Social media was a game-changer, and we began to help company after company build strong communities of evangelists that would have an even greater impact connecting with their customers than what could be done using the media. No longer was our value and business proposition dependent just on an increase in engagement, but rather we became instrumental in providing actual value to our clients’ bottom lines through converting leads on their websites!
In case you haven’t noticed, consumers have changed the way they source information and the modern buyer has emerged. But do you know where your organization’s website ranks in search when your customers Google questions about your company – or even your industry? If not, you can use the Google Keyword Tool to help get you started in learning about what your customers are searching for. Instead of depending on cold calling and emailing, inbound marketing allows your customers to find you online, beacuse you’ve provided content that solves their problem or answers their question.
It simplifies the job of sales and marketing, and creates greater alignment across the two departments. Sales turnover is reduced because the sales team is making more money and doing less cold calling. Inbound marketing results in more quality traffic and more leads to your website which will impact your long-term success.
Sales 101: Uncertainty Reduction Theory And Inbound Marketing You are using an outdated browser.
To reap the benefits of a successful inbound marketing strategy, there are many different things to master – from social media to SEO and analytics to content management, there’s a multitude of channels to explore.
In order to successfully execute inbound marketing, you must have a clear strategy that lays out what you’re trying to accomplish, how you will go about achieving your goals and when you forecast results will be seen. 61%of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content, and are more likely to buy from that company.
Online reviews or customer testimonials can have a real influence on your business and the sales you generate.
Since infographics are liked and shared on social media 3x more than any other type of content, you should make an effort to repurpose popular blog posts by turning them into infographics. Also make sure your infographics are easy to embed, especially if influencers come across them and want to reshare on their own blogs. You may already have a successful blog but trying to find fresh content all the time can be difficult, which is why recycling what you already have can help to save time and money. Analyzing all of your executions is essential when trying to learn what works and what doesn’t will aid with making improvements along the way.
You can use it across all of your marketing implementations to monitor email performances, content marketing, social media efforts, PPC results, banner advertisements, SEO and more. Chances are your customers are going to use a search engine during their buying process, so you need to ensure that you’re appearing highly in these searches.
For example, Practical Ecommerce’s strategy shows how long tail keywords can work for smaller businesses.
Having an effective PPC campaign in place can be one of the ways you generate leads and fast.
Additionally, because a lot of B2B buyers will carry out a lot of comparison shopping before buying, you’ll need your adverts to provide them with information.
Remarketing is also something that can be tied in with PPC campaigns and offers a highly effective inbound marketing method. A strong call-to-action (CTA) will be found on your website in the form of a link or a button that will encourage a visitor to perform an action, e.g.
In fact, 70% of websites operated by small B2B businesses don’t have enough calls-to-action, which makes it very hard to generate leads from website traffic.
Content marketing is used by 86% of B2B marketers yet only 38% believe their strategies are effective. It also requires all of your team being on the same page so they can help to generate ideas, share your content on social media and provide feedback. What’s more, once you have done all of the hard work and have researched and produced all of your content, e.g.
When requesting a call-to-action from your visitors, they should then be taken to a separate landing page.
Landing pages are used by 68% of B2B businesses in order to generate further leads and to provide conversion. When increasing the number of landing pages from 10 to 15, companies find that their leads increase by 55%. Therefore, establishing landing pages that are relevant to your targeted customer base and implementing these on your website will further add to the number of generated leads you receive, whilst also providing you with further content to aid your search rankings.
It can also add to the kudos of your company as successful guest blogging campaigns on websites such as Huffington Post, The New York Times etc.
Having a presence on social media is all well and good, but it’s also important to keep track of what is being discussed on your social media channels.
