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Both small and medium sized businesses know it is time to go digital and Email Marketing is just one of the strategies businesses of today cannot do without.  The preferred email marketing tool is Benchmark Email and if you are lacking time, Benchmark can do your email campaigns for you.
One of the newest online marketing strategies is social media marketing and we will show you how businesses of today are using social media for business.
Mobile Marketing is one of those marketing strategies where you can easily engage your audience through voting, polling, text2win contests, signage and more.  You can also deliver your coupons and special offers through opt in text messaging. Le 21eme siecle, les Technologies de l’Information (TI) sont devenues l’un des piliers essentiels du business.
La notion de Big Data recouvre une combinaison de progres technologiques, d’innovations d’usage et d’evolutions sociales qui amene les entreprises a repenser leurs priorites strategiques et leur modele operationnel.La premiere dimension fondamentale du Big data, c’est la composante technologique. Les donnees des entreprises : les emails, les documents, les bases de donnees, tous les historiques de processus metiers (logs), et tout autre type de donnees structuree, semi-structuree ou non-structuree que l’entreprise produit et stocke. If someone mentions “Marketing” to you, you probably think of those popular companies like Microsoft, HP and Sony spending millions of dollars on TV commercials, radio, large billboards and newspapers to promote their products and services.  However, things have been gradually changed since the arising of the Internet in the 1990s. In the middle of the 1990s, if someone had told you that the emergence of the Internet would have a profound impact on the practice of domestic and international marketing.  You probably would have not believed it.
Provide Internet marketing consultation and training to the companies that plan to expand their business through the Internet. Market other companies’ products and services through the Internet to make steady passive income.
Sufficient experience of web programming and the latest Internet marketing tools and technologies.
Extensive experience of using company’s website, email marketing, blogs, webinars, podcasts and social media sites to reach out and connect with the overseas target and potential markets.
Last but not the least, basic knowledge of marketing principles, target markets’ local cultures and consumer habits, etc.
Of course, you don’t have to be a webmaster, programmer, Internet marketer, marketing consultant and copywriter all in one person.  But you need to know a little bit of everything, be really good in one or two subjects and build a team of people with different specialties. If you find value in this blog, please leave a quick comment below to benefit future readers. Yeah, this is really very true that internet marketing courses brings new business and job opportunities. Words of Wisdom from the Greatest Copywriting MastersDo you want to increase the conversion of your web copy, email marketing and online advertising? Internet Marketing Business Software – Auto Mass Traffic – No Need Of Google Now! AB Testing, Split Testing Often, the goal that people set for their websites is to have a lot of traffic.
Make sure you apply your variations consistently all across your site, wherever the element might occur in the page.
Before conducting the test, make sure you inform your site visitors via email or by posting a notice on your site beforehand. Some webmasters and designers tend to be more intuitive than practical, meaning they will rely more on their gut feeling than on the test results obtained. Mais si votre entreprise sait deployer une strategie et des outils adaptes, cette generation pourrait aussi bien constituer l'un des ingredients cles de votre avenir.
Social, mobiles, Cloud et les technologies multimedias sont quasiment integres dans leur ADN.
En effet, le Big Data s’appuie sur un ensemble d’innovations technologiques qui transforment profondement la facon dont les entreprises et les individus generent, transmettent, stockent et utilisent des donnees : massification des echanges de donnees (video, texte, son, image), revolution dans le stockage (cloud-computing) et la structuration de donnees (NoSQL), progres des techniques d’analyse, progres des outils de visualisation de donnees…Cependant, la montee en puissance du Big Data n’est pas uniquement une histoire de technologie. Today as the Internet reaches its mature age, we can see more and more clearly the power of the Internet and feel its irresistible impact as it enters into ordinary people’s daily life.  The expansion of the Internet has been changing people’s way of life.

This is such a huge market with so many unfulfilled needs that everyone can have a piece of it if you know how.
Robert Kiyosaki said that just as Columbus opened the world to new wealth, the Internet is opening even larger worlds of opportunities and wealth to today’s explorers.  Be the explorer and the pioneer! This rapid growth means that the shift from desktop computing to mobile devices is already happening – with five billion phones, there are more than three times as many phones in existence as personal computers.And this is truly a global phenomenon. Another goal that they should have is to increase their conversion rates from this traffic. It is a method that presents site visitors with two versions of a website where only one element has been modified.
This has the advantage of reducing the number of tests to conduct and the testing time required in order to come up with an optimized design for the site. Some big-name websites that make use of this method include Amazon, eBay, Google, Microsoft, and the BBC.
Elements that can be tested in email copies include the greeting, content, image usage, font size and formatting, and the call to action. Running the tests with a duration that’s too short will waste your time, since you won’t be able to use the data from it. This will prevent site visitors from getting confused and will ensure that the results that you will get are reliable. Testing variations without testing the control first will render the results you get useless, since you won’t have baseline data to compare it to. When Ruben is not writing he’s producing or composing music for short films or other visual arts. Un website vous aidera donc a poster des informations generales ou des annonces, de developper votre boutique en ligne, de creer des forums de discussion, ou meme de combiner tous ces elements. Leur maitrise technologique est un element determinant de leur profil, mais ce n'est pas le seul. Les evolutions culturelles vis-a-vis de la generation et du partage d’information et les nouveaux usages et nouvelles possibilites de monetisation sont des elements cles de l’augmentation de la richesse et du volume des data. For example, how people spend their spare time, where they go to find out the information and whom they network with, just to name a few.  The traditional marketing channels such as newspapers, magazines, billboards, radio and television, are challenged by the various inexpensive web-related marketing tools and channels. But should remark on some general things, The website style is ideal, the articles is really nice : D. This is a goal that many webmasters don’t have because they are too hung up on the numbers they get from their traffic reports. The reason for this is so that webmasters can quickly pinpoint the reason for the varied results that each version will get during the course of the test. Elements that can be tested on websites include site content, font size and formatting, image placement, color themes, and page layout. Running tests for durations that are too long will also be a waste of time in a sense that you can spend it instead conducting more tests to further optimize your site. Installee dans le quartier de Yaba, elle abrite plusieurs incubateurs de start-up digitales.Dans cette metropole de la premiere economie du continent, mieux vaut ne pas se separer de son ordinateur, de ses telephones portables et de ses tablettes. Deja democratise avec le developpement fulgurant des smartphones et tablettes, le web 3.0 designe un Internet qui s’affranchi de toute plateforme pour devenir accessible partout. Comment pouvez-vous vous appuyer sur l'information si vous n'avez pas confiance en elle? Many companies have started to put online marketing strategies and channels such as search engine optimization  (SEO), pay-per-click(PPC), affiliate programs, email marketing, social media marketing, webinar, blog, RSS, podcast, Internet Radio and Internet TV into their marketing framework. Unlike computers, mobile phones are portable, personal, always connected and always with us.We can begin to predict the shape of the future by studying mobile use in the most sophisticated and networked markets. But the question is, of what use is all that traffic, when you aren’t converting from it and making sales or getting people to sign up?

