We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. INTERNET MARKETING, 3E, International Edition provides comprehensive coverage of the rapidly changing field of Internet marketing that is timely and relevant. It relies on extant marketing theory where appropriate and introduces many conceptual frameworks to structure student understanding of Internet marketing issues. Above all, it works on the premise that the Internet--whether used as a medium of communication or as a channel of distribution--is only one component of the contemporary marketer's arsenal.

The key issue facing marketers today is how to best integrate this powerful new component, continuing developments in Internet marketing into their strategies and media plans.
Zahay researches how firms can facilitate customer relationships, particularly using customer information. Some of the journals in which she has published include Journal of Product Innovation Management, Decision Sciences, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Advertising Research, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Journal of Interactive Marketing, Interactive Marketing, Journal of Database Marketing, and in the working paper series for the Marketing Science Institute. Zahay's prior teaching experiences include North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina, and DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois.

She currently teaches Internet Marketing to a global cadre of students at the Harvard University Extension School.

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