The most lead generating social media platform is LinkedIn, with 44% of B2B marketers securing leads here; followed by 39% on Facebook and 30% on Twitter. One of the fastest ways to secure more leads is to incorporate opt-in forms, in which your visitors will fill in their details and submit this to you. Use them to promote things like weekly newsletters, eBooks you may offer and webinars you’re running. Usertesting used their banner to advertise their free CRM guides, which promptly became their third largest lead generator with  25% of all those who clicked on the banner becoming a lead! 94% more views are achieved on content that has relevant images than those who don’t and visual content is also nominated as one of the top 5 most effective marketing tactics for B2B companies. Having powerful images and visual content isn’t just important for engaging clients on social media but is also a powerful SEO tool too. This strategy involves nurturing your leads so you can turn them into sales in a quicker time frame; decreasing the number of sales that are lost and the amount spent on marketing. In order to nurture your leads in the most effective way possible, you’ll need to have a strategy that will ensure you target your customers in the best way. Make sure you also implement lead scoring which will help with understanding which workflows leads and customers should go in well into understanding the buying journey.
Having these strategies in place provides your company and your sales team with appropriate methods that will reduce the sale cycle as everything is in place to make an effective sale. Another great way of creating content that is engaging and informative but is contained within a fun and quirky format is by using presentations.
For example, Rand Fishkin’s SlideShare on “Why Content Marketing Fails” offers helpful advice on what no to do with your content marketing strategy but in an easy to digest presentation.
As you can see, there are a number of different ideas and tools that can help you to implement successful inbound marketing techniques. Creating engaging content has become increasingly important for any company looking to acquire new customers, with many increasing the amount of budget they allocate to this form of marketing. Understanding the value content marketing holds when it comes to fostering brand awareness, retention, leads and sales shouldn’t be ignored by the C-Suite in any organization.

Distractions are everywhere - from our mobile phones to social media networks - the heightened skill of “multitasking” is celebrated at many startups as a characteristic of a ‘hard worker’. If you cringe at the thought of writing, don’t despair; there are other creative ways to achieve the same goal.
O SlideShare utiliza cookies para otimizar a funcionalidade e o desempenho do site, assim como para apresentar publicidade mais relevante aos nossos usuarios. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Recortar slides e uma maneira facil de colecionar slides importantes para acessar mais tarde.
Perdona que insista sobre las ventajas del inbound marketing pero cada dia lo veo mas claro.
Aqui resumo en 10 puntos las ventajas del inbound marketing para las marcas de gran consumo.
El inbound marketing lo haces desde la comodidad de casa, o lo que es lo mismo, desde tu web creando contenido optimizado para buscadores. El usuario que visita tu web corporativa y tiene un encuentro positivo con la marca porque resolvio un problema, porque aprendio algo, porque le asesoraste en una decision… se convierte en una personita que te mira con interes y gratitud. En la comunicacion de inbound hay espacio para dar a conocer promociones, ofertas, rebajas y regalos. Una valla publicitaria en una autopista de Espana oscila entre 400 y 1.500 euros al mes, depende de la ubicacion exacta y sus dimensiones. Zero Moment of Truth (Momento Cero de la Verdad) es un termino acunado por Google para referirse al instante en que el usuario toma una decision de compra porque la marca satisfizo su necesidad a traves de informacion por Internet.
Como el inbound se focaliza en la creacion y distribucion de contenidos, su metodologia obliga a todo el equipo de marketing y comunicacion a exprimirse el cerebro y generar mensajes relevantes. Un enlace a tu producto, una resena de una mercancia o una fotografia puede ser irrelevante si no se comunica teniendo en cuenta el punto en que se encuentra el usuario en el ciclo de venta.
El inbound marketing tradicional se cocina a fuego lento hasta que llega a un punto en que el crecimiento es exponencial. Si estas leyendo este articulo es porque aun no has implementado el inbound marketing para tus marcas de gran consumo. Esta web utiliza cookies para ofrecer nuestros servicios y mejorar su experiencia en Internet.
But after spending some time reflecting on the best way to serve our clients, we realized we no longer needed to rely on media outlets and reporters to help our clients tell their stories.
By the time your prospect lands on your website and speaks to a sales rep, they’ve done half of the legwork and are typically prepared to make a faster decision. If you are consistent in your execution, you should see a greater number of visitors and leads each month. If you come off awkward or pushy, their natural instincts will be to hinge their comfortability and run for the hills.
When done correctly, the influx of quality leads and sales will consistently be knocking at your door.
