The pop-up also contains a small collection of set props, like the Festivus Pole (too boring to be pictured) and the booth from Monk's. If you're based in NYC and want the ultimate Seinfeld photo-op, the exhibit is open to the public June 24 to 28th at at 441 W 14th St.
So, when our children became preschoolers he decided to continue the tradition in our family. If I miss a sale then I just adapt my menu to what I have in the freezer or what IS on sale.

Remember, I am not a slave to my menu.Those are the easy steps for filling in your meal plan. I love this series Stephanie and can’t wait to see more of how you budget for your family.
I only allow the kids eggs twice a week because we go through a whole dozen in one meal which costs the same as a box of off brand cheerios. Keeping things simple also means my children (ages 5-10) prepare their own breakfasts and lunches.

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