Mazarine – You To You est une agence de conseil en communication digitale situee au centre de Paris. Elue agence interactive de l’annee en 2013, l’ambition de l’agence est de proposer a ses clients des experiences creatives innovantes et virales.
Les competences de l’agence vont de la realisation de sites de marques et de sites evenementiels, a la creation de chaines YouTube, d’applications Facebook, ou encore de videos virales. Mazarine – You To You est une agence de conseil en communication digitale situee au centre de Paris.
Les competences de l’agence vont de la realisation de sites de marques et de sites evenementiels, a la creation de chaines YouTube, d’applications Facebook, ou encore de videos virales.
Le poste est rattachee au service Promotion de la Direction des Contenus en charge des offres OCS, VoD, Sport, Musique et Jeux. Nous intervenons aupres de grands comptes (Orange, L’Oreal, Coty, Colgate, Peugeot, Havana Club, Kraft…) sur des problematiques digitales transverses, avec des domaines de predilection que sont les reseaux sociaux, le Buzz&viral et la communication digitale au sens large, incluant le mobile. En 2014, You to You fusionne avec le groupe Mazarine, agence specialisee dans la communication des marques luxe & premium. About The JobYou will report to the Marketing Manager and support all aspects of marketing communications such as advertising, PR, events, social media, sales support. Old methods of increasing employee engagement are giving way to some new ways to look at what keeps workers motivated. Technical knowledge and ability are important but companies are also seeking employees who have soft skills. Enhancing soft skills such as teamwork, communication and problem solving can set IT managers apart from others who lack people skills. Supervisors undermining your work or setting impossible expectations are some signs of workplace bullying. Developing a brand strategy guides a company through nurturing, protecting and growing one of its most valuable assets. FedEx has maintained a commitment to providing its employees with the support and resources they need to advance their careers. Ongoing professional development for their employees is one of the many reasons Sprint has continued to be successful. Johnson & Johnson is highly committed to supporting professional development for its employees.
Marketing is a fast-moving field, and in the past several years, the industry has faced economic challenges and technological advances that required marketing managers to shift their approaches to promoting products and services. Segments of the marketing industry are ramping up to keep pace with new technology and consumer preferences. Employment for marketing managers is projected to grow 14% nationwide through 2020, keeping pace with the growth rate across all occupations, according to data published by the U.S.
Job seekers should conduct independent research in order to determine the employment outlook based on their particular skills and geographic location. Marketing professionals wear a number of hats to support an organization's sales and profitability goals. Marketing managers are generally responsible for planning and supervising programs that increase awareness of a company's products and services, with the goal of increasing market share and boosting the bottom line.
Integrating marketing communications, establishing and protecting the organizational brand, and executing marketing initiatives are also common duties of marketing managers. Marketing managers often hire and supervise marketing staff, such as SEO specialists, data analysts, graphic designers and social media managers.
The ability to influence what drives consumer behavior helps make marketing an exciting and rewarding career choice. Most mid- to upper-level marketing positions require a bachelor's degree, and some require experience in sales, promotions, advertising or marketing, according to the BLS.
An understanding of business fundamentals and expertise in proven marketing strategies are considered essentials for success.
Corporate-based tuition reimbursement programs may be available to help aspiring marketing leaders attain an advanced degree or professional certificate. According to data published by the BLS, marketing managers earned a median annual wage of more than $116,000 in 2011, an increase of almost $4,000 over the previous year. It is recommended that job seekers conduct independent research to gauge local market conditions and other factors that can influence earning potential. For individuals inspired by the prospect of working in a fast-paced environment on the leading edge of business and technology, a career in marketing management may be a great fit. If you’re currently in the job searching process- I’m sure that most of you are finding that applying to jobs through indeed, monster, or on a company website rarely gets you anywhere.

