The security challenges facing the European Union need a holistic and long-term strategy, which cannot be limited to conventional military means, said Cypriot Minister for Defense, Christoforos Fokaidis who has participated in the Informal Meeting of EU's Minister for Defense. Noting the active participation of Cyprus in EU operations, Fokaidis said that what is needed is the assistance of different services at both national and European level, as well as cooperation with strategic partners internationally. According to an official announcement, the Minister underlined that the success of this strategy is extremely important for the EU in order to meet the expectations of the European people but also to meet the historical challenge of a political Europe. The main issue discussed at the meeting waw the implementation of the conclusions of last June`s European Council and the Council of May 2015 for the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). The Ministers discussed EU current operations, carried out under the CSDP, the need to combat illegal immigration, and the need to tackle the great humanitarian crisis that continues to escalate. During his visit to Luxembourg, Fokaidis had a private meeting with the Minister of Defense of the country which currently holds the presidency of the EU, Etienne Schneider, with whom he signed an agreement on Exchange and Mutual Protection of Classified Information between Cyprus and Luxembourg. They also discussed the forthcoming Conference on Maritime Security to be held between 12-13 November 2015 in Nicosia, which is co-organized by the Ministry of Defense and the European Defense Agency and has been included in the program of the Luxembourg Presidency.
The white paper on China's military strategy is seen at a press conference of the Ministry of National Defense on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Beijing issued its first white paper on military strategy, ushering in greater military transparency by giving details of the direction of its military buildup to other nations. The document of about 9,000 Chinese characters revealed a list of new expressions that have never before appeared in Chinese white papers. In the preface it reaffirmed China's adherence to peaceful development and its "active defense" military strategy. It interpreted the policy as "We will not attack unless we are attacked, but we will surely counterattack if attacked". On China's security environment, it mentioned increasing security challenges brought by certain countries, citing the growing US military presence in Asia and Japan's major adjustment in its security policies. For the first time, the paper noted that "some offshore neighbors take provocative actions and reinforce their military presence on China's reefs and islands that they have illegally occupied".
Vietnam and the Philippines have kept building on some of China's islands in the South China Sea.
Accordingly, the paper said the navy of the People's Liberation Army will "gradually shift its focus from 'offshore waters defense' to a combination of 'offshore waters defense' and 'open seas protection'".

In today's trending, beer drinking competition has contestants drinking from basins, bland watermelon leads to police case, raising money for sick child with suanlafen and heat drives monkeys to disturb residents.
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