The organisation produces their product in their home market and then sells them to customers overseas. The organisations sells their product to a third party who then sells it on within the foreign market. Another of form on market entry in an overseas market which involves the exchange of ideas is contracting. The ultimate decision to sell abroad is the decision to establish a manufacturing plant in the host country.
To share the risk of market entry into a foreign market, two organisations may come together to form a company to operate in the host country. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.
Innovative, versatile and creative marketing assistant with the skills, passion and professionalism needed to support business and consumer market programs, assist with PR and communications and conduct detailed market research. Marketing Assignments - University of Technology Sydney, 2009 to present The following are examples of projects and assignments completed as part of the curriculum: for the Business in Marketing course through the University. Product Marketing Plan - built and developed a strategic marketing plan for the introduction of a unique maritime product into the Australian Markets covering; the product, price, promotion and distribution factors involved in launching the product. Marketing Research Report "Mother  Energy Drink" - conducted primary research into this popular energy drink and similar products in its category in order to understand the product competition and  to provide a report on improvements to product marketing. Promotion & Advertising Plan  - developed a plan for promoting and advertising a product known as "Happy Yappers dog treats" for introduction into a foreign market which in this case was Hong Kong.
Customer Interface Evaluation "Website evaluation" - analysed the website for "Homeworld" using e-business marketing evaluation tools, benchmarking similar sites and identifying recommendations for improvement. Johnson International, August 2008 to December 2008 MARKETING ASSISTANT (interim placement) Johnson International has  grown into one of Australia's largest marketers, importers,  exporters and distributors of medical, surgical, dental,  laboratory, scientific, veterinary, beauty, first aid & safety  and office supplies products.
Conducted comprehensive research into the  market looking at existing product lines and pricing offered  within the market by Livingstone and by its competitors.
Provided assistance for the production of  marketing material and brochures on key product lines,  including liaison and negotiation with printers and  publishers on production costs. Liaised closely with the businesses  graphics teams on design layout for brochure production. Despite this being a short-term placement,  a great deal of responsibility was placed within the role and  was rewarded with the successful production of 2 month brochures  and a Yearly Supply Catalogue.
Australian Resumes Services is part of the itouch group, giving clients an  international resume service and professional resume that can be adapted to a wide range of markets. WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time.
Cultural awareness among international traders, is not as new as marketing pundits believe it to be.
Nowadays, companies that are going global with their products have to contend with local companies who are armed with vast knowledge on how the locals react to a certain cultural pulse. Cultural awareness should be applied in every aspect of marketing: in selling, label-printing, advertising and promotion of products. Companies have to be aware of what their brand names will do to their company image on foreign shores. The change makes it easier for people in the US to pronounce the brand which is an important step to popularizing the car brand. It’s not just the language used in the labeling or a TV commercial made to promote your company products, how the ad is created can make a lot of difference. For instance, a car manufacturer should ensure that its ads take note of the position of the driver’s seat. Speaking of slogans, there are a lot of instances when translations became a source of embarassment for a company brand. With all the possibilities of mistakes that could happen, why bother translating to the local language at all? There are also certain current issues that may force a company or organization to take a step back and re-evaluate their marketing slogans.
This unfortunately occurred right before the SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) outbreak.
Understanding customer preferences is a tricky issue, even when it comes to the serving size of your product. It is also not a smart move to push products against the local culture, but if you are confident in your product, it is all right to be adventurous (and experiment with various serving sizes). Helping customers make this connection with their brand and products is essential and that’s where cultural awareness comes into play. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. High-end fashion often appeals their consumers by one of their original provocative advertisements.
If I were the person to decide whether or not this ad should be publicly advertised, I would deny it.
The ad campaign is effective because not only does it remind men and women to carry pepper spray, it also illustrates the power behind it and its ability to provide protection to potential victims. The purpose of this article is market a diet dog food to consumers by using humor that the dog has gained so much weight it couldn’t get through its doggy door and the cat was able to torment it.
