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As you and your team enter 2015 with a new marketing push, don’t be afraid to think a bit outside the box.
You probably know that 3D printing is one of the hottest trends in the tech space, so it was only a matter of time before the marketing departments sunk their teeth into the new possibilities.
British retailor John Lewis has started printing miniature sofa models for consumers to interact with. Meanwhile, UNIQLO is printing its shoppers, enabling consumers to 3D print selfies of themselves wearing the brand’s threads, and all for a good, selfless cause. Technology has made it infinitely easier to share ideas, content, and polished products—which is exactly why more and more marketers are turning to crowdsourcing for user-generated content.
Consider Coca-Cola China’s recent campaign on crowdsourcing platform eYeka, asking users to describe the ineffable taste of Coke with a video. Social media marketing has been on the rise for years, but the question in the back of every marketer’s mind has always been, “what’s the real return on investment?” Was it really worth all those tireless hours to earn a few thousand followers?
Twitter recently released a new buy button that lets users make purchases directly from tweets, and soon plan to let brands use a new offer button showcasing Groupon-style savings deals. Innovative Marketing Ideas: Getting Oprah, Donald Trump, or a Giant Spine in Your Marketing oprah marketing innovation – Marketing, Strategy, Kosher! Facebook Marketing has proved to work exceptionally well for some businesses while disappointing others. Facebook is a massive social media resource for building a lasting relationship between your brand and your customers. The conventional method of small businesses marketing on Facebook was to build a brand page, post useful updates and hope your customers would share the updates.
The idea behind this change is to optimize Facebook for desktop as well as mobile and tablets. In fact, this feature is active on Facebook right now for any brand page that your friends like. Make your Facebook cover photos appealing so that the friends of your fans will click on them and possibly also like your page, since they saw that their friend did. There could be myriad of ways to create interest among your fan’s friends with your cover photo, so do not underestimate the power of it.
M&M’s usually does a great job at sharing visually attractive photographs of their product. Another way to get more likes and shares on your status updates (text or image) is to directly but subtly ask your fans to like or share the post.
Another bonus is that people who share your content on their wall will see your future wall post updates in their news feed. The sign of a great brand is great customer service, and guess what; Facebook can be used as a free customer service platform. This custom app takes you to a form where you can post your feedback, complaints or appreciation.
Ask your fans to comment on a product, or post pictures taken at your physical location while using your product. Post holiday pictures of your staff, share other photos or videos that are related to your brand and are funny or informative. Change cover photos according to the season or post images or status messages that are related to current holidays. This way when there are multiple comments, you can reply individually to your customers and they will receive a notification of the reply on their timeline.
Celebrate a milestone; for instance, if you have reached 500 fans offer a reward to the 500th fan.
You can add Facebook plugins on your website to entice your website visitors to share content directly off the website onto their Facebook timelines. If you have a large budget, promote your Facebook page on radio, podcast, TV or paid ads on the internet.
If you have followers on Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn, encourage them to like your Facebook page in return for a coupon code.
If your business is local, it is great to encourage your visitors to check-in with Facebook so that their timeline displays their visit to your physical business and also shows a link to your Facebook business page. With the new Facebook Graph search, users look for key terms which will likely return results of friends that have visited local businesses.
While there are many other ways to grow your brand on Facebook, these are some of the basic ones that apply to all business niches.
If you have decided to take a leap out on faith and pursue your dreams of opening up your own business, there are a variety of innovative marketing strategies and ideas you should employ in order to ensure the success of your fledgling start-up. One of your first priorities as a new business owner is to take advantage of social media outlets like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.
Major search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing are placing more and more emphasis on all forms of content, whether it be written like blog posts, articles and eBook, as well as other media like YouTube videos, podcasts, etc. Whether it's article marketing, developing backlinks, keyword research or optimizing your site for SEO purposes; you need to make sure you are investing in cost-effective organic seo tactics to improve your site's visibility within search engines.
In order to improve your marketing strategy, you need to constantly stay on top of getting feedback from your clients and customers about your products and services. Outside of generating written content; get into the habit of making commercials and other promotional videos for YouTube. One advantage of Android platform is that there are more functional apps free offered compared to Apple IOS and MS Win 8. Project managers have a lot to juggle, especially if they are working with multiple teams within a company.
Cloud computing has exploded in recent times as a highly efficient and secure way of sharing information online.

