This infographic from Yume comes to us via Los Angeles Hyundai and explores “Important Details You Should Know When Placing an Ad”.
Ironic, isn't it, that just 60 years ago television was considered "new media?" And just 30 years ago cable wore the same badge.
During their respective early days, each of these "new media" had to prove their value to earn a spot on the media plan-the same position the Internet finds itself in today.
The answer most certainly is YES - regardless of the brand you manage or the category in which that brand competes. The erosion of the network television audience during the 1980s and 1990s changed media plans forever.
In the early '80s, television was simple to plan and buy with just three networks to consider.
The exploding media landscape of the 90s-driven by increased TV audience fragmentation and the Web's popularity-have put this process into overdrive. Like the 80s and early 90s, media planners are, again, adapting their plans to account for the ever-growing numbers of people spending increasing amounts of time online at the expense of other media.
And, while 24% did admit giving up eating or sleeping to pound away on the PC, the activity sacrificed by over three-quarters of the respondents was television. Shortly after the Forrester findings were published, a study from The Georgia Institute of Technology's Graphic, Visualization and Usability Center (GVU) was released. At the same time, MSNBC noted the fact that Nielsen's ratings sweeps found one million fewer U.S. Simultaneously, Nielsen and CommerceNet released their Internet study, reporting that the North American online audience had doubled in the past 18 months.
This data is made even more impressive by the fact that Internet users are remarkably upscale. Internet advertising began in 1994, when the first banner ads were sold (Hotwired, October 1994) and the first commercially available Web browser, Netscape Navigator 1.0, was released (November 1994).
In a recent study, Mary Meeker, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley, and her team of researchers closely examined the adoption rate of the Internet, contrasted to the three other major "new media" invented this century: radio, network television and cable TV. As a common metric, they examined the number of years it took or will take for each media to reach 50 million U.S. This fashion of advertising has been long displayed many histrionics in the massively trafficked world of the internet and espcially blogs.
Some of the great advertising campaigns which have come into my blogging tenure till now have been Google Adsense which does the work of displaying targetted ads. I was totally enthralled with another type of advertising technique which came in the form of peel away ads. I recently saw the post from Mani Karthik from the DailySeo Blog which triggered me to write this post on the innovations in the field of advertising.

Clipperton Finance, a leading corporate finance firm focusing on tech and media, recently published a whitepaper evaluating the trends and opportunities in the online advertising space.
So what will drive ad sector growth and help to narrow the discrepancy gap over the next few years?
This whitepaper is jammed packed with useful info, particularly on French and other European players in this space, so make sure to check it out here. The Rude Baguette is France’s first English-language news site covering startups, tech, and innovation. Internet advertising, or online advertising, brings an abundant amount of options for business owners trying to market their service or product. The multitude of options, especially in the do-it-yourself area, makes Internet advertising readily available for entrepreneurs who are not willing to dedicate a large budget to advertising.
With some professional monetization expertise, one can not only make ads generate more sales revenue for the particular service or product advertised, but for domain owners, internet ads can turn into a high-yield passive income option. Google AdvertisingWe harness the power of Google ads to expose your business to a whole new market. As more number of Indians use the Internet platform, a proportionate rise in Internet advertising industry is seen. An approximate of 49 million Internet users who regularly surf the net, the country's online advertising market is expected to rise at least to a Rs 1,100 crore mark. It is stated that due to the rapid change in technology, the trend is shifting majorly towards the digital media.
Even companies that do not operate primarily online such as retail shops must still using the internet to be found and to expose their wares to the public. As audiences migrate, media plans follow, acknowledging that the ultimate goal of any brand is to reach its target audience effectively and efficiently.
The researchers asked PC users which activities they were giving up to spend more time on their computers.
This study, conducted on the Internet, asked users about their television viewing habits and what impact the Net might have on them.
Taken alone, this migration of the television viewing audience to the Internet is particularly striking.
So, not only are we witnessing a fundamental shift in media habits, the Internet audience represents that hard-to-reach, well-educated, high income population most coveted by marketers.
Google which started as a search engine provider quickly went on to become the biggest advertiser on the world wide web.
I have known some techniques of advertising which are worth appreciating because they don’t harm the view of the reader but in fact help the reader gain more quick access to the information available on the exhaustive web. The ads displayed have relevance since a script crawls through the content to judge it and then display the ads accordingly.

This is a unique kind of ad which does not make you crib since there is nothing displayed until you actually want to see it. The intention to capture a viewers mind is very challenging and the more innovative an ad is the more audience it will get. From banners and search engine featured listings to side ads or even social networking pages a€” all of them can be combined to create a meaningful and effective online advertising campaign. You can now hire a web designer to create an ad for you or you can create it yourself by using various templates available for free or for a specific fee online through various providers.
Internet ads also offer the advantage of crossing borders and becoming live instantaneously, and thus expanding the reach of an ad exponentially. It is believed that this industry will be the one of most promising field in the area of business and shall rule the media in the coming years, say experts. This is in accordance to the rate of growth which is close to 50 per cent, states Internet giant Google.
This comes as a reminder for all the advertisers to explore the wide platforms of internet based industry, thus reach specific target audiences. Brand managers are asking their agency account managers and account managers are asking their media departments. With television, cable and radio included for historical context, the growth of the Net is nothing short of remarkable.
Due to this blogs have started to increase in numbers exponentially because Google has the Adsense program which helps blog owners to earn some money for the information they provide freely. This has helped bloggers and web site owner’s immensely because of the least time required to set it up and use it wherever they like.
One can also customize the purchasing method of Internet ads, whether it is cost-per-click (the most popular), cost per mile, cost per action or per lead, and so on.
It is further reasoned that the success behind the surge is due to its widespread reach, impact and the most important cost effectiveness.
There are advertisements on billboards, neon signs, roads, streets, even the lame rocks are not spared despite the government putting a ban on them. These three factors take the advertising to a level which becomes a preferred choice for most companies, cutting across segments. The sole purpose of such gimmicks is not only to get viewership or an increase in sales but to break out of the mold of traditional formats of advertising and make people long for it.

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