I think it’s interesting because it shows that Americans accept obesity as a cultural norm instead of trying to promote a healthier lifestyle. This tells us that our society is so lazy that instead of actually walking our pets, we will put them on diets like it is their fault we feed them too much dog food, too many table scrapes, and never walk them. This commercial has a little girl swearing through the entire thing every time something doesn’t go her way.
This commercial is effective because the Volkswagon is a German car and the commercial really gets to the point. I thought it was unusual that is was banned because I thought the Germany was ok with cursing on the air.
This controversial advertisement seen here, was published in an undisclosed high-fashion periodical. Not quite sure how much this advertisement makes a person want to drink a bud light but it does help to stereotype the type of person who drinks bud light. I disagree with your comment that “I don't believe that the commercial works because the whole thing is irrelevant to its message. Because module 3 focused on market research; primary and secondary data, I was able to better understand the process by which companies decide which products and services to market and which provide a greater response from the audience. In addition, after conducting online research to gather statistics on the responsiveness of young women to fragrance ads in comparison to cancer ads, I came across a Newsweek article that was published in 2010. I also think this brand of coach may take off in some countries such as China, as it seems to resemble the fashion and looks in that area of the world.
This commercial definitely works in the US market because of our liberal beliefs with nudity and our norms pertaining to male and female roles (although those are changing and it’s hard to define them let alone call them “norms”). This German commercial for Adobe Photoshop features the slogan “Improve Your Image” in a completely original way. In response to Dominica: The whole point of the cervical cancer commercial was that it was not like other ones. This advertisement was a campaign from the French anti-smoking organization which compares smoking among teenagers to forced oral sex. If this ad were to be shown in the US I think it would lead to an uproar among families and sensitive people because it is vulgar and does not teach the viewer anything. When you first look at this advertisement you are probably surprised and (depending on your view of stereotypes) either happy to see a couple who shows that love is more than skin deep, or you are repulsed by the idea of a good looking guy with a not so good looking woman. The commercial I found is in regards to a Tostitos commercial that shows three men watching construction workers letting one man do all the work, yet share the credit.
I personally thought the commercial was innocent considering the construction worker doing all the work was a man and the corporate men were actually perceived as lazy and unfocused.
I don’t think the ad works well because it blatantly implies that plus size women are “whales” and preyed on the insecurities of women and body-image issues by stating “lose the blubber: go vegetarian” and that being a vegetarian is the way to get skinny.
To conclude, this as does not work well in the US, and I don’t think it would also work in foreign countries, not because of offensive or emotional reaction, but simply because in other countries such as Europe or Asia, people don’t tend to be overweight making this ad out-of-context and not relating to societal ideals or attitudes. The commercial I chose was a German Optical company called Ihr Optiker, and is about a man & a woman sitting in a car. I believe this ad works because it pushes the envelope about a subject that most people can relate to: SEX. I believe that this commercial would and should have worked in the US as well as other foreign countries, if Americans would lighten up and stop being oversensitive about sex & sexuality.
When I first saw this ad I was captured by the colors and cartoon feel of the advertisement. I completely understand what you mean about Coach's past products and their one boring pattern with a C on every bag. The most appropriate method will depend on the business, its products, the outcome of its Marketing Environment analysis and its Marketing Plan. Here the Licensor will grant an organisation in the foreign market a license to produce the product, use the brand name etc in return that they will receive a royalty payment. The manufacturer of the product will contract out the production of the product to another organisation to produce the product on their behalf.
The government of the host country may give the organisation some form of tax advantage because they wish to attract inward investment to help create employment for their economy. The two companies may share knowledge and expertise to assist them in the development of company, of course profits will have to be shared between the two firms. Through being able to understand the wider picture, earned a reputation as someone offers a pro-active approach and is recognized as being results driven and an effective team player.
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Thus, the newcomers must make sure that their products and promotional techniques are sensitive to cultural values of the people to leave a good impression of their branding.

It covers language, the lifestyle and the behavioural patterns of the people in the country of interest. At other times, the brand name means something else in the country for instance, the name for the baby food maker ‘Gerber’ is French for vomiting! An ad showing a left-handed drive vehicle would not work in a country where the driver sits on the right-hand side.
