Please note, RIGID JEANS ( as well as most jeans ) are never be the true waist size as no one actually wears thier jeans on their waist. Serendipity by LLB is a quarterly lifestyle subscription that sends a lot of goodies for 9.99$ per box. Book of the Month is a newerish subscription box for bibliophiles that sends you a different hardcover book curated by a special guest each month (usually a celebrity of some kind). My Japan by Etsuko Watanabe is fairly new to our collection, and by far the most informative. Our most read book is still Takako and the Great Typhoon by Kelly Garcia.  My three year old loves to point out all the “Tako’s” as we are out and about every day.
Lastly there are a couple of books we check out occasionally from Foster Library. Japanese Celebrations by Betty Reynolds does an excellent job of detailing each holiday celebrated in Japan.

I hope these book recommendations are able to help your child learn more about this fascinating island we have been so lucky to live on.
Thank you, I’m going to be purchasing the 2 books that teach the japanese language to my children.
Did you find these books (including last week’s) here, on Okinawa, or did you order them online? We offer various Unique Specialty Gift & Collector items, Movie, Anime, Video Game Replica Collectibles, Novelties, Exclusives, and much More! A $47 value for just $10, this handpicked collection of beauty products helps you pamper your hair and skin, giving you a fresh look for spring and beyond. These subscriptions don’t open often (March was the first time in like a year!) so if you have any interest in this box, now is the time to grab it.

When you purchase the books through Amazon, Okinawa Hai will earn a few pennies at no additional cost to you. Japanese Children’s Favorite Stories by Florence Sakade comes with a CD and is great for bedtime stories or listening to in the car.

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