The close proximity of our facility to Peterhead Harbour reduces the requirement for problematic road transportation following completion of SIT activities. For using the attributes and API of the different frameworks, you just need to add references to them in your test project. Now for your first test: In order to make it easy, let's start by testing a component you're already working on. Remember, the more tests you have, the better coverage you have, and your code becomes more stable. Selenium s’appuie sur Selenium IDE pour enregistrer des tests d'interfaces depuis Firefox puis de les sauvegarder afin de les rejouer avec Selenium. There are minor differences between the different frameworks, but the main features are the same.

The Microsoft test framework has a special Test Project, the other framework uses a regular DLL container for the tests. It's very important to integrate test writing into your regular work, and that's the first step. Decide what public method you want to test, what is the specific scenario and the expected result for that scenario.
You can also use Isolate.Verify for method calls as well, otherwise, the test will appear to have passed. If the test fails, add additional behavior setting statements with Isolator in the Arrange part, to make sure the test follows the specific scenario you're testing. Ils testent un prototype du produit developpe dans le cadre du projet, afin de demontrer que celui-ci remplit les exigences fonctionnelles et que les exceptions et cas d’erreur sont traites correctement.

Le projet a debute en 2004 chez ThoughtWorks a Chicago grace a Jason Huggins lequel voulait tester les temps de reponse de diverses applications (Python, Plone, etc.).
If you are using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional or above, you already have the Microsoft unit testing framework installed. De plus, il peut etre integre a une plateforme d'integration continue afin d'automatiser les tests d'interfaces.
L'utilisateur peut choisir d'utiliser des enregistrements ou bien de modifier les scripts a la main.Selenium est distribue sous la licence Apache.

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