If you ever wanted to start and run your own business from the comfort of your home, this is the most important page you’ll ever read.
We recently got together and had decided that we’d like the share the success with you and teach our most valuable secrets to making money online. You see, starting your own Internet business is one of the smartest things you can do to drastically change your life. Frank Bauer published his first online newsletter issue in July 1996, went full-time online in December 2001 and had his first year with over $1,000,000 in online sales in 2008. From Affiliate Marketing, JV Marketing, Integration Marketing, Viral Marketing to other forms of Internet Marketing, Frank does use these techniques himself to grow his own business and can teach you doing the same. He is the rare blend of Techie, Programmer & Marketing geek that can help find the right answer for your online business as well. Aurelius Tjin published his first online newsletter issue in July xxxx, went full-time online in December xxxx and had his first year with over $1,000,000 in online sales in xxxx. From product creation to all forms of Internet Marketing, Aurelius does use these techniques himself to grow his own business and can teach you doing the same.
He is the rare blend of Unstoppable Product Creator & Marketing geek that can help find the right answer for your online business as well. Frank Fazio published his first online newsletter issue in July xxxx, went full-time online in December xxxx and had his first year with over $1,000,000 in online sales in xxxx.
From product creation to all forms of Internet Marketing, Frank does use these techniques himself to grow his own business and can teach you doing the same. Google plus is a great approach for brands and bloggers , promoting their brand image and looking to increase their blog viewership.
According to a survey in 2013 , Google + had more no of active users than Twitter in year 2013. Buying Google Plus Followers and Google Plus 1’s   can save a lot of hectic work for you.
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Questions from prospective clients open the door for you to demonstrate your knowledge, your experience, and your compassion. Take a few minutes to teach them what they need to know, answer their questions, and make sure they understand and are satisfied with your answers.
During her conversation with the owner, she happened to mention a service her business offers (she and I own a service-related business).
Do this because you like the products or services and without any expectation that the owner or manager will do the same for you. When you approach networking like this, without an agenda, without demanding reciprocity, you will enjoy the process and do it naturally. What do you think the owner of the business you are promoting will do when three new customers come into his place of business this week and mention they were referred by you?
When you do something nice for your clients, whether giving them a free service, a discount, or something extra, make sure they know about it. Do you think your would-be clients will better appreciate the value of what you do if they see that the consultation they got free is worth $400? For example, if you charge $1500 to prepare a living trust and this includes a pour over will, power of attorney, and living will at no charge, simply send an invoice that shows the ordinary charges for those additional documents and 100% credit. If you want clients and prospects to appreciate you more, when you do something nice for them, make sure they know about it. When they don’t get a lot of business from one networking group many attorneys join a second group. The right people, the ones you want to meet and network with, are those who are likely to know and influence a significant number of your ideal clients.
Then, put on your thinking cap and brainstorm other categories of prospective referral sources. If you’re a consumer bankruptcy attorney, obvious choices might be real estate and mortgage brokers, accountants, and hairdressers.
Once you have defined your ideal referral sources, the next step is to find out where they congregate.
There are directories and web sites that list countless associations, networking groups, and referral groups (groups that meet specifically for the purpose of exchanging referrals).
Having a friend on the inside, someone who can introduce you to the right people and provide information about committees, speakers, and group dynamics is invaluable.
If you’ve done a good job for your clients, most are probably willing to give you referrals. First, your clients want to help their friends and colleagues to the benefit of your services. Second, when their friend retains you and is also satisfied with your work, it validates your referring client’s decision to hire you in the first place.

