can’t see how since all the other controls are coping beautifully.
I quickly tried a bigger video (last night) on a page and the info box was full width no problem straight away so it looks like my min-width fix is only needed for videos below a certain size (?).

If it would help you, I’m happy to remove the fix and test with other browsers to see if it is just a problem with Safari. The root of the problem may well lie in the fact that your Div has to be inside my Divs – many of which are sized in %’s due to the responsive nature of my website.
I seem to have everything working fine now but, as I said, I’m happy to keep investigating if you think it might be an issue that you can solve at your end.
When i check my website on the ipad i can t click on the image poster to start the movie playing – i have to click on the PLAY button bottom left to start the movie.
Further more on the ipad i cant maximize the movie – then it totally disapears from the screen. Regarding the full screen button, as you can see in our preview link, it works without any problem.
I have no problem video on Firefox using your other plugin similar to this) with video list – I love that plugin and assumed I’d have no issues with this one. I can view this just fine in Safari, but on 2 different versions of Firefox v12 and v16 it does not play. I want to know can you put Google Analytic also for the HTML5 player I didn’t find any HTML5 video player here which should have google analytic implement can we do with this one ? IE10 is standard for the new Win 8 (launched in Oct 2012) and not for all Windows Operating systems.
Regarding the full-screen, because not all browser support full-screen feature, we’ve done it in this way to make sure the video player is cross-browser compatible. Actually IE10 is now being pushed to all Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems as well through Windows Update. Zinux_LLC: As IE10 issues have yet to be resolved, and I have at least a 2 month wait to get the true full screen function that you advertised I’m giving a rating of 1 star.
Hello , i just bought your HTML video template and added the HTML code in my wordpress template.. When i test it with your videos the video plays fine, but when i test it with my videos the videos dont play at all… I rendered mp4 from after effects and encoded my webm video online… How did you render your videos? Please send me on [email protected] the link where you have the player to take a look. Also i noticed that while the video auto starts on chrome and on opera, it doesnt autostart in safari. The video player works on all browsers, except IE7 & IE8 because these browsers don’t have HTML5 support.
Also, I haven’t had in luck, as mentioned in the item details, to get multiple instances working on the same page. Please send me on [email protected] the link where you have the player, to take a look.
Could you explain how to apply unique IDs to each video when you have multiple instances on the same page. I guess my question is; does your player allow simply viewing a looping video with a minimal skin (even if CSS editing on my part required) and no player or list controls active? Regardless of this script or not, are you telling me that it is not possible to preload movie #2 while movie #1 is playing? The HTML5 video tag can only hold one movie and our player is of this type: single player without playlist. Please note that the player with playlist will not preload the movies in background because this will ruin the playback experience. Nice player, is it possible to deactivate the context menu (Menu when you right click with mouse). Is it possible to change the video source dynamically, like with a jQuery click or something?
This player also allows your visitors to customize their experience, they can choose between different streams, enable or disable auto start feature, enable or disable flash as primary player and change player background. If you have issues with player, please check support section (FAQ) first, If you are unable to find issue, contact me via email and I will help you! This HTML5 Audio Player is ideal to add background music to your website because it will ensure a continuous and smooth playback across your entire website. You can customize this html5 audio player by changing the color for: player background, volume slider, timer, buffer, seekbar, song title, playlist background, playlist font and playlist item line separator.
The prebuilt controllers (play button, next track button etc.) come in black or white versions. Once you’ve bought the product, you can download for free, from your account, all the updated versions. Unfortunately, the most popular audio format MPEG3(.mp3) is not an Open standard, it is patent encumbered. If this guy exists, the browser will just play your song or your speech without asking permission from your visitor. This attribute was formerly known as "autobuffer" and it was an boolean attribute as "controls". You can put it this way too, whatever value you assign to a boolean attribute means only one thing - TRUE. If your browser doesn't suppport HTML5 but you have got flash plug-in, you probably don't want to miss the fun. Instead of using the standard web browser audio player, you can write your own control, use your creativity and imagination, the sky is the limit.
What fun to get the correct spacing for this particularly French punctuation in a reflowable eBook! PagetoScreen - Want to be part of a collaborative authored project?  Penguin is asking for you.
Here we see the example of the first footnote in the chapter and the reference number in the text.
Notes: Attention to detail - for PrintFootnotesThese need to be separated from the main body of the text, and are best set with a smaller size and possibly event a different typeface and colour. There are many advantages of having video embedded natively in the browser (covered in the articleIntroduction to HTML5 video by Bruce Lawson), so many developers are trying to use it as soon as possible.
Each browser however provides its own different look and feel for the player, from the minimal approach of Firefox and Chrome, to the more shiny controls of Opera and Safari (see Figure 1 for the controls in each browser). As noted before, we'll package the player as a jQuery plugin, which will also aid reuse on multiple elements. Because of the way we are putting this together, if a user activated these alternative controls it would break our custom controls.

