Enterprise marketing management (EMM) software is, to a marketer-technologist such as myself, the Holy Grail of 21st century marketing. Instead, online has exploded into millions of microchannels, with few boundaries, in constant motion, with people sloshing freely among them — often under little or no direct control of the marketer.
In many ways, this is analogous to the struggle that traditional advertising agencies have had with online marketing. Online may still have a minority of the marketing budget, but it has become the dominant channel of influence. EMM vendors, large company marketers, and traditional ad agencies alike have all come to a tipping point where they must assimilate or be assimilated with the online marketing Borg. Unica, who had a head start on online integration with its acquisition of web analytics leader NetTracker (now NetInsight), has now embraced the collision head on. As I wrote about in exponentials in marketing, the multiplicative nature of combinatorics can quickly spiral out of control.
And like the first generation of any significant innovation, its greatest benefit may be the learning Unica and its clients (and competitors) take away for the second generation to come. Harness the power of influence within the disability community to support your business goals.
Interactive Accessibility offers targeted marketing and social media programs that reach and resonate with the disability community while complementing and extending current communication efforts.
Interactive Accessibility is a woman-owned consulting firm located near Boston, Massachusetts specializing in digital accessibility for websites, web and mobile applications, and documents.
Esta semana en trucos semanales entramos en el mundo del Marketing Movil para enumerar aquellos trucos fundamentales para el exito es este canal del marketing online que si bien no ha llegado ahora, se esta posicionando cada vez mas claramente como una alternativa muy recomendable para los pequenos negocios. Desde que Google cuenta con una funcionalidad para ofrecer resultados de busqueda para moviles, es conveniente que te pares a pensar si puede leer tu contenido en formato movil, para asegurarte que apareces cuando los usuarios  utilizan el buscador en sus moviles o la aplicacion Google Mobile App. Comprueba aqui el formato que utilizan los diferentes robots de rastreo de Google para definir el contenido de la version movil de tu web.
A la hora de adaptar tu web al formato movil es vital seleccionar que contenidos incluiras y cuales seran prescindibles. Utiliza enlaces y llamadas a la accion efectivas para dar acceso rapido al proceso de compra o informacion a consumir.
No cuentes con muchas paginas, a los usuarios de movil no les gusta tener que buscar mas de lo imprescindible.
Aunque hayas puesto mucho esfuerzo en la version movil de tu web, y quieres que la gente la adore, siempre habran usuarios que prefieran navegar por la version web de tu sitio en sus moviles. Entre los trucos comentados hemos senalado la necesidad de simplificar e incluir solo el contenido mas relevante. La mayoria de sitos web no cuentan con una version para moviles de su contenido, lo que significa que todos los buscadores (web y moviles) y usuarios acceden al contenido desde la misma URL.
Si tienes un blog, que espero que asi sea, este deberia ser el centro de tu estrategia de contenidos. Siempre puedes recurrir a este tipo de publicidad para dar visibilidad a tu negocio en moviles, aunque lo cierto es que por el momento representan mas una molestia para los usuarios, es cuestion de utilizar una buena segmentacion. Asi mismo el marketing de mensajes de texto, con unos ratios de apertura superiores al email marketing en moviles, es otra de las acciones a tener en mente. En E-Interactive hacemos mucho enfasis en la necesidad de contar con una estrategia posicionamiento local. Que la competencia en movil no sea tan alta como en la web no significa que debas prepararte menos si quieres lograr tu objetivo.