The third reason your clients are willing to give you referrals is that they want to help you.
Now, how about non-clients, professionals, business owners, centers of influence–why might they give you referrals?
Others will refer their clients and contacts to you for the same reason your clients do: to help their clients avoid the risk and effort of finding an attorney on their own.
When a professional is able to refer business but is unwilling to do so, it may be because they don’t yet know, like, and trust you.
If you’re dealing with a prospective referral source who cannot reciprocate, there are other ways they can help you. Splendour Autocare Center is a fully equipped unique facility that combines agency level expertise with the personal touch of your neighborhood mechanic. By the end of this workshop, you’ll have a website up and running, ready to make money. This elaborates the importance of Google + and gives the answer , that why it is important for branding and promotion in social marketing.
You just need to make your Product’s page on Google + and buy Google + followers by giving seller link to your page.
If you want something you don’t have, you have to change what you are doing and this will probably be uncomfortable, as is anything new. To get to the next level in your growth, you will once again need to go beyond your comfort zone into new territory. So what if you don’t like it, there are lots of things we have to do in life that we would rather not do. You don’t have to continue to do things that make you uncomfortable, you can do something else. You’ll find ways to avoid going to your networking event, even to the extent of getting sick.
Sometimes, we never try at all, basing our opinion on what we’ve heard from others or what we imagine. On the other hand, you might discover some things you thought you hated that you’re actually quite good at and now enjoy.
But one of these reasons presents a bigger challenge for many attorneys than the other reasons, not because it is insurmountable (it isn’t) but because it creates so much frustration and wasted time.
But the time and energy they spend in doing so is usually better spent finding someone else, someone who may have some questions or issues to resolve but otherwise WANTS what is being offered. You want clients who are thrilled they found you, relieved that you can help them achieve something they desperately desire.
When a prospect hesitates, you must make sure he understands enough about his situation, the risks he faces, and the benefits he can get by hiring you. What if you’re offering your services the right way, to the right people, and nobody’s buying? If the demand isn’t there, you need to find out what the market does want and offer that.
Ward When attorneys are getting fewer clients and their income is waning, it’s only logical to look at cutting expenses. When entering into a large five figure advertising spend on TV, I committed to a 12 month budget to fix the cost of media. Investing more time and more dollars in growing your practice will always be the best way to increase your net income.
But the woman who thanked me for my time and was never seen again stands out in my mind because the experience was so unusual. People read articles and blog posts that provide lists of questions a well educated consumer should ask lawyers before retaining them, and that’s what they do. It’s because numbers make an unscientific decision like hiring a lawyer seem somewhat scientific.
A numbers-obsessed prospective client can easily end up worse-informed than someone who doesn’t ask any questions.
In teaching prospects what the articles do not, with patience and respect, you provide value to the prospective client that he doesn’t get anywhere else. If you want their business, if you want them to choose you instead of the many other attorneys they find online, you need to give them a reason.
She was very impressed with her experience (great customer service, low prices) and she told the owner how she felt.
He thought his customers would also be interested in our service and asked for more brochures to display on his counter. It can be as simple as making new contacts while you’re busy running errands or otherwise going about your daily business. Your friends and clients will get the benefit of your recommendations and be grateful to you. Put the charge on the statement and then show a credit for that charge, so the client can see the value of the service they received. Ward Marketing legal services on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform, begins with your profile.
Don’t rely on one account, give people as many ways to read about you and engage with you as possible. The local Chamber of Commerce advertises a mixer, a friend invites them to a Rotary breakfast or their local bar association announces their annual meeting, and that’s where they go.
Before you know it, some attorneys attend so many networking events each month they have no time for anything else. No matter what your networking skills might be, your odds of success are much better when you network with groups comprised of a high concentration of these individuals.

If you see you got twenty-six referrals from real estate brokers last year, it probably makes sense to put real estate brokers on your list. Depending on your practice area and local market, two or three categories may be enough (and all you can handle). It may include some less obvious choices, however, such as high school principals or pastors.
For example, if you want to network with financial planners, networking with accountants or non-competitive attorneys who represent financial planners would make sense.
Not only can this shortcut your research time, your contact will probably invite you to attend a meeting as his or her guest.
Call and introduce yourself, mention your mutual friend, and tell them you’re looking for a networking group you could attend. They can save their friends the time they might have spent looking for an attorney, and help them avoid the risk of getting an incompetent one or getting overcharged. In helping their clients this way, they add value to their relationships and their status is also elevated. They have a relationship with another attorney to whom they refer and they don’t have enough referrals for both of you. By the same token, there are other ways you can help them when you can’t reciprocate. What is the importance that Google Plus has created for itself in social networking department. The more active followers you have , more you have chances of getting +1 votes from People. Over time, you will become comfortable with your new activities and you may actually enjoy them. You won’t get better at it and your lack of results will only frustrate you and make you hate it even more.
He may have wanted it next year but because you pushed him, he will probably hire someone else.
It’s a complex decision, and the idea of boiling the process down to comparing statistics comforts some people.
Tell him what he needs to know and give him credit for being intelligent enough to make the right decision.
Once they trust you and hire you, they will refer other clients to you and you won’t have to work so hard.
She asked him for some of his business cards because when my wife finds something she likes, she will go out of her way to tell people about it.
Maybe because it was a brief exam or maybe he never charges for an exam that follows a cleaning.
Include your key words throughout your profile, so someone looking for an estate planning attorney in Tampa can find you. Unless their regular attorney has a conflict of interest, is unavailable, or doesn’t handle a given matter, your prospective referral source may be willing to refer, but not able. The price will be a small investment compared to what you’ll be learning in this workshop.
Why is it important for business owners, designers , photographers and other people who are wanting to establish their mark through social marketing. Google +1 votes can be a good source of giving viewers a sense of authenticity and helpful .
Crafty sales techniques, fear and intimidation, and outright lies are used to get prospects to sign. Otherwise, I would have faced huge increases, or have been forced to temporarily discontinue advertising, because of temporary changes in media demand such as elections.
Without a frame of reference, I might as well have told them I was too busy to handle the case. And ask him questions to find out what he wants and to make sure he understands what you are telling him. Also, I just updated my Twitter profile to include a link to my web site, even though I already had it in the box Twitter provides for that purpose. All that changed when our daughter was young and wanted a pet but nobody wanted to walk a dog. If we had thought about it at all, we would have assumed the exam was included in the cleaning and not given it another thought. Since it isn’t yet as established as Facebook and other social networking websites , but still you can find and buy google plus ones by no . But there are many ,sellers who offer active followers and also provide money back guarantee.
This post says that making this change increased the number of clicks from Twitter to her web site. Your firm can also have a page or profile, but this is not a substitute for your own personal profile. Talk about how you have helped clients in the past, so that prospective clients can see what you can do for them.

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