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Every unit of content necessary for an effective website, microsite, blog and social media platform can be generated, supplied and maintained by Sound Idea Digital. A mobile marketing campaign can be employed as collateral to your digital marketing strategy. We provide digital design services ranging from animated graphics to sophisticated website interfaces. Sound Idea Digital is a full service digital agency with over 20 years’ experience in the marketing field. Because of our long standing position in the marketing world we have lived through the major shifts in the industry, from outbound to inbound marketing.
The Sound Idea Digital team will custom develop your website, blog, microsite, mobisites (and any other required applications) from the ground up. Sound Idea Digital is a practical solution to marketing needs in a fickle and ever changing age. Capital Africa's New WebsiteA month ago Sound Idea began working on Capital South Africa's new website. Ahead of the Mobile Marketing Finance Summit, taking place in London on 10 September, we spoke to Slawomir Koziol and Piotr Sobiczewski, strategic project leads at mBank, who will be presenting at the event. Can you give us an idea what you’ll be sharing with us at the Mobile Marketing Finance Summit in September please? We’ll be talking about the extension of mBank’s strong digital presence into the physical world, and the new customer experience that this will create.
Can you tell us a bit more about mBanks’s origins and the passion behind it, and perhaps shine more light on what the company’s key goals are as a player in the financial services industry as a whole?
Throughout its 25 years of existence, mBank has built an impressive track record of delivering innovations in banking, and has grown to become the fourth largest bank in Poland in terms of its customer base.
In order to always be one step ahead of customers’ needs and expectations, we engage in partnerships with other innovation leaders.
We have a forward-looking philosophy applied here at mBank that helps our employees anticipate future trends and customer attitudes, and this has helped us engage the whole team and encourage their passion and commitment when implementing new concepts. The mBank branch network transformation is the first of its kind in Polish banking market, offering an exclusive insight into the “branch of the future” model. For you personally, what have been the biggest challenges and successes whilst creating this mobile-first brand?
The mBank brand was typically associated with innovative online and mobile banking, but not so much with in-store branches, so the first challenge was how to extend our virtual brand legacy to the physical world. Although mBank currently operates over a hundred and thirty retail branches, we couldn’t just take the current model, make a few adjustments and put it in high-traffic retail locations. Creating a larger Advisory Center model also proved challenging due to the complexity of combining retail and corporate banking, as well as subsidiaries, all under one roof. Probably the most important challenge we found, however, was that banks are not typically welcome in shopping malls – banks are deemed as traffic killers. The successful implementation of the project required the combination of unique skills, know-how and experience – some of which are naturally rare at banks – such as managing and rotating ‘collections’ of retail products based on retail shopping calendar. In the financial services sector, the potential of mobile growth is enormous because the industry is so close to the customer. Today is a bank holiday here in the UK, so Mobile Marketing Towers is currently devoid of life while we all dance around the traditional Maypole. At Mobile Marketing we're proud to help tech companies showcase their cutting-edge solutions, whether it's on our website, in our magazine or at our Mobile Marketing Summits.
Il y a quelques semaines, a l’invitation du Deputy communication Director de AES SONEL, j’ai evoque cette tendance avec le team MARCOM de AES SONEL,  lors de ma presentation a l’occasion de leur business review. Aujourd’hui, je souhaiterais donc revenir sur cette tendance qui prend de plus en plus de l’ampleur dans le monde et progressivement en Afrique.
C’est donc une tendance qui consiste pour une marque a donner vie a sa strategie autour de ces trois caracteristiques.