This is because you have put things in place that allow your targeted buyers to find you with ease and you then help them through all of the processes involved in purchasing from you. Doing so will help create alignment between sales and marketing by working towards a collaborative objective.
Here’s the thing, it takes money to make money, so be realistic in terms of how much you’ll need in order to be effective with your executions. They present ideas, selling points and important information in an engaging illustrative way that is far more understandable. Doing so will create backlinks to your website which help with rankings and also with more website traffic.
It can help you reach out to more potential customers, will reiterate the message you are trying to get across and will allow you to evaluate what content engages more customers.
In fact, utilizing analytical data has helped 65% of businesses increase their revenue by over 10%. Doing so will also help you understand which channels are driving the best conversions that then lead to the best customers. These stats just demonstrate how cost-effective and efficient this method of inbound marketing can be, when done correctly. For instance, you may find that one visitor has been to your website and downloaded an eBook, while another has subscribed to your podcast – therefore, you may want to adapt the message and tone of the email to reflect the interests of these customers. In order to do this, you’ll need to analyze your keywords, produce content, create links and optimize pages that are centered around what your buyers are looking for. When your ad appears in someone’s results, it’s because they’re looking for a service or product that you offer.
Include white papers and case studies in your campaigns instead of the “buy nows” that you’d find in B2C. Remarketing involves targeting people through your ads who have already visited your website or app and involves creating lists of these people that you want to target again. Therefore, putting an effective approach in place can help you to get to the top and this involves meticulous planning, research and documentation of your strategy so you know what methods are working. Use your content to engage your client base through storytelling, answering questions and placing experts in front of them.
This allows for the visitor to fulfill the call-to-action and for you to start conversing with them. By producing blogs which are published on other websites you’ll be targeting a larger audience; building your brand and creating important and powerful backlinks to your website.
This will provide you with priceless information as to what your customers like and dislike whilst also adding to the humanistic side of your company when you answer their questions and help them overcome any challenges they may have.
Whilst many profess not to like pop-ups there are settings that can be introduced to control how often they appear so as to not affect the user experience and they do prove to be very successful for many B2B companies. Utilizing alt tags on the images that are included within your web pages and blog will help to make sure you appear as image search results and will increase the click-through rates to your website.
All of these different visual elements will to the layers of intrigue and interaction you have created on your site, thus increasing engagement and lead generation.
Statistics indicate that companies who have a successful automatic lead management program in place see a 10% or more increase in revenue.
Doing this will help you stay organized with qualifying leads who are ready to speak with sales and also with those who need more nurturing.
Sales teams that follow-up on 75% of marketing-generated leads are employed by 46% of marketers who are classed as having mature lead management in place within their company.
Tools like SlideShare also mean you can incorporate these presentations into social media and emails and you can even convert them into GIFs to make this even easier.

El inbound marketing es tan progresivo y oportuno en su aproximacion a los clientes potenciales que no genera alarmas, ni rechazo.
Esos son mensajes que tu comunidad de seguidores seguro agradece y que puedes distribuir con facilidad si usas las herramientas de marketing automation. Mi propuesta es que integres las estrategias de inbound en tu plan de marketing como un refuerzo a las ventas y el branding. El marketing de contenidos te ayuda a exprimir todo el potencial de la oportunidad, la pertinencia y la argumentacion (racional y emotiva) para que la audiencia objetivo cree vinculos con la marca.
Invertimos esfuerzos en relaciones duraderas con el cliente para conseguir su fidelizacion y compras recurrentes. De lo contrario, tendrias conocimiento experiencial de las ventajas y no buscarias lecturas extras. Emprendedor, 30 anos de experiencia en Direccion de Empresas y experto en Inbound Marketing. The more print ads you had and the louder you shouted, the faster you could beat out the competition.
Discerning consumers no longer rely solely on traditional, outbound marketing channels like print and broadcast for product information. We now had the ability to attract visitors to our clients’ websites and convert them into sales leads by leveraging the social media communities we had spearheaded.
Good luck getting them back.Amount of InteractionThe more you help and interact with your target audience(s), the more natural a sale will come. Know that the initial sale is great, but you also want to identify the avenues that are great for retention too.