Specific elements within these can also be modified and tested, such as the types of images used and whether or not these images will have any accompanying text. Avant de deployer une application, lorsque vous devez decider des capacites a allouer, vous vous retrouvez bien souvent a court ou, au contraire, avec des ressources inutilisees qui coutent cher. Do you know the easiest way to attract new clients and prospects is to establish yourself as an authority in your niche? Whilst use of mobile-based Internet is seeing rapid growth globally, data from Global TGI, an international network of market and media research companies including Experian Simmons, show that Japan is still far ahead of the rest of the world.Using mobile to deliver contentFor marketers, one of the main advantages of using mobile as a communication channel is portable web access and the resulting ability to deliver content and offers to consumers on the move.
When you give speeches to a small, medium or large group, you start to establish yourself as a leader and authority in your field.
Looking at the way in which Japanese consumers use the Internet via their mobile phones, the opportunity is clear.
Elle genere un milliard d’euros de chiffres d’affaires.De plus, Benin Smart City, le nouveau quartier numerique de Cotonou au Benin est en chantier depuis le 11 Fevrier 2016.
Vos clients ont plus d'information sur vos produits et services, regulierement mis a jour, avant de commander en ligne ou dans vos lieux physiques. Alors que l’internet ne se prolonge habituellement pas au-dela du monde electronique, l’internet des objets (IdO, ou IoT pour Internet of Things en anglais) represente les echanges d’informations et de donnees provenant de dispositifs presents dans le monde reel vers le reseau Internet.Beaucoup d’entreprises se sont d’ores et deja engagees dans cette voie et il ne fait guere de doute que nombre d’objets connectes vont arriver sur le marche ces prochaines annees. Si cette nouvelle categorie de travailleurs est source d'incertitudes et de changements, cette perturbation peut egalement devenir une force extremement positive.
More than a quarter of mobile Internet users in Japan use their cell phone to obtain coupons and 15% use them for competitions and promotions.
Ainsi, le temps necessaire pour rendre ces ressources disponibles pour vos developpeurs passe de quelques semaines a quelques minutes a peine. Thirty-seven percent of the handsets owned by Japanese consumers are GPS enabled, suggesting great potential for marketers to leverage location-based messaging. Mobile Internet users are more connected…Mobile Internet users also tend to spend longer than average online. In South Korea, where 97% of the population owns at least one mobile device, almost half of mobile Internet users typically spend more than two hours online each day, compared with a quarter of Internet users in general.Additionally, mobile Internet users in South Korea see the Internet as central to the way they live. Le site abritera des centres d’incubation pour start-up, des data centers, des centres de surveillance de reseau, mais aussi des banques, des centres de conference et des centres commerciaux.
They are highly likely to say that “the Internet is an important part of my life” and that “I make friends through the Internet”.…and more receptive towards all types of advertisingAs the use of smartphones develops, mobile is clearly a fast-growing opportunity for marketers. But a significant challenge is to determine where this platform fits within an integrated communications strategy. Encouragingly, mobile Internet users are more likely than average to react positively towards all kinds of advertising. Data from Global TGI show the mobile web users in Western Europe are more likely than their average countrymen to notice both advertising and product placement in traditional channels such as TV and radio. Ne risquez pas de perdre des clients au profit de vos concurrents.Une foire aux questions (FAQ) sur votre site permet de repondre a vos clients.
Les sondages, commentaires et les statistiques de frequentation permettent de recueillir de l'information sur les habitudes de consommation, les gouts, etc. Experian and the Experian marks used herein are service marks or registered trademarks of Experian Information Solutions, Inc.
Other product and company names mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.
Utilisez votre site pour le faire savoir et generez de la croissance dans vos ventes!5- CREDIBILITELe seul fait d'avoir votre site augmentera la credibilite de votre entreprise.

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