Life insurance is one of those things that most people believe that they’ll need, but just not today.
To make the implementation process easier, you’ve first got to know what it is that sets your products apart from the rest of your local and national competition. People tend to engage more with marketing strategies that do a good job of telling a specific story. The best life insurance marketing strategies are the ones that make listening a top priority. Any good marketing strategy should incorporate a minimum of 5 ideas to try on your target demographic. If your customers feel like they are part of a niche community, then they will better associate with your branding. Pay attention to the people who are out there in your community, telling people about how awesome you are. Even the best marketing strategies are going to fail if there isn’t enough sweat equity put into their implementation and maintenance.
Content has gotten so bad on the internet and in marketing in general that people just don’t believe anything they read today unless there is evidence AND experience behind the words. Media representatives are bombarded with marketing materials because everyone wants free press if they can get it. Although life insurance is a generalized product, different segments of your market are going to be attracted to different features that you can provide them. MORE ABOUT BRANDONAfter being physically and mentally disabled by a brain tumor, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health to help his pregnant wife in her fight against stage 3 breast cancer. TIP: The Insurance Professional - Insurance lead strategies & free downloadable ebooks, insurance marketing ideas & sales prospecting techniques.
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Tech Decisions: Tech Decisions guides top-level insurance technology and business professionals in managing their companies? systems on a day-to-day basis and informs their decision-making for the future.
Insurance Agency Technology: John Ashenhurst writes a good bit of Sounding Line Digest, his white papers, the occasional industry article, and does occasional business strategy consulting for vendors and carriers. TechDecisions for Insurance: A monthly publication featuring news, case studies, how-to articles and other information on insurance technology products and solutions.

Sounding Line Internet Savvy for Insurance Experts: Sounding Line provides reviews of Web-based services and tools, with news and commentary, resources, and how-tos. Rough Notes: Print and online magazine that covers articles of interest to independent and captive insurance agents. Financial business directory - Thousands of financial sites with the detailed information - Best finance related services, information, news on the web important to the business and financial community.
Merkle helps insurance, wealth management and healthcare leaders attract and cultivate relationships with the best target customers.
We help companies embrace a Connected CRM (cCRM)® approach to create market advantage that yields a profound impact on key performance indicators. Today’s consumers are engaging across all distribution channels.Is your digital media portfolio delivering scalable, personalized messages that help convert and retain your target audience? Our latest book covers the landscape of digital audience platforms, extensive customer data, and high-powered marketing technology that creates an incredible opportunity for marketers. Your prospects are undoubtedly receiving numerous marketing pitches that all have one specific feature that is emphasized so that a sale can be created. Instead of talking at your prospects, let them have an easy way to tell you what it is that they’re concerned about. This will create a solid foundation of word-of-mouth advertising that will bring in referrals consistently. Try to spend a minimum of 60 minutes every day marketing your brand of life insurance in some way.
Having a confident attitude behind your marketing strategy is wonderful, but confidence is not match for experience. A good ebook will not only show people that your experience is proven and you’ve got the expertise they need, but it also helps to develop your message. Unless you have something of value that your local media outlets can genuinely promote and get behind, you’re not likely to get any of your press releases published at all. The more you get involved with your local community in a variety of ways, the easier it will be to form natural relationships that will draw people to you when they’re ready to address their life insurance needs. Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies. The combined use of big data, analytic insights, marketing technology, and tactics—deployed across offline and online marketing channels marketing channels—enables these leaders to target, engage, convert, retain, and grow relationships with desired customers.

Merkle can optimize acquisition and retention efforts with data, analytics, technology, and campaign execution across all channels. Not only must you also do this, but you must find that one strength that outclasses the strengths of everyone else.
The best stories are often those of real examples that have benefited existing clients so that your prospects can see real value in motion instead of what could potentially be really good fiction.
Test your market, get involved with your targeted demographics, and find out what it is that they care about the most with your products. Don’t be satisfied with co-op branding or regional advertising efforts to bring in leads.
Show your experience to your targeted demographic, provide evidence of your experience, and you’ll cut through the noise. You cannot write an extended piece of literature without a theme, so find the theme and you’ll have your message. Eliminate the idea that procrastination is fine to do and then provide that prospect with a policy that will give them the right amount of coverage for the right price.
Find it, put it into your marketing strategy, and you’ll have prepared yourself for more conversions. From there, you can match the strengths of your policies to your marketing communication to make the most impact. Charitable donations in their name, finding ways to pay it forward, or letting them take their family out for coffee on your dime are all ways to show your appreciation so the good words will keep flowing. Something as simple as walking down the street, handing out business cards with a small treat attached, can help you market your brand effectively. Even a simple cookout for your clients is a way to show your customer base that you appreciate them and still have something great to print.
The job might be simple, but the implementation of your marketing strategy could be difficult.

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