Leer entrada anteriorMarketing Online y Publicidad Grafica en Constante evolucionMencionar que el Marketing Online esta en constante evolucion no es decir nada nuevo. Alex is a 2011 graduate of Bellarmine University, majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. When not developing, Alex enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Sasha, playing video games and keeping up with anything Star Wars related.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. We create a marketing plan that turns your website into a Portal Site for your business using a variety of social media methods, combined with keyword analysis, SEO, automated lead capture and much, much more. Disney Interactive supplies top quality interactive entertainment encounters for Visitors for all current and emerging digital media platforms. AboutMarketing by Data is an incredibly talented and experienced marketing consulting company for corporate and small businesses.Monthly NewsletterSubscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date with the latest on Marketing by Data and marketing news!
If your company is not in a position to wait for organic search engine optimization campaign to earn its rank with specific keywords, a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign can position your company from day one. At Authority Interactive ™, PPC Marketing offers a easy, quick and effective way to drive customers to your website to increase your ROI.
Our Commitment You have our commitment to execute the latest Internet marketing strategies to produce powerful results to exceed your goals. Trade shows, direct mail, advertising, parter programs, etc., were a lot to coordinate, but they were all relatively finite and well-bounded.
And in tough economic times, when the accountability of performance marketing sounds like a darn good idea to most CEOs, the measurability of online marketing has become irresistible.
Even though online marketing is inherently a software-centric domain, there hasn’t been a lot of software at the level above the on-the-ground execution.
With all the choices people can make online, in pretty much whatever order they want, with all the subtle but real variations in audience motivations, perspectives, and preferences, you end up with millions or billions of possibilities.
If the people implementing it can strike the right balance between deterministic automation and non-deterministic discovery, providing some structure but not rigidity, this will be a winner. We frequently see companies roll out expensive national campaigns to people with disabilities without first doing the research, planning and infrastructure development required to successfully do business with this powerful customer base.
Our digital media marketing specialists know how to reach those with the greatest influence to fuel word-of-mouth marketing within the disability community. We will answer your accessibility questions and discuss your needs and requirements with no pressure or obligation to you. We are internationally-recognized experts and provide accessibility services for ADA compliance, Section 508 compliance with VPAT certification, and WCAG 2.0 compliance. Una recomendacion SEO basica para cualquier website es informar de todos tus contenidos a Google mediante Sitemaps, ya sean imagenes, URLs o videos. Es fundamental que el usuario no sienta que tu web y tu aplicacion o web para moviles son cosas diferentes y separadas.
Mirando, escuchando, leyendo, aprendiendo y compartiendo sobre SEO y marketing online en general.
Mucho de lo que hablas tiene relacion directa con el SEO movil que, aun asim se subestima bastante.

Alex uses his experience in web development to create optimized websites that meet client’s needs. As an advertiser, you are only charged for the ad when someone clicks on it and is lead to your landing page (or website).
Being able to not only oversee, but also prioritize several critical PPC advertising components is vital to the success of any pay-per-click marketing campaign. Our Internet marketing experts have years of online marketing experience and receive ongoing training to advance their knowledge of the latest PPC Management strategies. The marketing world largely revolved around campaigns, each with a defined beginning and end.
If old marketing was dealing with chess pieces on a board, new marketing is like a chessboard in which new squares and pieces are being added exponentially in all directions all the time.
Including people with disabilities in all aspects of the organization – clients, potential clients, suppliers, partners, vendors, employees and shareholders, can help you achieve greater shareholder value and brand awareness, and will extend your reach into an ever growing market of the disability community.
Google no va a identificar esto como contenido duplicado, y ofrecera ambas URLs en sus respectivos resultados de busqueda. Sin dejar de ser creativo, manten todas tus senas de identidad en la version movil (logo, colores corporativos, slogan, imagenes representativas de la marca, etc.). With Alex’s expertise 301 Interactive has been able to expand the services it offers to include mobile application development, custom WordPress plugins and more.
They also offer premium internet entertainment that offer as the online as well as mobile gateway for everything Disney, consisting of No. Your ad will effectively appear on a search engine results page when someone searches for your keyword phrase that you have placed a bid on. And even if the software is technically capable of doing that, how much of its success will depend on the savviness of the marketers implementing and running it? We pride ourselves on our partnership and dedication to your business succeeding, and will work with you to define the metrics and success criteria that will show real ROI and positive impact to the bottom-line. Te recomendamos que consultes estas especificaciones de Google para anadir la informacion correctamente. Esto no significa que sea irrelevante utilizar una o varias URLs, siempre sera mas recomendable utilizar URLs optimizadas para cada tipo de contenido.
Imprescindible la presencia en Google Places en moviles y aplicaciones como Yelp o FourSquare. A successful campaign requires daily maintenance that includes research, analytics and the tools to make educated campaign adjustments. Tus consumidores potenciales siempre lo llevan con ellos y aprovechan cualquier oportunidad para encontrar algo curioso o interesante que leer en sus moviles.
Many companies will automate your PPC campaign and then report the results on a monthly basis.
We can assure you that this will only lead to a drain on your marketing budget and lead to diminishing returns.

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