Therefore, you need to provide ads that will get to the top, which will involve a lot of research into what people are searching for and what keywords they’re using. This allows you to refine who you are targeting and also offers an effective way of getting your brand back in front of them (adding to your brand recognition) and is a great way of re-engaging them.
CTAs can also be used as way to funnel visitors through your website and further tracked to help you understand which ones convert the most. Over half of the traffic directed to your website from a link will be sent to a landing page, not the homepage, so it’s crucial that this uses as much engaging content as possible to help you convert these leads.
Es como salir de caceria y en lugar de ir tras la presa, te sientas tranquilo a esperar a que tu olor la atraiga. El inbound incluye la creacion de contenido disenado para agradar a los crawlers, y tambien a las personas que a fin de cuentas son las que compran. Hoy y manana estara tu producto en las estanterias y necesitas que cada dia el consumidor te elija para llevarte a su hogar. Los recursos tecnologicos que ellos controlan hacen el trabajo y tus equipos de marketing y ventas iran mas reposados en sus tareas. Mi pregunta es: ?ahora que te detiene a tomar la decision de probar la metodologia de inbound o atraccion? You can then segment your customer base with automatic score leads, which will define your customers into categories so you can target them effectively and with relevant content. Don’t worry about losing prospects that will take the information to try to execute it on their own. Y en este articulo explico las caracteristicas del contenido en las estrategias de inbound marketing para gran consumo, por si te interesa profundizar en el tema. Para eso estan las campanas de PPC (esto no es inbound) o las fotos de celebrities (esto si es inbound) en situaciones comprometidas: la Kim Kardashian puede dar lecciones de como tener millones de clics en menos de 24 horas si sabes hacer cosquillas a la imbecilidad humana. If consumer purchasing habits and patterns sway one way, salespeople and brand gurus adjust their content & tactics (as should all business-owners). Trust me when I say, you don’t want to waste your time with them anyway.Educating your target market will help you attract a qualified prospect that already sees you as an expert. El objetivo es convertirte en un educador, consejero, y a veces, amigo de confianza para tus clientes. Which is why a rather old and famous communication model can be applied to sales & inbound marketing strategy. Berger’s Uncertainty Reduction Theory (1975) states that when strangers meet, their primary concern is to predict the behavior of both themselves and others in the interaction. The reason social media for business has become so popular is its level of informality and the capacity for comfortable interaction.
Educate Your Target Market Through Content MarketingProspecting can be the most time consuming part of a salesperson’s job. Marketing Automation Using a marketing automation tool to help you stay in touch and nurture your leads down the sales funnel. Each attempt to predict the likely alternative actions the other person might take may produce both favorable and unfavorable outcomes. For example, if your prospect downloaded a piece of content like an ebook or white paper, this action could trigger the marketing automation.Instead of harassing each of the leads with a phone call, you can nurture your leads with valuable emails that position you as a thought leader while building a relationship with them in the process. Attractiveness can be a determinate as to whether persons will continue to attempt to reduce their uncertainties about each other.How is this relevant?
As you mold your strategy and tactics, be sure retain accountability and recognize the public’s need for honesty and purchasing comfortability.
Most of your target market wants to do business with someone that is recognizable and that is great at what they do. They seek out knowledgeable industry leaders that they can trust to solve their problems.
These emails will be dripped out over time and include call to actions that lead to other content offers and opportunities further down the sales cycle (e.g.
Uncertainty Reduction theory goes hand-in-hand with inbound marketing and modern sales plans.
Creating blogs, ebook, presentations, videos and other forms of content is a great way to achieve this and showcase your leadership in your respective industry.
Lead ScoringI think we all can agree that the biggest waste of time for a salesperson is pursuing the wrong lead. You can then choose to follow up with the most engaged prospects who are most likely to convert into profitable clients.Employing these three elements will help you attract, convert and follow up with sales opportunities in a more efficient manner. Follow these steps and you will be optimizing your time for peak performance — pursuing the right leads at the right moment, while building relationships with the rest of your prospects.

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