A career as a marketing manager gives you the opportunity to merge your creativity and your business skills.
One of your most important functions as a marketing manager is to determine the demand for a particular product or service.
Assemble teams of artists, graphic designers, sales people and marketing experts to complete a project by its deadline.
Meet regularly with several department supervisors to ensure each project can be delivered on schedule and within budget. Since you can't accomplish all of these tasks yourself, you need to delegate some of them to the people who report to you. To be successful as a marketing manager, you need several years of work experience in a field related to advertising. According to the BLS in 2010 a Director of Marketing at the mid-point of their career earned $112,800 annually. People look up to you in this role, so it is important to have strong leadership skills and the ability to communicate professionally. As of 2010, a marketing manager at the mid-point of his or her career earned an annual salary of $112,800.
The BLS report indicates a project annual growth rate of 14 percent for marketing managers. This international financial management and control resume sample was written by Land That Job and provided for free download in MS Word format.
The primary responsibility of your position is to generate consumer interest in the products or services offered by your clients or employer.

You must study the demographics of potential customers and decide where your products or services should be marketed. It is common for marketing managers to have a background in sales, public relations, advertising, purchasing or product development. Every day, you come in contact with a variety of people who are important in creating the desired end result.
You will be involved in many brainstorming sessions to come up with ideas for new products and services. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that entry-level marketing managers earned nearly $58,000 that year, while those at the 90th percentile of pay earned in excess of $166,000.
The biggest demand for skilled marketing managers is expected to be in the field of electronic media.
He received his MBA in 2008 from Wharton and became a management consultant for Bain & Co in New York until joining his present company in 2010. Visit our Jobs section to find a great posting for these resume samples and our resume templates and cover letter templates.
Marketing managers, CMOs, or Directors of Marketing regularly interact with sales staff, graphic designers, accounting and upper management. You need to know how to diffuse angry clients and settle disputes between members of your own team. Careers in print media, such as newspapers and magazines, could decline by as much as 22 percent by 2020. It is important that you have a thorough understanding of consumer behavior to be successful in this job.

If you are considering getting a graduate degree, make sure you attend an accredited school that offers internship opportunities. Hiring managers look for marketing professionals with several years of hands-on experience in increasingly responsible positions. You must display confidence in order for others to respect your leadership and your decisions.
You also need to have strong analytical skills in order to study the market and know where the product or service will be the most successful. It is important to account for regional differences when researching typical compensation for this job.
Business law and advanced financial courses help to make you a well-rounded candidate for management positions.
You should take every possible opportunity to develop your leadership skills if you hope to reach the level of marketing manager. The ability to weigh various options and come up with the most profitable solution is also advantageous.
Your clients may also seek your assistance in pricing their products or services competitively.

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