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Discover hidden treasures such as a Humphreys’ medicine cabinet, a Gregoire Boonzaier oil and a Mormon archive.. National Signing Day is over and the reigning AAAAAA Champions, the Colquitt County Packers, had 25 players sign letters of intent on National Signing Day. Growing Up With Gangs, a GPB Original Production, is a fascinating half-hour documentary which examines the proliferation of gangs in Georgia.
Growing Up With Gangs: Panel Discussion followed the original broadcast of Growing Up With Gangs. The airbrush I use for most of my work with armor is my old trusty Paasche H with the 'middle' (3) tip. The paints that I use for armor are mostly Tamiya acrylics a€“ although 'acrylic' is a misnomer.
Every time I use my airbrush I use the same procedure, with steps that have become second-nature to me.
I first turn on the booth lights and exhaust fan to get the air in the booth and my model room circulating and pulled through the exhaust vents.
I pull down three containers of cheap lacquer thinner for cleaning; a small jar for using an eyedropper with, a jar that can be attached to my Pasche to blow some thinner through, and a large squirt bottle for cleaning the color cup and refilling the other cups as necessary. I open the jar of paint and hit it with my Badger paint mixer a€“ just about the most useful tool in my booth, aside from the airbrush a€“ really a€“ it's the best five bucks you'll ever spend. Using a toothpick to control the flow, I pour the paint I need into a cheap plastic ketchup cup you can pick up at fast food restaurants. I then use a Tamiya paint mixing tool (another excellent doo-dad a€“ leave it to Tamiya) and evenly mix the contents of the cup. Tamiya paint thinned with SLT goes on beautifully a€“ it is actually difficult to create drips and runs a€“ the paint sticks and covers just about any way you spray it on. With armor sporting photo-etch grill covers I will hand-paint the heavy engine grills (I use Floquil Engine Black) before attaching the photo-etch covers.

I painted the exhaust stacks and added a rust pigment at this stage because the stacks are difficult to get to after the photo-etch covers are added. The Tiger has exposed tracks (they are not covered by fenders, etc.), so I will paint the tracks separately and attach them later after all the airbrushing is done. All tools, cables and other combat paraphernalia are attached to the model before painting.
Before Painting: Will I spray on a primer coat or wash the surface to remove oils and mold release agents? If my model has been assembled using a bunch of different materials, such as with the Tiger I above (styrene, resin, photo-etch, aluminum, lead foil, steel, brass - even latex rubber!), I will spray on a coat of Gunze Mr.
If I build my model right out of the box and it is mostly plastic, I will wash the surface a€“ but probably in a different way than most. Once I have a good surface, I begin by giving the entire vehicle (and tracks) a dark base coat to deepen the shadows and crevices all over the model. Most of the time I use Tamiya NATO Black, but sometimes (as in the case of WWII American and Russian armor greens and drabs), I will use a dark brown if I think the final coats will blend better with brown. I find my airbrush can hit whatever my eyes can see if I get the right angle with the airbrush. Once the camouflage coat has dried I will lighten that color a little and spray a thin 'post-shading' coat to give the surface depth and scale effect. I could stop here, but this Tiger will receive two additional camouflage colors before it is done.
Before applying a second camouflage color I temporarily attach the hatches that I had left off the vehicle.
Next will I apply dry transfers and hand-paint all of the on-board tools and paraphernalia. Once that is done, I spray a heavy, undiluted coat of Future Floor Polish, an acrylic, over the entire model (avoiding the tracks, if they are attached, as best I can). If I am applying decals, the Future also prepares the surface for the decals to 'take' without silvering a€“ although I recommend using dry transfers for armor that sports a coat of zimmerit anti-magnetic paste, as is the case with this Tiger I..
At this stage I will apply various washes to the glossy surface by hand and then dry brush the vehicle.

Once dry I spray the vehicle with a thin, light dusting of the (lightened) base camouflage color.
Once I am happy with the look, I will spray the entire tank with a generous coat of Testor's Dullcoat thinned with Gunze Mr. Now that the airbrush can be put away, I will attach the tracks and get to work dirtying up my perfectly painted beast.
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The documentary originally aired June 24, 2008 with a special look at how gangs are using the Internet to recruit new members and conduct gang activity. Hosted by GPB’s David Zelski, this panel discussion delved into the issues of gangs and cyber-safety. 3 tip and color cup onto my airbrush body and turn on the air tank to make sure the equipment is all working. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. In addition, Growing Up With Gangs discusses the increase of gang activities in Georgia's schools.
Once these are painted, I turn the model another 45 degrees, and so on, until no more of the original surface is showing a€“ top, bottom, sides, everything.
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