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HTML5 is the new kid in town, the tech is expected to change how we use the internet and it’s most likely that future apps and extensions will be built keeping the HTML5 technology in mind. We have seen some early adopters of HTML5 already – there is an HTML5 Resume which allows you to create manual links within a YouTube video. Recently, we told you about a video streaming service called which lets you upload videos to the web and stream the optimized versions to HTML5 browsers, iPhone, Tablet computers and almost all the popular mobile devices. is a brilliant HTML 5 music app that searches for audio files across the web and indexes them in a user friendly interface.
The playlist can be saved for future use, so you can always listen to a particular set of songs, whenever you fire up in the web browser or in your iPhone or Android device. is nothing but a large warehouse of music albums, tracks and songs that have been indexed from every nook and corner of the web.

Coming back to, I think this is a good online HTML5 jukebox which comes really handy when you want to dump a list of songs in a new browser tab and carry on with your daily computing jobs. A similar HTML5 music streaming service is Mflow, but the only difference between these apps is that the latter one requires signups, so it’s not that instantaneous for common mobile users. It’s interesting to note that the service does not allow users to create a personal account and neither you are ever prompted for signing up.
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The app has been specially optimized for desktop and mobile browsers so you can always listen to any song on your way to office, save it in a streaming playlist and repeat that track when you’re home. After the first version went public, we’ve been working hard to expand the support for all the different types of MPD produced by encoders and packaging solutions.

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The functionality is much similar to Qwiki, which is another brilliant media search engine. The work on this aspect was essential to improve compatibility¬†with the MPEG-DASH standard and to enable playback of content generated by¬†the most prevalent streaming servers. Although Qwiki can’t be used for HTML5 music streaming, but the implementation usage of both apps are quite similar.

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