Website Hosting is all about having a dedicated space on a Web Server in order to keep your website online and visible to a potentially global audience without having any disruption.
Ohio Web Technologies offers website hosting exclusively for our clients that also use our website design and marketing services.
Besides having a managed hosting service on an extremely secure network, the RackSpace Cloud offers our clients room to GROW! This also means that for our clients that are part of the McAfee Secure program, your website will instantly be compliant and display the McAfee Secure logo that ensures your sites visitors that your website is secure, scanned daily and compliant. Included in our website hosting package is the option to create up to 10 free email accounts for no additional charge. This entry was posted in Website Services and tagged Domain Registration, SEO., Web Development, Web Hosting Space, Website Designing by admin.
I love the information you provide here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home. Your professional-looking website is easy to create with a simple setup wizard that walks you through the building process.

The tool provides the ultimate flexibility in creating and maintaining your website.You can work at any computer at your convenience with anytime, anywhere access.
There is no special Web design software, no plug-ins to download, no technical or programming skills needed to build your own website. Secure Transaction: For your protection, this website is secured with the highest level of SSL Certificate encryption.
Host your website on a completely secure and trustworthy server with a large bandwidth and great speed. Putting your website on the Ohio Web Technologies’ RackSpace Cloud Server means that your website will be hosted in the Cloud on a Level 1 PCI Compliant server.
You may create email address that include your website in the address such as [email protected] This will eliminate the need to use public email addresses such as gmail, hotmail, or yahoo mail. I’m bored to death at work so I decided to check out your blog on my iphone during lunch break.
We offer best hosting packages, which are designed to meet the requirements and specifications of your business.

This means that you can sleep at night knowing your website will be safe from server side hacking attempts. The RackSpace Cloud is a scalable solution which means as you grow they simply allocate the resources you need. Each email account supports up to 1000MB of space and can send or receive up to 20MB per email.
Our servers come standard with all of the latest technologies needed for custom programmed websites such as PHP 5, mySQL databases, GDI library for advanced imaging and more! If your business needs more than the initial 10 email addresses, we can add as many accounts as you need to keep your employees’ emails secure on your own server.

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