For more information about the following projects, please see the Procurement Project Pipeline.
Strategy map reviewsWe are reviewing the best strategy maps, giving out some ideas that you can use for your own business. If your goal is to formulate your thoughts, you can just use a pen and paper to write down your strategy map. However, if you need to link your strategy map to indicators within your Balanced Scorecard, your best choice is to use software like BSC Designer.
It's no secret, sometimes you need to put together a great presentation about your strategy for stake-holders or the press. The Balanced Scorecard concept involves creating a set of measurements for four strategic perspectives. The measurements should be focused on a single strategy and be linked, consistent and mutually reinforcing. A strategy, according to Kaplan and his coauthors, is a set of hypotheses about cause and effect relationships.
Porter defines Strategy as performing different activities from rivalsa€™ or performing similar activities in different ways. The chain of cause and effect relationships may start with improvements in the area of learning and growth. For a more specific example showing cause an effect, see the Sears Employee-Customer-Profit Chain illustration below.

Kaplan and Norton make a distinction between diagnostic measurements and strategic measurements. An example adapted from an illustration on page 182 of Kaplan and Norton's 1996 book (The Balanced Scorecard) is provided below. Hayes and Wheelwright discuss the connection between a companies process life cycle and product life cycle and how that relationship relates to strategy. Could your company benefit from constructive challenge and objective input from an industry expert? We work with your team to provide objective strategic assessment, constructively challenge assumptions, offer insights and recommend innovative strategies to address challenges and exploit opportunities.
Expert consultation on build or buy decisions for manufacturing, logistics, operations, distribution, sales and marketing.
Strength of expertise in tactical services we bring to a project is derived from having successfully delivered on projects as consultants as well as corporate executives.
Identify and assess outsourcing partners for contract manufacturing, packaging, third party logistics, specialty distribution, reimbursement support services, patient assistance programs, sales and marketing.
Revenue and profitability analysis.A  Development and implementation of profitable revenue enhancement plans. In short, it is a visual representation of where your company wants to be in the next few years. BSC Designer can automate the drawing process and give you enough tools for your creatives approach.

Our consulting services are based on the foundation of highly successful hands on a€?been there a€“ done thata€? experience. Such a pro-active, facilitated approach provides a better line of sight to current and new business opportunities and challenges. We help you maximize current and potential business opportunities by bringing foresight in crafting contracts, performing robust business, financial and market analysis and developing actionable sales, distribution and outsourcing plans.
Companies can focus on their core competencies and take advantage of efficiencies and innovation available through outsourcing.
Engage us to review your strategic business plan or develop a new one and experience the difference. Let us put our years of experience as buyers and providers of outsourced services to help make the right decisions.
Transforming the balanced scorecard from performance measurement to strategic management: Part I. Transforming the balanced scorecard from performance measurement to strategic management: Part II.

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