2014 Google Seo Ranking Factor- Hummingbird Update - The key to building backlinks is to take the time to do them properly.
We all know how tedious it can be to capture the interest of new potential customers for our businesses, especially if we are a small firm.
If you are amongst those who have passion and determination, but lack massive funds to support your small sized business, then the following marketing ideas are worthwhile.
This is a super technique for small business entrepreneurs who are looking at targeting local audience. You can create a magnificent online presence by writing relevant articles on social platforms such as blogs. Don’t forget to list your business in a popular local business directory as it will improve your SEO ranking in a significant manner. Local business directories do an excellent job in organic search rankings which is credible.
It could be a little hard in the beginning for you to implement these gestures, and you might even falter! Understandably nailing some of the most effective and innovative marketing techniques for a small sized business entrepreneur can be nerve-wrecking. An outstanding title can increase tweets, Facebook Likes, and visitor traffic by 50% or more. Generate great titles for your articles and blog posts with the Tweak Your Biz Title Generator. Ella Rich is an advertising expert with specific knowledge in business development, internet marketing and market optimization. Tweak Your Biz is a business community - a place where business professionals like you can stand out. Salons depend on contact more than most businesses; since solutions like email are simply ineffective due to the increasingly impersonal nature. You can use SMS’s to send reminders, gather feedback, and spread word of mouth through text vouchers, which work far better than traditional adverts – while still being cost effective. SMS can give you a powerful avenue for getting and actualising marketing ideas for a salon.
Contact us now to get a live Demo or simply SMS “PROOF” to +27-83-287-3864 and let us contact you. Omar Gomez (Renault Costa Rica)Our clients are of the opinion that Coretalk adds great value and we hope to continue to grow and add value in this industry.
While tried and true directions may feel safe, the world is changing faster than ever, and those who aren’t ready to ride the latest trends may soon get swept under by them. Here are three innovative, disruptive, and forward thinking campaigns to inspire your productive brainstorming sessions. Besides pretending they’re towering giants, shoppers can place the mini-furniture on a smart table that brings a digital model on-screen, where users can customize a couch with chosen fabrics and designs.
Not only does crowdsourcing engage consumers on a creative, emotional level, it also allows the best concepts to rise to the top. While social media promotions may be getting easier, we still don’t recommend inundating your followers with ads—that’s a sure-fire way to get your brand blocked.
Is it sales, brand building, answering or solving customer queries and problems, or getting to know which product or service is a hit? What will you do to set yourself apart to raise your chances of exposing your brand to the larger Facebook audience? There is no point in posting interesting information when your fans are busy at work or school. When you have the above factors figured out and realistic expectations set, then you can proceed with Facebook marketing. In fact, the text will be displayed on the image instead of below the image, thereby increasing the real estate the image occupies on your wall.
Facebook’s massive social network has reported increasing use of the website on small screen devices, such as mobile and tablets and so emphasis on the size of visual elements is increased. So for instance, if one of your customers becomes a fan of your page, your brand page’s profile photo and cover photo will be displayed on the Facebook walls of that fan’s friends. These life-like pictures constantly get shared and this particular image was one of the most shared ones.
Witty or funny images and quotes, inspirational images and quotes, images or text posts about discounts or freebies, celebrity brand endorsements and so on can bring in a lot of shares, and ideally, a lot of exposure to your brand on Facebook. For example, you could share an image of a baby with chocolate all over his face and ask your fans to ‘Like if your baby has done this before’. In a Facebook survey last year it was found that 50 percent of all users found a brand’s Facebook page more useful than their website.
Such apps can be made to respect your customer’s privacy, however, customers can post directly on your Timeline as well, so you must be prepared to take care of their concerns then and there. Remember, when fans tag themselves in your photos, the pictures are prominently displayed on their walls, gaining increased exposure.
Your brand marketing strategies outside of Facebook must be integrated with Facebook as well. This feature only works when you have created your Facebook business page under the ‘Local Business or Place’ category. You can create your own innovative approach to entice your customers to engage and interact with you more on Facebook by tracking which post topics have the highest reach and activity. One of the dominant reasons why many new business start-ups fail within the first few years of operation is due to a lack of marketing creativity and ingenuity. If you are developing relationships with your online audience, you are potentially missing out on hundreds if not thousands of customers. Going to chamber of commerce meetings will not only give you the ability to network with other business owners, but market yourself indirectly through other businesses that might refer your services and products to their customers. More and more customers are using mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones as a means of discovering new businesses, services and other goods.

