Visual Merchandising Tips and Display Inspirations for Retailers, Designers and Merchandisers: Stay Display Inspired!
As promised, here are a few more retail display ideas from the showrooms at the summer gift shows.
Our Name is Mud has a new line in Enesco’s Atlanta showroom called Really Great News.
Since we are always on the lookout for innovative uses for common items to solve display dilemmas, we had to snap a quick picture of the belt buckle display frames at Loopty Loo in the Just Got 2 Have It showroom. Not only functional, the rope adds a textural element and adds to the industrial chic theme of the pallet displays.
Collins Painting continues the industrial chic theme by using a lot of metal in the showroom displays. A steel grate mounted on the wall adds dimension and the addition of the pulleys and street signs are a nice touch, too. As always, thanks for spending a few minutes celebrating displays with the Retail Details blog.
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I like the use of the pallets and have been thinking of doing something similar like building a wooden display case or shelf with them.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In addition to the new iPad versions that are being regularly released, you can now get the new Tabi® iPad stand.

Urine-Powered SocksDesperate times call for desperate measures, and you know ‘urine’ trouble when you have to rely on your own bodily fluids as a source of electricity. Raspberry Pi Got Cheaper and More PowerfulRaspberry Pi was a genuinely interesting idea to begin with.
They have to be resourceful and aware that all the displays have to be hauled in and out and set-up within a few days.
The showroom entry display is dynamic with it’s many layers and the use of a weathered trellis to add height.
We invite you to submit images of your displays to be considered for inclusion the blog.  Becky Tyre also writes Display Inspirations articles for GIFT SHOP Magazine and welcomes display pictures submitted for print, as well. You can replace beat up or out of style models with newer ones that have fancier gadgets and are likely more efficient. A living lighting energy, needing no electricity, emitting very few CO2 and light pollution. Visitors to the website can view dozens of different design solutions addressing retail display and showrooms.
When the market gets tough brands have to work harder to keep their customers, they have to find more creative ways to engage them.
Note the obvious lack of added color, so as not to distract from the product in a busy display. It also features a GamePad, which is not only the Wii’s main controller, but also a portable player that has a touch screen and “off TV play”.
A light coming directly from nature, at the crossroads of biomimicry and synthetic biology, ready to revolutionize our way to produce, consume and light up.

The first model created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation cost $20 to $25, and was meant to bring computers and programming within reach for millions of people. These ‘off the shelf’  designs can be amended to suit or new designs can be created from scratch. Maybe you will like them for your blog or could you tell me what’s not good about them. It also has a little slider that lets you adjust the angle so you can use it conveniently in a variety of locations.
Prestige is Swiss-designed and ideal for: retail displays, marketing suites, shopping centre displays,  product launches, exhibitions and promotional roadshows. The Rowenta Eco Intelligence Iron Made Good Housekeeping’s top 12 Innovative Cleaning Products for 2012.
Which is why we predict a rebirth of creativity across product design, marketing and retail design.
It has the standard buttons and triggers, but is now comparable to other gaming controllers, such as the Microsoft Xbox 360 controller.

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