Clients that hire TechTHiNQ are typically facing complex challenges, and look to us for an edge.
Typically, the CIO in a large enterprise delegates technical decisions to employees more familiar with details. IT initiatives grow evermore complex, and success requires good decision making and tight coordination of activities.
We view complex initiatives as spanning six, distinct domains of expertise - these are shown below in our service model as a hierarchy of six discs; each disc depending on work done in the discs below it. Finally, we can help you from start to finish, and anywhere in between – we’re committed to making smart decisions and achieving the expected results. Successful program management requires a blend of disciplines, such as planning, resource management, change leadership, technical competencies, technical architecture, system development methodologies, risk management, and team facilitation. Student Information Systems (SIS) – we’ve run, from selection through deployment, SIS implementations for several, sizeable K12 school districts. Front Office Refresh – We’ve helped clients, across industries, replace and upgrade their “front office” systems. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems – We’ve led programs for several clients to replace their ERP systems. Company Acquisition – We led the technical integration and migration for a client to complete the acquisition of one of its competitors.
A focused endeavor that produces a solution; it is defined by its duration, budget, milestones, tasks, and resources.
Your project depends on your selecting the right project manager; our project managers are smart, capable and experienced.
We have an extensive track record of successful projects (which is the foundation for our success with program management). Authored a request for proposal (RFP), and managed the RFP process, for implementation of a metropolitan area network across 17 sites. Migrated an on-line store (selling books and supplies) to a new platform, and introduced tight integration with the company’s ERP system.
Designed, and then led development and implementation of, a secure remote access solution for a 1,000+ end-user organization.
Led a business continuity readiness review and remediation project for a mid-sized organization, and subsequently coordinated a test of the resulting business continuity plan. Led the design and development efforts for custom integration between a web-based service (used by thousands daily) and an ERP system, in achieve real-time capture of financial transactions. Assembling a project portfolio provides a particularly good diagnostic when there are concerns regarding the timeliness or quality of a department’s project delivery. Accurate and timely status - Dashboards provide summaries of a department’s projects to executives, project sponsors, department management, and project managers. Key metrics – These allow you to know the actual count, nature, and resource requirements of all the department’s projects. Prioritization and filtering – By reviewing the dashboards against available resources, your team can set meaningful priorities on the different projects. Risk mitigation – Metrics, properly presented at both the project and portfolio levels, enable you to identify projects at risk – and to provide timely triage to avoid bad outcomes. Improve staff capability – Gathering status and addressing project risk allow our team to teach and coach your team.

Activities that enable and sustain comprehensive changes required of leadership and stakeholders. Motivating Change - This involves working with stakeholders to create readiness for change and overcome resistance.
Creating a Vision - We communicate how the initiative advances the organization’s mission, highlighting valued outcomes and stressing visible midpoint goals. Developing Political Support - By identifying and influencing key stakeholders, the initiative gains power to drive change. Sustaining Momentum - Once through the conversion, stakeholders must be provided ongoing resources and support (else they will tend to revert to established procedure). With effective training, your team gains the skills and confidence to move forward with new systems. We have dynamic and caring trainers, with substantial experience delivering successful results for large law firms. Large initiatives tend to fail, generally due to program management lapses and serious issues emerging at the wrong times. Work with risk owners to develop and execute action plans that reduce risks and consequences. Project prioritization within the project portfolio, to maximize benefits from limited development resources.
The structured decision making processes, prior to implementation, which maximize the return on a technology investment. Solution design and selection involves a series of complex decisions – and you’ll be living with the consequences for years.
Architecture - After assessing the state of the art, we divide the solution into a meaningful hierarchy (architecture) of components. Vendor selection & contracting - We are skilled in developing requests for information (RFI) and proposals (RFP) that yield a sound selection and excellent pricing. Project plan - we find it a good project management practice to prepare a project plan while the architecture is defined, and then continually refine it.
Information Security protects information, an enterprise asset, by ensuring its appropriate confidentiality, availability and integrity.
We believe information protection is an essential objective for IT management – and we build it into everything we design, procure, and configure. As an excellent way to start working with us, consider an information protection assessment, which are short engagements with immediately usable results. We provide highly qualified project managers to lead selection and implementation of secure, enterprise infrastructure. Managing a department or team during transitions, such as: staff turnover, reorganizations, turnarounds, acquisitions, expansions, and other periods of extraordinary change. We believe that coasting without leadership often yields declining productivity and quality; and minimally “filling the gap” contributes little towards positive momentum.
During such times, we recommend and provide qualified interim leadership services for our clients.
Defining processes to follow when bad things happen to your technology infrastructure (and making sure they work).
Many organizations are finding themselves evermore dependent on their information technology infrastructure – and increasingly concerned about protecting their operations when that infrastructure fails or is damaged.

Successful business continuity planning requires a leader who can bring together expertise in business, technology, change leadership, and project management. We’re led business continuity projects for several of our clients, and we are ready and capable to lead yours. Thanks to Ego Translating Company for supplying the translation into Russian of the these documents previously posted in English only.
Selling Translations® is the World’s leading professional Translation Industry Sales Training.
Topics include sales strategy, the translation industry, basic and advanced selling techniques, and account management. We develop, deliver and deploy technology solutions which drive business transformation, efficiency and improved services for the public. Flexible Office Tools -generic devices and tools used by all staff, (e-mail, phones, office devices, conferencing etc) accessible anywhere within the county. Specialist Applications a€“ specialist applications enabling access to operational functions eg.
Standardise and exploit strategic core systems applications (ERP, Social care, GI tools etc.). Self-service a€“ enabling access to self-service transactions, A simple web-based services for the public via Hantsweb and for staff (via Hantsnet) to employee and manager self-service portals. Infrastructure Services a€“ enabling essential underpinning services (network, storage, disaster recovery, archiving, printing HPSN etc.). Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Multiple options: different strategy options for the diversity of possible future developments. Multiple perspectives: viewpoints and information from diverse stakeholders in order to challenge existing assumptions.
Our comprehensive approach utilizes our extensive technology experience, strategic, and creative capabilities to help clients achieve their communications objectives.
We are organized and analytic - and so we maximize the effectiveness of, and minimize the intrusion on, executive time. I'm very grateful for clients choosing my services and their feedback which helps me and my team to continually develop our offerings. Over 6,000 translation industry professionals from more than 120 countries have completed our courses either in-person or on-line. Courses and workshops run across the globe as in-company, conference workshops, or on-line events.
Includes corporate and line of business applications, EDRMS, GIS, Reporting and development tools.
We regularly use, research, public relations, influencer relations, social media, demand generation, content creation and digital marketing – what ever is needed.

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