Apparently, more than 70% of consumers are more likely to buy a product that is sold in their local language; the percentage is 10% higher when it comes to buying goods online. The worst thing about the whole situation was that shortness of breath is one of the major symptoms of SARS. This issue is dependent on local cultures and also the consumption level of consumers of the region.
When testing new markets with new products, there will always be the risk of suffering losses so one should always do their homework when it comes to culture-influenced preferences.
When mobile phones entered India in the late 90’s, people were not willing to make outright purchases. Customers would make the shift from hearing and knowing about a product, then recognizing the brand that produces it before trying out the product. If entrepreneurs use and implement their knowledge, it would immensely help in developing a successful international marketing strategy. New The new knowledge should be incorporated into thedata should always be considered within the context organizations database and business strategiesof existing information.
Fashion ads tend to always make heads turn based on their image but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is accepted to everyone. We’ve all seen how far high end fashion designers can go to make their racy advertisements bring attention.
I think this ad works because in the ad it shows a boy relieving himself on a wall which is not only illegal but disgusting.
When I first saw it I thought it was another fragrance commercial, but it ended up to be about preventing cervical cancer. The series represents the idea that men and women should always have a can of pepper spray ready in dangerous places. The ads would work in the USA and foreign countries, because they recommend the use of a device that is not necessarily deadly and can protect and prevent violence and sex crimes. I this was used in Mexico they would think it was crazy and just ask why we don’t just feed them less regular food. The commercial ends with the girl looking out the window at her dad filling the Volkswagon with gas instead of diesel and swearing. It directly says was it wants the message to be in print at the end of the commercial and delivers it with light humor that is almost family oriented. Albeit that there is no direct visual sexual provocation or explicit imagery; assumption is the culprit veiled in humor.
If they wanted to get the message across for cervical cancer, they should not confuse their audience by making the commercial look like it is advertising something completely different.
Therefore, it was obvious that GlaxoSmithKline conducted market research to figure out the best approach to get greater responses from the target audience.
Notice how each person in the ad is a different bright color, with different hair, and different sexes.
At least for me, the brand has always reminded me of the over fifty crowd, which is perfectly fine, if that’s your intended audience.
In Asia, however, this commercial would be HIGHLY offensive- as they don’t respond well at all to men with their shirts off in a public setting. At first I was glad to see a positive message entitled “Love is Blind” because it teaches that looks are not the most important thing a person can contribute to a relationship.
These corporate men then decide to share credit for the completion of a project that their partner, a woman, finished alone while they ate chips. The setting of the ad is a cartoon beach, and on the right side, is the back profile of a plus size woman in a two-piece red bathing suit with white polka dots.
Objectively speaking, because actual whales do not have a direct correlation with obesity or women, one could infer that this ad was aimed to offend a major part of Americans-given that fact that “The prevalence of adults in the U.S. She leans over to him as if to kiss him and instead goes down towards his crotch implying that she is performing fellatio. With todays over saturated advertisements with sexual and pornographic contents in the media, this ad actually took a witty approach to the sexual nature of some dating habits.
I believe that it was erroneous not to play it on day time tv because the truth is, under age children as well as young adults and religious people can easily find far more offensive and sexually explicit contents for FREE on the web. I read the comments and noticed how many people thought it was racist; I personally do not think the Ad was intended in that manner. I was never a fan of Coach because they lacked innovation and youthfulness, however with their new design team I am very impressed with their line!
The Franchise holder may help out by providing training and marketing the services or product. But competition, perhaps, was not particularly stiff at that point of time, although early traders are aware of the potential it has in their trading strategy. Of course the company should print in the local language, but that’s not where the language barrier ends.