You should use a variety of tools like mindshare feedback management technologies in order to create and disseminate surveys to your customers to gain their feedback.
By constantly blogging and creating conversations about your business, customers will begin to interact with you more, thus improving your relationship with them.
Get into the habit of developing attractive case studies that highlight the successes of your business and what you have done for customers.
These online conferences will give you the ability to present valuable information to customers about your products and services.
Many people search for products and services on search engines such as Google, however, inevitably most of them end up being on a local business directory. This is particularly a useful thing for those businesses that cannot get their respective sites ranked high for a specific term, as it can appear on local business directory site that may rank for that term. Reviews have very much become an online currency but many businesses are not proactive in seeking them out. Read the specialists, share your opinions and sign up to become recognized for sharing your expertise by writing on this site! A Short Infographic Peter MarinoHow to Write Content for Your Brand: Having a Unique Voice in Writing to Stand Out Peter MarinoFacebook Turns 10 Years Old! You need an edge over the competition, but it has to be affordable, and not add an unrealistic workload.
Furthermore for salons, e-mail will not work practically; people are often rushing to or from their appointment, or changing things at the last minute.
We are all used to getting and sending dozens of SMS’s a day, and even when we get one that we know is an automated response we can note whether it’s important or not quite quickly and respond quickly. You can create more personalisation without it costing you time, by keeping people up to date with appointments, and sending reminders and automated messages, thereby making your salon more customer-focused. You do not want to come off as a pushy brand that crowds customers’ news feeds nor as an inactive or boring brand that has nothing much to share.
We now have the Facebook Timeline that provides plenty of features to work with, like the cover photo and custom apps, the newest makeover of the Facebook news feeds and the Facebook Graph Search that is soon to come.
Look at the following example that illustrates one such image from the new Facebook news feed. This clearly shows that your brand’s Facebook timeline has high potential to create customer engagement.
This has the advantage of creating the reputation of a brand that attends to its customer’s concerns in a timely manner, especially since these messages are publicly displayed on your wall. You are sure to get a round of likes and shares for the Fan of the Week post by the fan’s friends. So for instance, if you have a promotional event for your company, promote it on Facebook as well. Facebook uses clean URLs that are devoid of unnecessary characters so they are easy to remember, even when found offline. Using Facebook Insights gives you a great way to measure and improve on the performance of posts, images and other activities on your Facebook page to increase fan engagement.
The more content you have, there is a stronger likelihood that people will share you content, thus improving your SEO rankings. This will help you improve the quality of your products and services, thus making your customers happier and increase their likelihood of coming back.
Also use case studies to educate customers about your product and services and how it can help them. You will meet likeminded people and perhaps end up gaining insights or discovering varied opportunities to talk and listen.
They would be willing to give you testimonials preferably on online platforms such as Linkedin, Local Business Directories, Facebook, Twitter and the likes.
Nellie Akalp previously wrote a great article on asking for reviews which complements yours above.
One of the best marketing ideas for a salon is to use a computer-based SMS system to support your business and maintain the critical repeat customer base. You need a way to manage your customers and their appointments efficiently, but without having to spend all your time on the phone; a way of keeping in touch that encourages repeat trade without seeming intrusive. Most consider SMS’s more personal than the usual email or phone call from an operator, which comes with inconveniences too. Find out more about how SMSs can give your salon the edge by utilising a complete Mobile CRM SMS solution like CoreTalk. To implement these new features Facebook has given you the option to be on their trial waiting list before going ahead and launching them on your wall, as they have always done in the past.
Something that surprises you with information you do not know, or something that you already know displayed in a different (usually humorous) fashion.
You can choose an image that visually renders your brand message and promotes your brand page. Some of the low cost mediums include being of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube channel, Local business directory, podcasts on ITunes. As a business you can opt for the new features to be a step ahead of your competition by knowing what has changed and how to use the new features to your advantage. Since your business is listed on Google Maps, it invariably ranks high in Google Search Rankings. It’s a competitive world out there, and you need to be known to the masses, for your business to grow. Your customer also has an option of reviewing your product or services, which should help you in understanding your customers better.

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