Paul is a Father x2, mate, social media & information alchemist, philanthropist, author of "Live Aloha", television and motion picture actor, Certified Life Coach, internet visionary, loves to volunteer when possible and has been a creative entrepreneur in Hawaii for over 29 years. We are a local association committed to helping people understand how to market themselves online.
In September, I had the unique pleasure of attending the annual IMPACT14 conference hosted by the Internet Marketing Association.
Nearly 1,000 attendees descended upon two ballrooms within the Aria Convention Center in Las Vegas—where else would you host the biggest conference of the year?
As new technologies and advertising platforms emerge in the marketplace, there’s always a tipping point at which old strategy begs for a facelift.
Consumers increasingly rely on the mobile web for research and discovery.  Responding to this growing trend, DeMike provided a thorough list of optimizations and principles for mobile site design, useful in delighting users and driving conversions. Finally, Christoph Trappe, Chief Storyteller, The Authentic Storytelling Project invited us to re-imagine marketing with the task of telling authentic stories. About the Author Latest PostsAbout Holly MillerHolly has been a part of The Search Agency since 2012. If you're an internet marketing professional whose livelihood depends on successful use of the internet to promote your products, services or organization, you've found the right group with whom to network. Come to our Tuesday night July 7th for a great evening of networking and education the Hawaii Internet Marketers Association. This conference is their premier leadership event, focused on sharing issues, insights and improvements regarding how marketers can better approach internet marketing.  The IMA was established 15 years ago due to a lack of preexisting groups in the digital marketing space. Consumers want brands to help them continue their self-education and self-guided development.  Satiate these desires by offering easily accessible regularly developed thought leadership material without pushing for the sale.
The reality is there’s no real planning when it comes to viral videos, they just happen.
To this point, Alex Sapiz, Head of Sales and Partner Engagements and Recognition at Cisco Systems talked about the challenge of bringing together nearly 20,000 employees for Cisco’s annual sales and employee training. David May, Director of Web and Interactive Marketing at Chapman University is doing just that with an ‘audience generated’ approach to the university content.  David remarked how Chapman has developed their own algorithm based on a three-tiered system, whereby the university encourages their existing user base of faculty and alumni to contribute content for the university blog.

Trappe remarked, “search algorithms change but valuable content continues to be valuable.
Start by making sure the hub of your brand’s informational sourcing is designed responsively and serving up appropriate content based on the device in use.
Marketers should champion the cultural shift inside their organizations because ultimately, “process is the new black,” meaning marketers need to automate whatever can be automated in order to gain nimbleness. We’re in an era of engagement which demands that we develop frictionless marketing strategies that coordinate across different devices and channels, in order to better track consumers and their journeys of discovery and interaction with our brand.
She began as an SEO Account Manager overseeing optimization strategies for brands in verticals such as telecommunications, travel and the click-and-mortar fashion industry.
Paul is not only known for being a powerful speaker but always bringing fun and entertaining to every event he is a part of.
Membership is free and the group now boasts 1,000,000+ members worldwide (myself included) representing 111 countries—their website is translated into 5 different languages! DeMike remarked on how Google witnessed this trend begin to develop nearly two years ago with its Google maps component. His best tip was in relation to cross platform conversions, whereby marketers should offer their customers a way to resume their journeys if they, for example, happen to be interrupted on a mobile device but wish to continue their searches later on a different device. In addition to offsetting connectedness within the Cisco family, the physical training sessions enabled attendees to actually touch and feel the equipment.
Consumers will always need compelling and informational content” the likes of which solve their problems and answer their questions. Keeping up with your consumers in a digital, real-time world means acknowledging that consumers are deciding when they want to talk with marketers and on what device.
Arthur poignantly stated, “our consumers are not going to accept that we [marketers] won’t get out of our own way to give them the best experience. Responsive Web Design is highly encouraged, so that any site can appropriately serve up device-specific content accordingly (insider tip: Google is pushing on the telecom providers to provide faster speeds so brands that implement RWD can actually deliver the best experience). Emailing the consumer a link to bring them back to the same place or a save-to-cart functionality is ideal.

Apps are definitely an avenue worth exploring and if done right, the consumer will keep your app on their phone and you’ll be able to tap into data that will allow you to customize like never before. Alongside Cisco in this endeavor was long-time experiential event partner Tim Dempsey, VP, Strategy + Planning for George P.
In the wake of all these technological advancements and data abundance, remember to establish moments where the physical and digital worlds meet in the experiential arena. Johnson Experience Marketing, who synchronized app and WiFi technology to see where people were on a consistent basis throughout the conference. This system enables the team to identify the stories that are most relevant to their community, and ultimately better curate the featured content on their .edu home page. Marketers have the unique ability to facilitate this dialogue as they are the conduit between aligning the consumer’s own journey with the business goals of the internal organization. On the whole, marketers should tap into authentic storytelling from within their organization to create content that results in meaningful sharing. Although he has a life threatening heart condition, you will not find anyone with a bigger heart and spirit that will represent the definition of how to Live Aloha on a local and on a national scale.
Using this information, the event team facilitated certain sessions when they were full and activated repeat sessions as needed.  This technology also aided in the flow of logistically moving a large number of people through the event area and training sessions.
Interestingly enough, the team has seen faculty members use the platform the most for sharing research and publishing insights.
Overall, Cisco found a lot of value in physically bringing their employees together, rather than simply hosting online sessions.
Sapiz remarked by combining digital and in-person training, the conference elicited a higher confidence for selling as well as connectedness within the entire Cisco community.
Let’s engage in an aggregate way and ask customers to be part of the journey (as they move with our brand across multiple screens) and not just a stopping point along the way.

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