Hello from Cabin 5151 onboard the Carnival Miracle somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean at Mike Filsaime’s annual Internet Marketers Cruise! The Internet Marketers Cruise is always a great way to kick off the new year, and I have been fortunate to be a part of it every January for the past few years. As always, the organizers of the Internet Marketers Cruise never fails in over-delivering, and I want to personally thank Mike Filsaime, Paulie Sabol, Donna Fox and Tom Beal – along with Captain Lou Edwards – on organizing yet another million-dollar mastermind vacation of a lifetime! Previous years, the Internet Marketers Cruise was by invitation only, and the only way to receive an invitation is if you are within the “inner circle” of the Internet Marketers. And as you can see from our group photo above, the Carnival Miracle was literally dominated by Internet Marketers who took full advantage of the amazing week-long fun and networking experience! Over the course of the 8 days, I had a ton of fun hanging out with members of the new “Rockstar Platinum” crew – Lee Collins, Robin Collins, James Lee, James Delong, Lasse Rouhiainen and Amanda Swigert. It was also great to re-unite with previous Internet Marketers Cruise alumni, including Mike Morgan, Holly Morgan, Deborah Micek, JP Micek, Armando Montelongo, Veronica Montelongo, Joel Therien, Illona Therien, Mark Braunstein, Scott Tousignant, Bob Jenkins, Jennie Armato, Gary Byrne, Eelco de Boer, Howard Tiano, Cynthia Tiano, Matt Mazur, Michelle Galvin and Steve Pdilla. I was also very excited to see some of my friends on the Internet Marketers Cruise as well, like Jeff Dedrick, Frank Sousa, Simone Blum, Tom Bell, Micheal Savoie, Frank Rumbauskas, Stacy Makdad, Reed Floren, Odinn Sorensen, Tracy Repchuk, Tim Houston, and Nathalie Fiset. However, the best part has gotta be meeting completely new friends onboard, and have gotten to know Dr. But I must say that one of the biggest highlights of the trip was finally meeting and getting to know one of my biggest inspirations in entrepreneurship, Robert G. I had met Robert Allen once back in May of 2006 when I attended the Enlightened Wealth Institute seminar in Anaheim, but we never had the chance to really connect at that event. We almost shared the stage once as well in September 2007 at the World Internet Main Event in San Francisco, but that didn’t work out either when Robert Allen was unable to make it. But this time, stuck on a cruise ship with me for 8 whole days, Robert Allen had nowhere to go, and I finally had the chance to lock him down to have some private conversations with him. Robert Allen and I actually hit it off quite well, not only spending some time on the beach, but also in his suite along with the Rockstar Platinum crew setting up his new Twitter account and teaching him all about how to use the most powerful force in social media today. All in all, I had one hell of a business vacation, not only by having tons of fun with an amazing community of people, but also one of my more productive business trips yet – literally lining up my entire year’s worth of projects (in addition to the 50% of the time I’m already spending traveling internationally!).

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Free Video Access!Enter Your Name & Email Below For Free Video Training On How To Make $12,000 Online In 10 Days! This is a WordPress twenty twelve child theme that will work on any WordPress site but it is catered for internet marketers. It will allow you to update the basic twenty twelve framework without breaking your design. From my vantage point, B2B Internet marketers should focus on strategy development and solving the business problem at hand. Your goal should be to establish yourself, or company, as a credible provider of solutions to client problems. Create content silos and sequence information so that it aligns well with the needs of prospects as they wrestle with problems. The lifetime value of a customer is calculated by revenue generated and referrals produced. Encourage clients to comment on your Facebook or Google+ posts, retweet case studies, and provide recommendations on LinkedIn. At the end of the day, knowing the jargon of Internet marketing and which button to push is nice; but developing a sound B2B Internet marketing strategy and knowing how each of the above tactics can be used to accomplish your business goals will deliver a higher ROI. This pivotal “No Excuses” marketing conference led by top internet marketing leaders was a collaboration providing cutting-edge effective marketing techniques; the goal being to train leaders, assist in mindset, focus, and business development for internet and network marketers. Doris Hullett interviewed Jeff Learner, a successful entrepreneur, regarding advice or tips for the beginning marketer getting started on the internet as they develop their business.
Leadership training included: focus, purpose, one’s passion, vision, value to the market place, communication skills, and empowering others.
Discussions included skills that most internet marketers seek to improve upon: developing and launching products that people are searching for, social media skills (blogging, article marketing), search engine optimization (seo) skills, copywriting development, relationship-closing skills, and philanthropy. Doris Hullett is an educator-turned-network-marketer, specializing in Internet marketing and personal branding.

Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Letitia Wright, Rich Cook, Jon Atwood, Vince Mitchell, Kelly Mitchell, Mike Deiure, Arnel Ricafranca, Susanne Jorgensen, Chris Cho, Annette Dubow, Matt Haslem, Jeanette Fisher, Julio Mattos, Amanda Steadman, Sharon Worsley, Mike Mahon, Jose Soto, Vince DelMonte, Wendy Joy Hart, Cindy Battye, Clay Franklin, Phil Henderson, Juliet Easton, Jon Benson, Wayne Buckhanan, Martyne Lo Russo, Scott Spurlock, and literally dozens more that I can’t remember right now! For most, this means generating leads (or Internet sales) and nurturing these leads all the way through the online B2B buying process.
Successful companies get a head start by producing expert content that engages potential customers early in their search for a solution.
Disjointed website content creates doubt in the minds of prospects causing them to hesitate before making a buy decision. Interact with other bloggers leaving comments on good posts and referencing other articles that you either agree with or take exception to.
Addressing negative social media feedback head on showcases your dedication to customer service; whereas, burying your head in the sand and ignoring negative comments demonstrates apathy. Use Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and social analytic monitoring tools to track important metrics. This is great for the search engines and will get your content ranked for problem-based long-tail keyword phrases. People won’t engage with you on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or YouTube unless you interact with their content – so interact! Since the B2B buying process starts with the identification of a need and a search for solutions, ranking for these terms gives you a competitive head start.

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