Prenons l’exemple de Facebook, la strategie du geant americain depuis 3 ans est de pouvoir faire de Facebook, un reseau SoLoMo. Ainsi, Facebook  est  passe d’un reseau Social a Local en offrant par exemple des pages locales pour les B2B2C. Je ne sais pas si vous l’avez remarque, mais lorsque vous faites une recherche pour trouver la page d’une entreprise comme Orange France, automatiquement le moteur de recherche integre de Facebook vous proposer d’abord celle d’Orange Cameroun ou du pays dans lequel vous vous trouvez et ensuite le reste.
En ce qui concerne le Mo pour Mobile, nous savons tous que la majorite d’entre nous utilisent aujourd’hui leur telephone mobile pour rester connectes a Facebook. Nous pouvons donc dire que Facebook a su parfaitement integre cette tendance mais aussi FourSquare, le reseau social de geolocalisation qui cartonne dans le monde en ce moment.
GUINNESS, la filiale du groupe DIAGEO a lance il y a quelques temps son propre reseau social, appelle GUINNESS VIP. Actuellement, le groupe recherche un Innovation Marketing Director pour les aider a construire leur strategie sur le mobile en Afrique. Des exemples ?  Il y en a des milliers, les marques internationales comprennent l’interet de se lancer dans la pratique de cette tendance.
Selon SocialBakers, 80% de la population mondiale  utilise ou a utilise au moins une fois un reseau social pour partager, echanger ou co-creer avec les autres.
Cette tendance s’applique plus particulierement aux Entreprises internationales qui veulent souvent d’imposer des produits, des tendances et des images internationaux au marche local ; en oubliant d’appliquer le concept cle en marketing international qui veut qu’on pense globalement mais qu’on agisse localement « think global, act local ». Petite anecdote, combien de fois en travaillant dans les agences de pub ; Les annonceurs voulaient qu’on implemente une campagne mettant en scene des personnes de races blanches alors que nous sommes sur un marche noir ? Le Local est donc essentiel, car il vous permet  de  s’identifier a votre marche cible afin de l’influencer par la suite, n’est-ce pas cela l’aptitude marketing pour ceux bien sur qui sont des marketeurs. Le fait de proposer des contenus locaux sur un marche local doit donc etre une priorite et les marques qui l’ont compris, perdurent dans leur business.
Le mobile a un veritable potentiel a tel point que certaines marques de telephonie mobile ont meme lance leur propre departement support sur le mobile afin de pouvoir offrir aux annonceurs, la possibilite de faire de la pub sur le mobile. Pour moi, le futur de la publicite se trouve sur le mobile et plusieurs marques l’ont compris. Les marques commencent donc a investir sur le mobile a travers le developpement des applications personnalisees, l’idee etant comme j’aime bien souvent le dire, de mettre leur marque dans le mobile de leurs clients et ce n’est que le debut.
A travers les solutions comme le M-couponing (coupons mobiles), le QR code, les M-ticketing (les tickets mobiles), le NFC… le mobile presente des avantages EXCEPTIONNELS pour les marques. Les marques qui l’integrent aujourd’hui dans leurs strategies tireront leur epingle du jeu demain. With any retail store, it can always be difficult to get people to walk in the door….
With a three dimensional approach to marketing we are capable of managing outbound campaigns and lead generation, although our main focus is on digital and content marketing. The idea was to make it as lively as possible.ELRC SharePoint IntranetSound Idea was approached by ELRC to help solve their manual paper system, and transform it online so that everyone at ELRC could easily use it. If you think that setting up a business (be it offline or online) is going to be a breeze, you will fail. It’s now a globally recognised leader in online and mobile banking, having been awarded the Efma Award, BAI-Finacle Global Banking Innovation Award, Bank Innovation Awards, and three Finovate Best of Show Awards, among others. One great example is Orange Finance, launched in October 2014, which was a joint venture between mBank and Orange Polska, the telecom operator. We’re really proud of how fast we’ve been able to apply new, disruptive solutions – in the case of Light Branch it took only 6 months from idea to implementation. We wanted to give our customers the same unique experience that they had when using banking services via convenient online banking channels.
The current branch model was designed and targeted specifically for high-street locations; the behavior of customers and characteristics of traffic in a retail environment are completely different, and we had to consider the requirements and conditions of lease agreements and the cost of the lease area itself. In fact, our research showed that customers passing by a typical bank branch in a shopping mall unintentionally sped up and looked away. It’s now becoming a field for competition between the bigger industry leaders and the new challengers.

A massive obstacle standing in front of banks is the strictly regulated environment that bears little weight for start-ups. Il s’agit d’un reseau uniquement accessible par web et mobile et qui permet aux personnes qui aiment la biere noire de partager leur passion pour la vie et pour le foot.
Ce chiffre confirme donc la puissance voire l’impact des reseaux sociaux sur l’image que les consommateurs ont des marques. Combien de fois, j’ai vu les marques de voiture  importees et vendues en local sans etre tropicalisees ?
No beating around the bush; setting up a business is hard work and harder than you can ever imagine. This is a tailor-made product based on simple and clear conditions for people who value their time and want to access their money in a comfortable, fast and secure way.
It’s therefore very unusual for a bank to take up a location in the malls’ high-traffic fashion zones for example, but this is what we were aiming at, and this is why we needed to completely rethink our value proposition to a wider customer audience – not just our existing customers, but any consumer who just happens to be in the locale, and who is open to new experiences and values smart shopping.
One can observe this clash in almost each industry, for example in with tourism (airbnb), the music industry (Spotify), and of course transport (social driving services like Polish Blablacar and the more universal example, Uber). This is why there is still a long way ahead before banks become as agile and efficient in bringing disruptive technologies to the market…but that doesn’t mean the battle is lost. Qu’est-ce que la pratique de cette tendance apporte veritablement aux marques qui l’utilisent ? Parce que certains de ces reseaux permettent d’echanger les astuces sur les produits, de recommander ou pas les marques… et  l’e-reputation est devenu un indicateur important pour les marques au niveau local et international. The success factor behind these disruptors is – above all other factors – supplying the customer with a totally new experience in a mobile-only scenario that gives ultimate convenience and immediacy. Business start ups test you to the limit, and can at times make you question whether you have what it takes. Visualise where you see your business ten years down the line, where do you want your ambition will take you?
However when that niche is found, potentially a whole mountain of profit can come tumbling down into your lap. Netted twenty million dollars in 2011.The Million Dollar Homepage was launched in 2005, in which he sold pixel space on one page to different companies and brands. The founder, Alex Tew, made over a million dollars.Know your CompetitionYour competition should never be overlooked one bit in the slightest.
Work with your competition instead of against it; it’s best to understand what you are up against rather than be scared away. Having a successful online presence is vital for your company, but having a page displaying a few pieces of information just doesn’t cut it anymore. Perhaps invest in a web designer who can work with you to achieve the look you are after, or if you really want a challenge you can try and do it yourself.
The benefits of using a digital agency to help craft your website are that they can help you from a SEO perspective, engineering your site to bring in far more traffic.As you can see, setting up your own online business can be a lot of work. However if this fact excites you rather than making you anxious…you are on the way to success. So, get that head down and get brainstorming for that successful business idea.If you launch your first business and it doesn’t work out in the way you planned, there is no shame in starting again or moving the business in a new direction. Those who are most successful learn from mistakes and experiences, and develop their business and generally move it forward if something isn’t quite working out.Kirsten works with top brands including Debenhams, New Look, and Pizza Express in her role at voucher cloud. She has gained a wealth of business experience and loves to work with small start up businesses looking to market themselves. Chief editor and author at LERAblog, writing useful articles and HOW TOs on various topics. Particularly interested in topics such as Internet, advertising, SEO, web development and business.Do you like this post?

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