In this article, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about using LinkedIn for the job search process. These Linkedin tips will help you create a personal brand, increase your visibility, gain access to decision makers and hopefully help you land that dream job.
This might be the most essential step to getting a job- and the one where most people fail. Your LinkedIn headline will be the first thing someone sees when you send a message to someone or when someone is searching for you and comes across your profile.
Use this section to create a descriptive summary of what you’ve done in your work experience that makes you a valuable candidate for the job you’re going after.
Skills that you would want to your profile might be: Social Media Marketing, Social Media, Integrated Marketing, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, New Media, etc. Once you’ve added the skills to your profile, you’ll want to get people to endorse you for the skills. A recruiter is a lot more likely to reach out to someone who has positive recommendations for their work at previous positions. An endorsement is just someone vouching for someone’s expertise in that specific area- they might have worked with this person prior or maybe they just know of their abilities (i.e. It’s important to tailor your job title and job description to closely relate to the job you’re applying for (without lying of course). Now that you have your profile completely filled out and you have a goal of the type of job you’re looking for, the next step would be to utilize your network on LinkedIn to get access to jobs that are under the radar.
I am looking for an Account Manager or Business Development role for a Start-up in San Francisco. Now that you have your list of contacts filtered by location- craft a message to your contacts that explains the exact job you’re looking for. After utilizing your network to get access to the jobs that few others have access to- your next best bet is to use LinkedIn job search tool. For this example I clicked in to the Social Media Manager position at Internet Marketing Inc. I’d recommend hitting the apply now button which will make it easy for you to send your LinkedIn profile over to the person in charge of hiring.
After submitting your application along with your resume- I’d recommend purchasing an inmail to send to the hiring manager (or if you have a premium account using an inmail credit) and then sending a message with more information about yourself so that you have a better chance of being reviewed by the person hiring. Well now hopefully you have some new ideas and some action items to help you land your dream job. Nous accompagnons les marques a creer et diffuser des experiences digitales emouvantes et ancrees dans une histoire, qui generent du bouche a oreille online (blogs, forums, reseaux sociaux) et offline (presse, TV, radio). It provides a hassle free way for marketing teams to communicate and interact with their customers via a smartphone. Successfully leading a business' marketing functions to drive sales, create customer loyalty and expand market share requires both technical skills and broad-based knowledge.
The up-and-coming specialties, some of which did not exist just a few years ago, include search engine optimization (SEO), interactive marketing and community development. Daily job duties may include planning advertising campaigns, choosing media outlets and negotiating contracts. Additionally, they may be involved in identifying and establishing relationships with collaborative partners, tracking and analyzing promotional activities, and supervising online content and social media networks. In a typical workday, they might direct public relations announcements, issue press releases, oversee collateral production, develop budgets or launch new consumer engagement programs.
Many employers prefer candidates with a degree in marketing or advertising, but general business degrees may also be acceptable. Individuals seeking educational programs that offer a combination of functional knowledge and specialized skills can consider the University of Florida's Executive Certificate in Business Essentials with an emphasis in Marketing Management, which is offered 100% online. Salaries vary across the country and according to education, experience, specific job titles and employers.
Establishing a clear career path involves obtaining the education and specialized skills that today's businesses need to engage customers and increase market share. This person will be a talented professional who combines strategic vision with demonstrated email marketing experience. Currently, our scope of services includes Media Planning, Advertising Design, Event Management, Corporate Identity, Product Packaging and Web Design. I found my last job through LinkedIn and have helped many friends and colleagues do the same. If you don’t see your specific question answered in the post- leave me a comment at the bottom with your question and I’ll write back to you.

Nowadays, most companies want a specialist, so step one is to figure out exactly what job title your dream job is and focus your entire profile around it. What have you done previously in your career that would relate to what the company is looking for? It is really important that you spend a good amount of time crafting a headline that speaks to your audience.
The second example uses a more descriptive headline (usually better for more experienced professionals).
This is what will help you show up in searches if someone is searching for a specific skill set. Let’s say you were doing business development for a finance company before but now you’re looking to get into sales or marketing. Usually you’ll want to include more information on your profile if possible because it helps people get a better feel for who you are and it will help your profile come up for more search terms. I recently just did this when I was looking for a job- so I’ll give you the exact process I used. This message alone resulted in over 50 messages back from friends and people that I’m connected with on LinkedIn that I’ve never met before. If you’re proactive and you reach out to the person listing the job, there’s a lot higher chance that you’ll actually land an interview.
Then on the right hand side in the box that says posted by you’ll see the actual person who posted the job (Clara Behnke) as well as a list of your connections that could refer you to the person in charge of hiring. If you have more specific questions to a personal situation, feel free to leave me a question in the comments section and I’ll get back to you. Customers may choose to avoid the long waits and multiple navigation associated with typical phone hotlines. Learning the best use of new tools, channels and resources, understanding the ever-shifting needs of consumers and meeting stakeholder demands for return on investment (ROI) are daily challenges for marketing managers.
Marketing managers may collaborate with the executive team to establish goals and then develop marketing strategies to support them.
Coursework in market research, communications, analytics or consumer behavior can be beneficial. Combining bottom-line business fundamentals with the principals of marketing can lead to professional opportunities in this ever-changing field. This position requires a seasoned professional who can translate business objectives into strategies and project plans for high-volume email marketing programs.
Even if you haven’t done Social Media in the past but are looking to transition into this line of work, include relevant achievements in past positions that relate to the job.
Pick out the most important achievements that a recruiter would find valuable and highlight them in this section. For Example: I’m endorsed 88 times for Social Media Marketing which means that if someone were searching for a Social Media person, I’d be more likely to show up than someone who has been endorsed 10 times. Take the accomplishments that relate to your business development job, lets say how many new clients you brought on or how many leads you sourced for the company and add that to your LinkedIn profile. Some employers prefer candidates with master's degrees, advanced training or professional certificates. This position requires expert knowledge of email development best practices for optimal delivery and performance across all major email clients, devices, and domains. In his free time, he takes up Salsa dancing, loves the beach, spending time with family and friends and enjoying life. Go on Indeed or one of the other job listing sites, type in “Social Media Manager”, get 2-3 examples of job descriptions and then tailor your LinkedIn profile to match what the companies would be looking for. The jobs that aren’t listed yet are usually your best bet as listed jobs tend to have a high amount of people applying. Metrics driven, this position requires an experienced eye towards ROI targets and is someone that can analyze large volumes of data and can make key business decisions in a fast-paced environment. Recruiters and decision makers want to know what you’re capable of and what kind of success you have had- not just a general job description that says nothing about your drive or work ethic.

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