InStream Environmental provides comprehensive management of your waste stream, helping you create and maintain a viable revenue stream. Recycled paper can be a revenue generator depending on the volumes produced at your facility. Almost every manufacturer produces some type of scrap plastic, from HDPE (harder, denser plastic like that of a detergent bottle) to PET (plastic bottles in your cafeteria or break room). Whether your facility generates pallets, crates, broken skids, wooden boxes, or wood waste, we look for opportunities to recycle and divert from the landfill.  We also work towards finding better methods to store and remove this waste stream, once again looking for opportunities to reduce expenses.
Increasingly, many of your customers are called upon by their wholesalers and retailers to operate within environmental guidelines.

To date our Maximized Recovery Analysis and subsequent programs have led to the recovery of approximately 239.2 million pounds of industrial waste! Post-consumer paper waste such as old corrugated containers (OCC), office paper, mixed paper (RMP), old magazines and old newspapers are all types of recyclable paper. InStream will help you recycle these materials and other types of plastic like PVC, polystyrene or LDPE (trays, containers, plastic wrap). InStream will assess the viability of a baler or compactor for your facility and constantly search for the best market prices for your paper waste while ensuring a high level of service.
The deal marked the first-to-market launch of ConvertMedia’s innovative Coffee Break Unit, which serves as a desktop screensaver when a viewer is idle or stops browsing in an active tab.“AMI is constantly innovating and looking for ways to improve and enhance the digital experience for our users and partners.

Chris brings two decades of ad tech and business development experience, with a record for driving multifold client expansion and revenue growth. However, now that consumers have access to ad-blocking tools, need to improve the user experience is more urgent than ever.

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