It is essential for companies to adapt to local preferences if they want their product lines to succeed. The rich did but mostly out of curiosity that were induced by promotional adverts and the hype generated by company branding exercises. Javalgi ba Business Division, Lorain County Community College, 1005 North Abbe Road, Elyria, OH 44035, USAb Nance College of Business Administration, Cleveland State University, 2121 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland,OH 44115-2214, USA KEYWORDS Abstract As organizations continue to pursue more global strategies, the need to International marketing; be able to understand consumers in far away places is increasing. Javalgi As organizations become more global in their Within the broader context of the internationaloperations, how will these companies continue to market research process, the focus of our paperbe able to carry on a meaningful dialog with their addresses the nuances related to questionnairecustomers as they become ever more dispersed construction and primary data collection issues.around the globe? There is also a credit card lying across the table that brings indulgence towards the clothing top. Some examples would be, obviously promoting drugs, or sending messages to young woman that this is what it takes to wear the brand. I think it is funny how Nike took it to another level in the sense of directing it away from sports.
The potential victims in each ad are being followed in three different places: a public restroom, dark street and parking lot.
The idea to block out the attackers face also added to the effectiveness because it did not identify an attacker as looking a specific way and left this to the imagination of the audience to determine on a case-by-case basis.
I believe this ad works pretty well, although some audiences may find it mildly inappropriate. I laughed quite a bit while watching it because i know about ten people who act just like this.
They could be on to something because the campaign almost immediately drew the attention of blogs read by young women.
In October 2009 the brand repositioned itself and put an emphasis on a new market- the girlfriend.
According to reports, this campaign has stirred “positive” results because it has French people and media discussing the moral sides of this advertising concept. The US is more conservative and serious in terms of publicly displaying anything profane or widely accepted. I was shocked to discover that in actuality this ad is of optometrists that mean to interpret the man in this ad is so visually blind he cannot see how his girlfriend truly looks. They will be further pushed toward the idea that appearances are very important and it’s a joke to assume a better looking person than yourself would be interested in you.
On youtube there were many mixed comments regarding this commercial because while some found it innocent and humourous, others found it offensive to women and proving that men will always be superior to women.
I did not think this commercial was offensive however it shows the sensitivity of the US and a sense of resentment that still exists among some people in our society. He leans back in his seat and closes his eyes, but immediately opens them as he feels nothing.
More and more celebrities get exposed by the media with photos, videos, etc showing far more sexual content than the commercial. They are starting to focus on a target market and define themselves as a fun quirky brand that has a little of everything (serious, fun, evening, and fashionable).
McDonalds is a popular example of a Franchising option for expanding in international markets.
As soon as call rates subsided, a big market was created and people thronged everywhere to buy one.
Marketing research Global marketing is the primary mechanism through which companies understand their current, as well strategies; as potential, customers. Which countries represent the We believe these areas are especially critical (i.e.,best opportunities for the organizations products problematic) when designing research projectsand services? This processoften used as a supplement to primary data, so its repeats itself as needed through the informationusefulness should be considered early during the feedback loop to address future informationresearch objectives stage. By looking at this specific ad, some lookers would actually think its pretty original and cool because of how it is seen in their eyes. In all three ads, although the attacker’s identity is not revealed, they have dropped their weapons after being pepper sprayed.
This ad represents the idea that not only societies throughout the USA, but also those throughout the world are subject to the same crimes and also changes the scenarios, which allows us to understand that even communities within different regions of the world can be subject to these crimes. I think the commercial is relative and funny and helps to perfectly appeal to the budweiser target market. The commercial started out as if it were promoting a fragrance because that is a product that a lot of young women are interested in, as opposed to cancer commercials, to which many young women tend to ignore.
It easily captures the attention of viewers (TV, print, digital media, and billboards included) of all ages and you just can’t help but take a second to notice the statement behind it.
I believe this is encouraging viewers and potential Ray Ban consumers to be who they are in full force and articulate their eccentricity.

This genius move, coupled with an exceptionally creative commercial has made me think about the product in a more favorable way. The ad is not comparing Obama's nationality (being half white and half black) which would then be very racist, it is simply acknowledging what everyone has been doing for some time now, the fact that we have a black president in office. They have been doing a great job with their ad's because they are introducing color and a certain image that appeals to many. As companies contemplate the global marketplace, they Marketing research; must consider how domestic market research differs when conducted in interna- Competitive advantage tional markets. The international environ- requirements.ment, however, makes these activities more difficult The method described is a very straightforwardto conduct. I’m assuming the designers actual message is to show how shopping their brand can bring addictiveness. But there are others that may wonder how is this image even legal to be publicly advertised?
