You'll be getting a ready-to-go digital products ECommerce store that comes stocked with ready-to-sell products.
Since it's a Ecommerce store for digital products, your customers can literally help themselves. Being that it sells digital products, as soon as your visitor makes a purchase, the money goes right into your pay pal account instantly. We do all the work for you, installing and setting it all up for you, it's included with the package. Profession Layout - Includes a slick, professional layout and theme with a high quality look and feel. Easy for your Customers to use - As I've said, your visitors can shop completely on their own, pick what they want, pay and download.
Site is dedicated to the ever profitable niche of Internet Marketing, giving your the opportunity to promote in several different niches, with more opportunities to cash in. Complete automation - You visitors can shop on their own, add to their shopping cart, check out, pay and download. Streamlined Checkout - Since the products are digital we stripped down the check out to only the bare information, so you won't loose customers because your checkout asks for too much information. Sales Boosters - You have the ability to add Upsells to any product, or cross sell products in the shopping cart. Complete Customer Area - Your customers have everything they need, checkout, account page, view orders, reset password, and change password.
Reporting - See at a glance from your dashboard, your sales (including history), orders, products and more.
Email Templates - Easily customize customer email templates to make it your own and brand your site.
Traffic Stats - Site comes with a pre-loaded stats feature that shows your traffic and where it's coming from.
Coupons - You have the ability to offer your customers and visitors a discount which encourages and increases sales. Social Traffic - We've set it up with social sharing buttons for Facebook and Pinterest right built in to each product page. Search Engine Optimization - Built into the site to give you a better chance of getting your pages ranked and getting that sweet, profitable search engine traffic.

Google Analytics - See where your traffic is coming from and what they are doing on your site, to help you improve it for more profits. Built-in Site Map - Great feature that helps the search engines find all the pages on your site and better to get them indexed.
RSS Feeds - Already active on the site and a fantastic way promote your site around the net and a easy way to build backlinks on automatic.
Reviews - Visitors or customers can leave product reviews which can help sell your products.
Package also comes with the Get Traffic Report that covers many ways you can use to drive visitors to your site and make sales. Your new site runs on WordPress, so you know it's going to be very easy to use, customizable and highly expandable.
With this product, all you need to provide is the domain name and hosting, we'll install it and set it all up for you. As with all our products, we are always here if you need anything, or if you get stuck on something.
You’ve heard enough times of how regular people are making a full-time income online. Even better, we’ve done all the hard work for you into creating the product so that you can start receiving sales.
This is a handy checklist that your customers can print out and use to easily take action at every step of the process. Here you will have access to a complete niche resource cheat sheet. You can add your own resources, too! That's how absolutely certain we are that you will find tremendous value from this package. I am considering your money to be kept safe on the table between us and waiting for you to APPLY and successfully plug in this product to eventually start making money, so then you can feel it was a great investment.
With so many people around the world looking to make money on the internet, you'll have plenty of customers to buy what your selling. In less than a day you could have your own digital ebook store that practically runs on it's own, putting instant money into your pay pal account.
Stats include, Total Order, Total Sales, Average Order Totals, Average Order Items, Discounts used and monthly sales graph.

Templates include: New Order, Processing Order, Completed Order, Customer invoice, Customer Not, Reset Password and New Account. I can tell you from experience that people will often purchase more than one item when shown related products.
It's actually a very simple process, so you can easily build up a store loaded with products and the more you have to offer, the more your visitors are likely to buy. Usually takes a day or less to have your site up and running, ready to take payments for you.
You literally only need to insert your order button, add your name as the seller and start sending traffic right to it, and sit back and relax, as the sales roll in. We want you to personalize this however you want! We are serious about giving you every single thing you need to start making money with this quickly, including every single graphic you will ever need to sell this product: a complete set of 3D and flat ecover graphics, including all PSD files! It simply and effectively breaks down each and every aspect of the training for them into easily actionable steps.
This membership site has been online for 10+ years now and is one of the top sources of high quality content for hundreds of information marketers and ebook publishers. Judging by all the feedback received, we're confident this course can help you make serious $$$ using PLR within 24 hours! It’s one of my favorite ways to make money online because it works and it works well. With the state of the economy and the lack of good paying jobs, more than every people are turning online to create an income.
Since we get it up and running for you, all you need to do is generate traffic to the site, and we'll even help you with that. Plus details on coupons and detailed customers page, see what they are buying and how much they are spending.
We also added an upgraded product description editor, so it makes it much easier to create great looking sales pages for your products. This information will help you know what types of new products you can add to increase your sales.

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