12 ans d'experience dans la creation, la conception et le developpement de sites internet et d'applications multimedia. Quickly and easily create great looking, 3D interactive presentations without the need for 3D design skills, and without paying thousands of dollars to third party designers. We are dedicated to enhance ease of use of 3d software to improve efficiency, so that every ordinary person can make a cool 3D animation and presentation. 1) A Smart notebook file that introduces the topic, provides practice questions and finishes with a room decorating project and a self-assessment check. It can prompt discussions on the words and learners can give their opinion on what they may mean. I have used the resource with Functional Skills and Skills for Life classes ranging from Entry 2 to Level 2 students.

There are alternative shortened versions (some activities are slightly different too) for a 1 hr L1 lesson (area of rectangles) and a 1.5 hr L1-2 Lesson (no triangles). The PPT includes links to news videos and is best used in conjunction with the Fact or opinion handout.
This presentation also explores the link between fractions, decimals and percentages and the sharing of fraction amounts.
I have aimed to create short PPTs to help ease some of the stress and pitfalls of the Level 1 exams. In the first lesson I introduce the table using distance units and encourage the students to remember the number of columns and the headings.
Some slides are based on persuasive-type texts so can also be used for purpose of text extension work, others are based on recent news items.

Students should make a note of each of the new words and then decide which one (out of 9) has not been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Learners will need to have access to the three driving- related texts (insurance letter, newspaper article about road rage, and satnav road safety information) in order to answer the so you want to be a millionaire questions.
They are based around feedback and advice I have obtained from City and Guilds, students and tutors.
Although written for C&G Functional Skills most of the information will be relevant any FS awarding body.

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