I think it works in the United states because it is a funny ad, in foreign countries, however, I think this ad would be taken as offensive. The unusual thing about this ad is that a lime peeing in your drink will make it taste better.
It however will not work in many countries, including the U.S, many Latin American countries, Asian, and strict moraled regions such as the middle-east. While the designs are not quite my taste, I applaud the brand for trying to regain some innovative fashion integrity. Because of the diversity of this ad, Ray Ban is able to reach a broader and more varied market, which would translate beautifully into the melting pot that is the US market. The most interesting thing about the commercial is the way it’s constantly shifting gears, which holds the viewers attention throughout the 33 second duration, all while stimulating a woman’s desire for all the things that could be possible if her man wears Old Spice deodorant.
If a person is looking at the advertisement without knowing what the message was, they would be flabbergasted from looking at a young girl smoking a cigarette and an older man’s hand on her head pushing her to do something inappropriate. Perhaps the ad was too controversial for the US because there is still a lot of sensitivity concerning race or maybe it was the fact that the ad was in Russia.
The ad you posted is a perfect example of how they are showing their vision while targeting many women. In an effort to help internal client side marketing research managers design and implement improved international research studies, we briefly discuss the context for international market research and provide a framework for conducting international market research projects. Furthermore,based strategies that are customized for distant we think the vast majority of clients who utilizeinternational market segments? Setting research objectivesprocess are shown providing the larger context for Like its domestic counterpart, the internationalcross-cultural market research.
Many people in the fashion industry are so infatuated with their own image because of how deeply fashion is reflected as. I don't think this ad really reflects our society, I think it is geared toward getting consumers attention by using humor.
It is confusing and does not do an accurate job of trying to get attention from their audience.
Although the U.S is seen as a prime example of what a western civilized country is, we are still very rooted to our puritanical ways. It may not be positively interpreted in foreign markets because their citizens are often more uniform in their beliefs and physical appearances.
Additionally, we present several factors that should be considered by marketers who engage in global market research studies.
Market research is in-house market research departments are morethe functional link between marketing management often exposed to challenges related to question-and an organizations ultimate customer-base.
The most As stated by Craig and Douglas (2005), effective andactionable method employed by market-driven timely market research is an essential tool fororganizations to keep pulse with their valued developing strategy in a rapidly changing globalcustomers is the effective use of market research. Although these market research process begins with a clear under-stages are not unique to the international setting, standing of the specific research objectives. Wherever it is to be accepted, there will be people who may feel offended by it no matter what. As for its success in foreign countries, I would imagine that in some western-European countries the ad may be posted, that is until someone brings it to the attention of the authorities of magazine. Younger girls in fun colorful jewelery seem to be trying to regain some youthfulness to the brand.
These factors represent the variety of challenges that must be addressed in order to conduct research across national borders. Deter-they provide the backdrop which highlights the mining what information is required, and at whatpotential challenges posed by international research level, is the necessary first step.