Once the plugin is ready, customizing the controls is really easy with a little bit of CSS. As you saw before, we're using the jQuery UI slider control for both the seek bar and the volume level. This will apply our default parent theme, and then apply our child theme over the top of it, overwriting a small portion of the rules set by the parent theme. You can check out the latest version, and follow the development, on the Github repository for the Acorn Media Player. By using JavaScript only for the actual functionality of the controls, and CSS3 for everything that involves the look and feel of the player, we get a powerful, easily customizable solution. You can also set the initial volumeAUTOPLAY – OPTIONALLOOP – OPTIONALDESCRIPTION FOR VIDEO – OPTIONAL.
You can play the video, which automatically launches QuickTime player, and you can’t click the bottom navigation.
In the universalblack skin, the video controllers dont have the seek circle icon on the seek progress bar and volume bar like the other skin (simply giant). In IE9 , works fine but the movie poster doesnt load, it shows me a blank poster or solid color. I can see in your demo that theres no playlist but in purchased package it’s there by default.
Does that mean when they upload a video, i would need to convert then put it on the site myself?? However, it doesn’t seem to be working for any of us when trying to view the video with IE9 Any ideas? Will this allow autoplay with looping within a fullwidth (not fullscreen) div so that it’s dynamically resized based on the browser size?
Your fullscreen seems to be to the full width of the browser rather than full computer screen. I’ve noticed that if I click on the info button while my video is still at its ‘normal width’ the info box is too narrow and the text is illegible.
This does not work in IE10, which is now the standard browser for Windows Operating systems. We’ll update the product to have real full-screen on the browser which will support this feature and the existing full-screen on the browsers without full-screen support. What I’d like to know is wheater or not it is possible to pre-load al the movies in sequence? I tried to set dimensions in percentage but the Play button goes to the top left corner of the player. Using the parameters you can select any color scheme for: player background, volume slider, timer, buffer, seekbar, song title, playlist background, playlist font and playlist item line separator.
You see that the text alignment (left or right), is automatic depending on recto or verso achieved by the paragraph style using Towards the Spine. The idea of any notes is that it is supplementary information and it is entirely optional that the reader even bothers to look, so setting in a style that does not distract from the flow of the reading experience is important.Footnotes are best numbered with an outdented figure, although (for technical reasons) the numbers are most often aligned to the main text block.
If we want our controls to look the same across all browsers, and integrate with our own design, we'll have to create our own controls from scratch. Because the native video player plays nicely with other open web technologies, we can create our controls using HTML, CSS, SVG or whatever else we like. If you have problems please email me on [email protected] and I’ll reply you a detailed email. I also would like to know how to make this full screen not full screen within my browser, as full screen support was advertised… This is a long-shot from full screen if it only fills my browser screen. If i add all the files of your template through the FTP and connect it via HTML with all the javascript paths it should work right?
I’d like to be able to present the visitor a single movie experience while containing 2, 3 or more movies. Robert Bringhurst doesn't need to bother with those little superscript numbers because the supplementary information is very much nearby for the reader.Still, tradition dictates that in some books, there are footnotes and some there are endnotes (either at the end of the chapter or the end of the book). Most publishers will favour the numbers to begin again for each chapter, otherwise the numbers could get unweildy (superscript numbers of more than two digits could look ugly).
Opera, Firefox, Chrome and IE9 all have support in final builds, developer builds, or at least support announced for this format, and Flash will be able to play VP8. Let's face it, book design and usability does not often win-out over commercial considerations.
Where footnotes are long, they can be split across more than one page, although this will compromise the usability somewhat.EndnotesNotes are often placed at the end of the chapter or even at the end of the book (before the index). Lots of space for the text to breath.How I dislike some books that give me less than a centimetre of margin. This approach means that the reader will need to 'hunt down' the note referred to in the text.
This usually means that the endnotes will be sectioned by chapter or section.The advantage of endnotes is that the page composition in the vertical plane is not compromised for the sake of the note space.
Ridiculous as this seems, we have seen books with footnotes that take more page space than the main text itself!Sidenotes (sometimes called Margin Notes)Clearly the page layout needs to provide the space in the margins for this to be an option. In this we can set the way the references are displayed in the text (superscript etc), and how the footnotes appear at the bottom of the page.
We need a paragraph style set up for the display of the footnotes themeselves and we can (optionally), use a character style for the reference figure in the text.As you can see from the first example spread the footnote list figure is aligned to the left edge of the text box. You will often see this in the books on your shelves, however, a more attractive arrangement is to 'outdent' these listed figures so that the footnotes are are aligned to the text and the figures are offset from this text box.InDesign does not provide the means to set footnotes outside the text box, so we need to plan for this by indenting all of the text inside the text box by an amount that we then remove from the left margins. You will see from the image provided here that we are using guides to make sure that these items align. The one that I use here is called 'convert footnotes to (dynamic) endnotes' – meaning that the numbering will change if further notes are added.As always when using scripts to change content, save your work first!
Scripts will often run through a long sequence of actions; you can always use 'revert' (from the file menu), to get back to the previous. You will see from the image here that the endnotes have their own page(s) with a heading that matches other heading styles.
Using these we can control the width and position as the footnotes are converted to side notes.

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