In today’s brave new world where social media appears to dominate, advertising through traditional means is still a viable strategy for creating brand awareness and selling product.
Working within the children’s category, it’s understood that for most companies the consumer target is “mom.” However, mom is a very broad target.
Anyone who’s every flipped through a magazine knows that if the content doesn’t grab you, it will be overlooked.
In our sample ad, Huggies chose to use the image of a baby with an expression not usually seen in infants and a pose that is reminiscent of an adult. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but most likely you will need to do a little explaining to communicate your desired objective.
The Huggies ad is effective because it caused mom to stop her flipping due to the striking imagery. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Insights Discovered was founded by Penny Redlin in an effort to share her professional expertise within the children’s product category.

While shopping for diapers for her 11-month-old daughter, a new mom noticed something very troubling about a recent Huggies ad. A mom shopping for diapers for her 11-month-old daughter noticed something disturbing when she came across an eerie looking ad for Huggies. According to the mom, whose post on Reddit has already gone viral, whoever created this ad for Huggies’ Little Movers Slip-On Diapers has Photoshopped a “thigh gap” onto the toddler in the image. She’s not the only one who noticed the supposed “thigh gap” either; many parents thought the photo looked very off. Thinking about a baby being Photoshopped in any way, shape, or form is a chilling prospect for this new mom. Huggies spokesperson Terry Balluck, however, completely denies that the ad has been altered or edited in any way to make the baby appear thinner. The company has taken a decidedly different approach to advertising versus its largest competitor and category leader, Pampers®.

She is a regular contributor to the “Business Sense” feature, sharing insights about business planning and marketing strategies.
The specific industry focus demonstrates a strong dedication to the unique needs of children’s products companies.
Most people will get that irritate is the key word and then look to find the company logo to see what product the phrase is about. Insights Discovered offers strategic planning, market research and traditional marketing services.

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