In the fashion world, everyone has there own outlooks and opinions on what the art of fashion is. There are of course misogynistic and sexual orientation interpretation up for debate in this commercial. The bright colors and some-what messy look to the adds really make it stand out from other adds I have seen for bags. Particular attention is paid to the nuances related to primary data collection and questionnaire construction. Conse-Baker and Mouncey (2003) argue persuasively that quently, it is our position that this discussion willcontinual change and uncertainty in the global provide increased benefits for in-house marketmarket is causing seismic shifts in the role of research project managers. With total market researchresearch process involves designing the methodol- expenditures of $20.15 billion globally, it is easy toogy. For example, information requirements at research, information may be required for decisionthe corporate, regional, and local levels will likely making at different levels in the organization, fromvary widely between different countries. Whether domestic or international in focus, this see that the three major developed regions accountis the critical step of any research project. Clearly, as globalization other research methodologies including qualitativeincreases, firms will need to know how to better techniques, observational methods, and experi-utilize market research approaches that enable mentation, nor do we address in detail thethem to stay close to these worldwide and diverse broader issues of scale development, measure-customer segments. In order for the vast majority of international marketto construct the most effective methodology, research expenditures (Marketing News, 2005).researchers must have a broad perspective of the The presence of an adequate market researchmany methodological options available. Connell (2002) argues that, in the business-to- it represents need a reliable and valid source ofbusiness market, there is ample justification for information. Similarly, examining previous Projects at the management level cover broaddata and collecting secondary data may be much issues such as brand awareness and tracking, whilemore difficult in some countries, depending on the those at the decision making level may involve morestate of the market research infrastructure present. Variations infrastructure offers a distinct advantage to devel-range from primary to secondary research, qualita-tive and quantitative, experiments, test markets, oped countries and rapidly growing markets. Rapid advances in technology, increas- shares many commonalities with its domesticing international trade and investment, growing counterpart, namely the familiar steps of problemwealth and affluence across the globe, and a definition, methodology design, fieldwork, andconvergence of consumer tastes and preferences final report and recommendations. It is our hope that this narrow focustional market research, we provide a framework on the specific issues related to questionnairefor conducting international market research construction and international data collectionprojects. Craig and Douglas (2005) discuss threeconducting international market research in support major information needs relative to internationalof the design, execution, and interpretation of a market research.
The majorare compelling businesses to expand their globaliza- differences between the two involve disparitiestion strategies and tactics (Javalgi & White, 2002).
Our framework is designed to help challenges will provide the reader with a moreorganizations with in-house market research useful set of tools and guidelines for conductingdepartments that design and execute primary effective global research collection projects in support of strategicmarketing corporate initiatives. If the researchanalysis has four different levels ranging from local to problem is not clearly articulated, the researchglobal. In that spring from political, legal, economic, social, and cultural differences across countries, and the ? Corresponding author.
Asillustrated by the examples offered in this article, (1) Information needed for international marketresearch tactics routinely used in the United States entry. Clearly, the unit of analysis varies between collected will not adequately answer the specifictraditional studies and projects conducted across problem. The importance of internationalmarketing research initiatives include projects marketing researchrequiring the development of target market andmarketing mix strategies to support their products Market research is the vital link between theand services. It is much easier to design a only then by accident, relate to the managementquestionnaire focused on a single local market, as problem under consideration. The objective ofing decisions are further complicated by the sound market research is to interpret consumernumerous challenges involved with the cross- behavior and translate the perspective of keycultural context of global business.
Another flaw ofopposed to a study that represents a global unit of studies conducted without critical thinking con-analysis. Further, conducting fieldwork across coun- cerning objectives is that the resulting researchtry lines poses many challenges. Inbetter global research projects in support of todays consumer environment of over-choice andtheir internal executive management clients. This involves evaluating and integrating data• Are international markets growing faster than previously collected in order to monitor domestic markets?
Forincorporating new knowledge, and modifying busi- example, a project with the objective of obtainingness strategies are more difficult and time consuming customer impressions on a corporate merger willwhen the unit of analysis includes a larger worldwide not elicit information on why customers arecontext. Compa-research department managers with a useful tool nies that go to market without first uncoveringto design effective international research pro- specific segment needs and perceptions risk facingjects.
Withinvolved in conducting international market new consumer product launches typically costingresearch, we hope to help in-house marketing $25 million or more, the risk of not incorporatingresearch managers design and implement more consumer behavior into marketing strategy isimpactful and effective international research considerable.studies. Finally, we also discuss several cross- Since the mid-1990s, the international researchcultural factors that should be considered by business has grown tremendously. In 1995, the topmarketers who engage in global market research 25 global market research organizations had aggre-studies, as these represent challenges that must gate revenues of only $5.7 billion, and 45% of theirbe addressed in order to conduct effective revenues came from outside the companies homeresearch across national borders. While it makes sense develop the most effective international marketingfor increasing numbers of companies to go global, strategies that will lead to sustainable competitivemaking the correct decisions regarding target advantage.

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