A review of four page-based prototyping tools—Flinto, Invision, Keynote, and Fluid UI—reveals strengths, weaknesses, and use-cases for each.
A review of several layer- and code-based prototyping tools highlights opportunities to gain more control over your mobile prototypes. They can be paper or click-through, but designing successful digital experiences involves making prototypes of your interfaces.
An idea for an app that delivers fresh lobster and crab to the Bay Area is realized at ProtoHack, a code-free prototyping hackathon. Our contributors and staff recommend these articles on for developing an understanding of experience design and jumpstarting your career. You can actually use the “Timer" feature and an animated GIF to create a smooth transition.
The other four you mention are very good, but Axure wins for me because I dont have to work with files from photoshop (or equivalent) but I can also create and design directly in Axure. One major flaw not mentioned in all of the apps above is their lack of support for orientation change. Collaboration was not my criteria when choosing the tool because all of our designers are in-house but know it's very important for some organizations.
In addition to interactive pens, it is now possible to operate intuitively using your fingers on the screen (EB-595Wi only) a€” now you can annotate, open and close files, scroll through pages, move and enlarge objects. Two people can write simultaneously on the interactive area using the 2 interactive pens with selectable function side button.
With the finger touch interactive model EB-595Wi, multiple users can annotate on the interactive area using a combination of 2 pens and up to 6 fingers at the same time! Interactive functionality is also available without a PC connection, so drawing on the projected screen is now possible when connected to other devices such as visualisers or DVD players etc. When using Epson EasyMP software with a networked interactive projector, teachers are no longer tied down by restrictive and confining cables. Display, annotate and control content from your iOS® or Android mobile device with the free Epson iProjection App and the optional wireless card. This new annotation software from Epson allows users to control projector settings over the network, record and save video from Epson document cameras, save, re-open and edit annotation files, access archived curriculum and program the interactive pen button to provide instant access to the most-used tools. With Epson, you can enjoy up to 3x brighter colours than their leading competitive 1-chip DLP projectors*. Not only does the wide-ranging interface correspond with conventional analogue sources, it is compatible with two types of HDMI sources as well for digital connections. These projectors can also project vertically downward, enabling users to transform any table top into an interactive surface.
We make a slew of mobile music apps that let users create their own content, whether that’s singing via karaoke, rap battling, or playing a piano. Karaoke at Smule, a maker of social music creation mobile apps such as Sing Karaoke, Autorap, Guitar and Piano.
It has a steeper learning curve, but gives you the level of control of individidual elements of the screen.

Been using them at work for the past few weeks now, even submitted some feature requests, got an email today they were just released! When you create your hotspot, just press 'b' and it will automatically take you back from wherever you came. Now therea€™s no need to look for the remote control, when the projector can be easily operated directly from the screen! Educators can wirelessly display and interact with content as they move about the classroom with their laptop, experiencing a whole new level of interactive freedom. Because Epson projectors use 3LCD Engines that have no colour wheel with a white segment, there is no trade off between white and colour brightness. One of the HDMI input terminals is MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) certified for mirroring of Android and other mobile devices. By utilising the optional ELP-MB29 table mount, an ordinary table becomes an engaging platform for interaction and collaboration. 2013 Average of 1,128 shipping models for which the manufacturers provided lumens and total power data, all resolutions and brightness levels. When the company was still small, product designers used to prototype with engineers, sitting side-by-side and exploring new possibilities.
Bona’s main responsibility is to create delightful user experience and seek new opportunities on the edge of mobile music technology. The App is easy to use and navigate with intuitive menu options that make it simple to bring iOS® and Android content to the big screen.
Now, the company has taken on more ambitious features, leaving designers and engineers less time for prototyping.This is why I’m on a mission to find a perfect prototyping tool that meets the need of all the product designers at my company. With background in design and interactive technology, her passion is to create meaningful connection worldwide via non-verbal interaction.Before joining Smule, Bona was a UX consultant in E-commerce sphere and an active artist at Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU.
Wasn't a big fan of flinto when I tried it out, needed more collaboration features, and some of the extra mobile stuff invision has.
The most important criteria are: mobile friendly, easily sharable, no learning curve, and highly interactive. This article will focus on two page-based prototyping tools as they offer the easiest adoption out of three categories, in future articles, I’ll explore layer-based and coding-based options.Page-Based Prototyping ToolsPage-based tools include Flinto, Invision, Keynote and Fluid UI. Using these tools, you can create multiple pages or import your static mocks, and then easily create hotspots to link to the next page with nifty transitions. These tools are best used for showcasing the entire flow for a big feature or an entire app. Since all of them support drag-and-drop with intuitive navigation, there is virtually no learning curve. However, these tools do not offer an ability to fine-tune fancy animations or control a single component within the page.FlintoAfter some consideration, we decided to use Flinto instead of other tools in this category. With every release we build an exciting feature for an existing app rather than building a completely new one.
This means whenever we make changes to a mock in Dropbox, it will be automatically updated in Flinto as well.

Flinto is extremely easy to use, and you can build a prototype in mere minutes.Just like the other tools in this category, Flinto does not offer smooth animation on a page.
For instance, the animation of a progress bar needs to be divided into many images and renders choppy rather than as a smooth animation.This simple progress bar with success message animation required eight mocks and still appeared really choppyInvisionInvision is a close second to Flinto, and shares many of features we like in Flinto. It is easily sharable, highly collaborative, is optimized for mobile, offers syncing, and has version controlling from PSD files. Just like Flinto, you can drag-and-drop multiple images and create hotspots to make an interactive prototype in minutes.The only reason we didn’t go with Invision is that it’s not as easy to manipulate pages. In Invision, you only see a single page in a browser then select the file name you want to link in a dropdown menu. This provides little visibility of the entire mocks we imported, which were often over 50 images. Also, linking pages based on filenames isn’t as intuitive as visually identifying files.Unlike Flinto, you can only see one page at a time and select linking page from a dropdown menuKeynoteIf you’ve only used Keynote for presentation purposes, you haven’t discovered its powerful features for prototyping. Keynote offers animated transitions between slides, gestural control, editing capacity of alignment, auto distribution, and smart guides. The animations offered in Keynote are fairly well-mapped to standard animations you’d get in iOS development. It’s the most intuitive and self-explanatory tool in of this category, since there is (likely) zero learning curve.However, sharing Keynote prototypes is not as easy as one would think. Unlike Flinto or Invision, you need to export the prototype as PDF and upload it to you server, then send the link to the user testers or your clients. This means that not only do you need to take an additional step in the sharing process but you also don’t control how it will be displayed on recipients’ devices.
If your user tester has an Android device, the PDF can be displayed in many different zoom levels or lose its interactivity entirely. The best method of deployment to keep the experience as high-fidelity as possible is to download keynote for iPhone or iPad on the recipients’ devices.
This deployment process is not as efficient as other two tools above.Fluid UIFluid UI is an excellent tool if you’re starting the prototype from scratch.
It comes with over 2,000 ready-made wireframe UI widgets for phone and tablet for both iOS and Android.
You can also export the entire view and use it as a flow document.You can also upload your high fidelity mocks and create hotspots just like Invision and Flinto. Also, lack of ability to link your Dropbox folder means you need to switch mocks every time you make changes to your design.In the next article, I will review layer-based and code-based tools’ pros and cons. Thanks for reading and stay tuned! Be sure to check out Bona's reviews of popular layer- and code-based prototyping tools.

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